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In general, new babies are not very relaxed at bath time. They often get fussy and cry when they are placed into the tub. For this reason, it is essential that baby bathtubs meet at least the minimum comfort and safety requirements. As parents we take care of this by minimizing risk of injury and eliminating baby's stress when bathing.

Bathtubs are baby products that are made for daily use, just like a changing table or a stroller. The available variety of children's bathtubs on the market is dizzying, because the idea is that different types adapt to the needs of different babies and families. Here is a guide to baby bathtubs with tips for choosing the right one for your baby and your family.

Key Facts

  • Children's bathtubs must be appropriate for the age, weight and size of the individual baby, as well as complying with safety regulations.
  • There are different types of bathtubs, from fixed to folding, inflatable or with a built-in changing table, among other features.
  • The ideal bathtub should be made of quality, durable materials, but also pleasant and soft to the touch.
  • Make sure that the tub has no sharp projections and that the edges are all rounded.

Our Selection: The Best Baby Bathtubs

As you know, baby bathtubs are specially designed to facilitate the bathing of the little one in the house. Being their smaller size and made of materials suitable for children, they are very practical for parents to use, as opposed to the family bathrub or even a hard cold sink. In this section, you can identify the best baby bathtubs available today. Be sure to make a note of their individual qualities and think about how they might best suit your baby.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bathtubs

Baby bathtubs are essential items for bathing your baby. Moreover, these are items that you will use daily, hence the choice of the model must be made sensibly. In order to select the perfect bathtub, the first thing is to find out a little more about these products. Here are some considerations.

If a little one is comfortable, they will be very relaxed during their bath.
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Are there any regulations that control the manufacturing and sale baby bathtubs?

As with any other children's product, baby bathtubs should comply with safety regulations. Safety at bath time is essential to prevent the baby from being exposed to unnecessary risks, such as an unfortunate slip. A trusted brand is the best guarantee when selecting a bathtub.

Make sure that the model in question complies with the standards. It is usually a stamp or label that comes on the box itself.

Which baby bath should I choose if I have limited space?

Two types of baby bathtubs are available in the market. On the one hand, there are fixed baby bathtubs and, on the other, there are folding or portable bathrubs. As the name implies, the former are designed to be permanently installed in the bathroom. They are usually presented as a stable structure, with legs and, generally, as part of a built-in changing table.

This option may require more space in the room. If you have minimal space, you may be interested in a folding bathtub. These are also very useful and have the advantage that they can be folded and stored until the next use. Thus, you will not need to have a permanent space for these gadgets.

Dr. J. Mateu SanchoPhysician
"There are several requirements to take into account so that a bathtub can be considered as safe. One of them is that its structure is stable and its basin is made of durable thermoplastic material with sufficient strength so that it does not deform over time."

What is the correct reclining angle in the tub?

There are many baby tub models that offer multiple recline options. This characteristic will allow you to adapt the position to the different needs of your baby as it grows. The most common way to bathe the baby is semi-reclined, an option that is recommended during their first days of life. It will be enough to hold the head.

When the baby is a little older and they can hold their head up on their own, it will be a good idea to bathe the baby in a sitting position. This method is, for many parents, much more comfortable. Normally, the baby can sit up for bathing after age 6 months. In any case, it is best to opt for a model that provides different levels of recline.

Baby bathtubs should fit the size and age of the child.
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Until what age should you use a baby bathtub?

Baby bathtubs are usually indicated for use from the time babies are newborns. Thus, you can give baby their first baths with total safety and comfort with this type of product. However, the age limit will depend on the model in question. There are some that fit babies up to 12 months and others even older kids. After that you can move to the family bathtub.

Of course, it should be noted that the rate of growth of the baby will also influence how long you can use the bathtub. It is possible that the child will grow so fast that, for example, at 10 months the baby bathtub becomes too small. The size of the baby will give an idea about the suitability of the product. Not surprisingly, there are some models to use for children up to even 7 or 8 years old.

Fixed or portable/folding--which is better?

Another important consideration is related to the design of the bathtub. Specifically, whether it is fixed or folding. Fixed bathtubs are usually incorporated in structures of greater size and height. On many occasions, they share the base furniture with changing tables. They are perfect if you have more space in the room.

Folding baby bathtubs, as the name implies, fold and unfold easily. They are ideal options for traveling, but also for those smaller rooms. The folding system is usually very intuitive and allows the tub to be stored in a small corner until its next use.

It is important to make sure the bathtub has sufficient stability and will not tip over or rock.
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What are the advantages of combination bathtubs and changing tables?

One of the most popular styles among parents is to use bathtubs that include a changing table--"2 in 1" models. These options are very helful in saving space. The best thing about them is that they usually sit at a certain height, so the parent's back will not suffer when bathing the baby.

Depending on the model, some even have drawers and/or trays, so that they become a piece of furniture in the room. Simply remove the changing table tray to find the bathtub, so both items are easily interchangeable. They are usually structures with wheels to facilitate rearranging furniture as well.

Type of Baby Bathtub Characteristics
Bathtubs adaptable to the washbasin Padded and ideal for first baths
Inflatable bathtubs They fold and are indicated for trips
Rigid folding bathtubs Compact and with non-slip bases
Bathtubs with changing tables 2 in 1 furniture-type tubs with drawers
Basin-type bathtubs Permit bathing in the fetal position

Shopping Criteria

The following concepts are what you should think about for your baby bath purchasing criteria. Do not forget that each baby has specific needs, so it is vital that you think about certain aspects such as those discussed below. Take note of them as they relate to your own baby.

Age of Use

The first criteria you should consider when selecting a children's bathtub is the recommended age for the tub. This detail will be stated by the manufacturer. Although there are endless different bathtubs for babies suitable for use from birth to older kids, it is important to check this recommendation. Similarly, you should ensure that they are approved for the age of your baby.

Another issue of vital interest is the age range for which the product in question is suitable. There are parents who prefer to buy more versatile bathtubs so that they last as long as possible. These models usually incorporate adjustable elements that will allow them to adapt to the different stages of growth.


The quality of the materials is a non-negotiable requirement when purchasing a baby bathtub. Do not forget that it is an article that will be in contact with the delicate little body and skin of the child. Therefore, it is essential that these materials are suitable for babies, are hypoallergenic, non-slip,  and soft and pleasant touch.

Rigid plastic is one of the most frequent manufacturing materials. It is characterized by its resistance and to provide enormous stability. Mind you, you should make sure the bathtub has soft rounded edges to avoid any damage. Plastic is also a popular material in the case of inflatable bathtubs, although lighter.


The world of accessories in the area of baby baths is very wide. Stop to think if you really need all those accessories. Predictably, the more accessories the model incorporates, it will have a higher price. The presence of recessed areas can be very useful for storing soap and other baby toiletries.

There are models that include a sprayer to facilitate the bathing process. Another detail of interest is the inclusion of drain and plug in the bottom of the bathtub for optimal emptying. Other bathtubs are equipped with moveable headrests.

The most modern versions have heaters to keep the temperature constant.


Finally, it is necessary to consider the maintenance of the baby bath. They should always be in perfect condition, as it is essential that the environment of the child is as hygienic as possible. This means that the design should contribute to its cleanliness and, for example, that all its parts are easy to clean.

The best thing about baby baths is that there are not too many small corners, because access could be complicated and dirt can accumulate. Incorporating a drain will also be beneficial for cleaning the tub. This feature will facilitate the total emptying, preventing the water from becoming stagnant. Thus, the tub will always be perfect.


It is too risky to bathe your baby in the adult bathtub or housework shower. So to bathe a baby, there are baby bathtubs, although you also have to hold the head during the first months. The kids usually get very nervous at bath time, so it is essential that you choose a comfortable and safe model.

These are articles that in some cases will last until the first year of life and, in others, even up to 8 years. For this reason, make sure that the design and manufacturing materials are ideal to meet your needs. Rate the different models and options before opting for a bathtub.

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