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Remembering important dates and getting organised can be a problem if you don't have the necessary tools, that's why today we're going to talk about diaries and everything you need to know about them. We are sure that it will be your best ally when it comes to getting organised.

In the market there are undoubtedly countless models of diaries, because they are considered to be very useful for organisation, especially in office environments. They can come in different sizes, colours and even be made of different types of materials.

Today we will provide you with all the necessary information about them, in addition to showing you which are the best and most popular on the market, so that when you make your purchase you have the best points of comparison and there is no doubt.

The most important things

  • A notebook is a notebook designed specifically for those who want to keep a better order, to help remember or plan important events, and they can come in different sizes. They are widely used in office environments.
  • There are a huge variety of diaries on the market. However, the main points of comparison are between pocket diaries, portfolio diaries and desk diaries, which can be differentiated according to their price, size and number of sheets.
  • As with any product we wish to purchase, it is important to take into account different aspects before making our purchase, such as types of sheets, types of cover, among others, as this will ensure that the purchase is completely satisfactory.

The Best Agendas: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about diaries

Acquiring the best products at the best prices is of great importance to you, that's why we will always try to give you the necessary information so that you not only know where you can buy your ideal diary, but also some of the features you need to know about them.

Agendas help you to stay more organised with your important events, as well as helping you to remember them. (Photo: Antonio Guillem /

What is a diary?

A planner is a notebook designed specifically for those who want to keep better order, and to help remember or plan important events. They come with dates on each page, so that whoever uses them can write their reminder. They are an extremely useful tool, mostly purchased by business people.

The size of the diaries can vary greatly, they can be either pocket, wallet or desk diaries, depending on their use and frequency. They may have one page per month, for one-off reminders, or one page per day, to record reminders more specifically.

The diaries tend to have a period of one year, so that the user can organise himself or herself through the days. After the current year has passed, they can be discarded or kept for record keeping.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of diaries is undoubtedly order, because when we find ourselves with too much work or things to do, all we need is something that helps us to organise ourselves well without anything being overlooked.

Agendas are also very useful for creating events, as it keeps us informed and focused on everything we need to do. This tool is undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep on top of everything without skipping any important points.

  • They are useful for organising events
  • They help to remember important events
  • There is a variety of designs
  • They only last for one year
  • Some can be expensive
  • They can be easily lost

Pocket, purse or desk diaries - what should you look out for?

Agendas are a widely used type of tool, so their models vary in order to adapt to all kinds of tastes and, above all, to the use they are going to be given. The main points of comparison are made between these three and today we want you to know why.

Pocket diaries: Pocket diaries are generally used to remember events or things to do very punctual. They don't usually have too many pages, as most of them have one page for each week. There are some that have one for each day of the year, however, the first type is the most used.

Portfolio diaries: The most popular and widely used diaries. They have a page for every second day of the month and are very practical. Ideal for organising events or for writing more specific reminders. They are quite popular and widely purchased.

Desk diaries: These types of diaries are quite popular in offices, as they are considered to be quite complete in terms of organisational structure. They usually have a larger size and additional add-ons such as directories, important dates and calendar.

Pocket Agendas Portfolio Agendas Desk Agendas Desk Agendas
Price Low High High
Size 15 cm by 20 cm 16 cm by 20 cm 22 cm by 25 cm
Pages Between 100 to 200 Between 200 to 300 Between 300 to 350

How much do diaries cost?

Buying a diary at a good price is not so complicated, as it is a widely used tool, so there is a wide variety of designs on the market that adapt perfectly to all kinds of tastes and pockets. In general, their prices always vary depending on their designs and quality.

Generally, we can find the simplest agenda between 90 MXN to 100 MXN and one with a more extravagant design and several additional details between 300 MXN to 400 MXN.

Buying criteria

When it comes to a tool with which we plan or write down things of great importance, we must be sure that it has the best quality and that it works perfectly, that is why today we want to talk about some aspects that you have to know before making your purchase.

  • Type of sheets
  • Stitching or banding
  • Type of cover
  • Additional elements

Type of sheets

In general, diaries always have a standard type of sheet, however, over the years, the number of models and designs has increased significantly and along with it the type of sheets with which they are manufactured:

White offset paper: This is one of the most basic papers in terms of basic printing. It is used for notebooks, notepads, books, among others, so diaries could not be left behind.

Recycled paper: Because taking care of our planet is extremely important to us. This type of paper is present in a large number of diary models, they are considered super resistant and environmentally friendly.

Stitching or banding

Another factor to consider when buying your diary is whether it has a seam or a ring. These aspects are what will help you to know if the diary you have purchased will be totally resistant and of good quality for your daily use.

Sewn diaries: These diaries keep their pages together by means of a strong seam, and they usually last for a long time. They use nylon thread, so your pages will be completely secure, and stitched diaries are considered to have a more traditional design.

Ring-bound planners: These planners are much more resistant. They are widely used and the number of rings depends on the model you buy. They can have from 6 rings to completely cover the spine of your agenda. This type of planner does not cover such a traditional design, however, they are quite popular.

Types of cover

There is a great variety of cover types for diaries, each of them cover the tastes of those who acquire them, however, it is important to be attentive to whether they are manufactured with a good quality, as this will guarantee that our diary will have a great durability:

Hard cover: In general, most of the diaries have a hard cover, these can come in different presentations, either with bright drawings, photos or even lined with fabric or leather with embroidered names. This type of diaries are the most popular in the market and, of course, the most resistant.

Soft cover: These covers usually do not stand out as much and are rarely found. They may be made of recycled paper or even a type of hypoallergenic plastic. These diaries are purchased mostly for the type of design they have, of course, their cover is not the most resistant.

Additional elements

As we have mentioned before, there are many types of diaries, within which there can be a great variety of differences, one of them could be the additional elements that can bring and that without a doubt can be of great help for you at the moment of using one:

Directories: Usually the directories that the diaries have have the numbers of the fire brigade, the police, emergency and some other public and private companies. This can be a great help if you use your phonebook on a regular basis.

Foldable bookmarks: Foldable bookmarks are, as the name says, for pointing. People who use the diaries often use them to highlight the most important things, whether it is a date, a to-do or an event.

Page markers: Page markers are a fabric ribbon that you will always find in diaries and, like bookmarks, they are used to mark important things, but this time they only mark pages. Those who use them generally do so to avoid forgetting to-dos.

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