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Baby monitors are devices that, as the name implies, allow parents to monitor their infant children from a distance. These are machines that, while not essential for the care of babies, are very useful to parents.  Today's monitors are equipped with cameras and microphones and allow parents to perform other tasks and activities while being assured baby is fine in their nursery.

Through a small screen, parents can confirm at any time that the baby is safe and sound. Meanwhile, they can continue with the activity, working, cleaning, resting(!) or making baby's next meal. If you are considering purchasing one of these helpful and reassuring gadgets, we encourage you to consult this guide to buy the best baby monitor for your baby and your household. Have a look at the advice about what features to look for.

Key Facts

  • Baby monitors with cameras are some of the most highly sought-after types of monitors, since they allow the child to be seen and not just heard while in their cribs.
  • These are very useful appliances, especially in larger homes. There are many different features available on baby monitors so be sure take into account all of the various features of each model in question.
  • Some monitors allow bi-directional communication. This means that parents can talk to the baby through the device without having to go physically to their.

Our Selection: The Best Baby Monitors

The variety of baby monitors is immense and can adapt to the needs of all families. On the market, you will find all kinds of models with different designs and useful functionalities. In this section, we review some of the best baby monitors available at the moment. Check out all the characteristics before choosing just the right one for your house and your baby.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Baby Monitors

Before purchasing a baby monitor, you should consider several factors. Remember that these devices are products that ensure the safety of a sleeping baby, hence you should select a model in line with your needs. Next, we will try to resolve some of the most frequent questions about these articles.

Young couple watching his baby on baby monitor

Baby monitors are an indispensable tool for your home.
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What exactly is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is a listening and watching device for parents to keep an eye (and ear) on their babies. These gadgets represent reassurance for parents, as they allow the baby to be checked on from another room. This is possible thanks to the fact that they incorporate audio and/or video functions, allowing parents to listen and/or visualize the baby through a device.

Baby monitors consist of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The first unit is placed next to the baby, while the second unit remains with the parents. Depending on the model, scope and functionalities, you can watch your baby, without having to be physically present with them, while performing your daily tasks.

Baby monitors are extremely functional and allow us to perform other tasks while our baby sleeps.

In what ways is a baby monitor useful?

These machines are quite practical in many ways. In larger homes they are very useful, as it will allow parents to watch the baby even while in another room several yards away. Especially for first-time parents, who tend to be more anxious, baby monitors are items that provide tremendous peace of mind and reassurance.

Many parents are concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is a tragic circumstance that is thought to be caused by suffocation due to poor posture. The most advanced baby monitors have breathing sensors that alert parents if the baby does not breathe normally.

Baby sleeping

Baby monitors are an indispensable tool for your home.
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Where should I install the baby monitor?

First, the range of the baby monitor must be taken into account, that is, the maximum distance at which the transmitting unit of the receiver needs to be located from the baby. They usually have a range of between 100 and 400 yards, depending on the model.

As for the monitoring unit, it must be located a safe distance from the baby.

This means placing the unit out of reach of the baby, of course, and also where it cannot become entangled with any cables or other parts. In case it is a camera, make sure you can achieve a sharp focus. Remember that other elements such as WiFi networks, cordless phones or microwaves could interfere with the transmission. Therefore, be sure to place the device an appropriate distance from these other devices.

What types of baby monitors are available?

Broadly speaking, there are three types of baby monitors: those with sound, those with video and those with motion sensors. The first, also called intercoms, are the simplest, resembling walkie-talkies and which have been around since the 1970s. Today's ideo baby monitors send images to the receiving unit, as well as sound.

These models are more complete than the earlier type and have a receiving screen. As for the camera or transmitter unit, it usually incorporates infrared night vision. Baby monitors with motion sensor are much more advanced, as they even warn if the baby's breathing is not adequate.

Types of baby monitors Features Advantages
With sounds Sound transmission

Can be unidirectional or bidirectional

Sound sharpness

Simple equipment

With video Transmission of video and sound

Allows zoom and night vision

Real time images

High Definition

With motion sensor Audio and video

Warning if the baby stops breathing

It helps prevent SIDS

Shopping Criteria

To select the best baby monitor, it is critical that you consider certain features. Each model is a complex machine and its suitability will depend on your needs and those of your home and your baby. Hence we encourage you to consider various criteria to choose the optimal baby monitor for your household. Pay attention to these details before making a decision.

With or Without Camera?

Given the different types of baby monitors on the market, it is worth asking yourself if you prefer a model with or without a camera. In the event that you do not want to settle for just listening to sounds, you should look at the features of a monitor with a camera. Verify that it has infrared night vision, so you can see your baby with good clarity in the dark.

It is recommended that the camera is moveable, so that you can orient it as well as possible towards the baby. An interesting feature of some monitors with cameras is that they have zoom capability.

As for the screen, the ideal size is a minimum of 2 inches square. Also be sure it has high resolution. The bigger camera, of course, the greater field of vision it will offer.


Range is related to the maximum distance at which both units of the baby monitor can operate. This is an important detail, especially in larger homes. It is necessary to take into account, therefore, how many square feet the house has in order to select the most appropriate model for your home.

Not surprisingly, the distance between the different rooms in which the units will be situated can be problematic if they are placed too far apart. In general, baby monitors have a transmission range of between 300 and 1200 feet, so don't forget to think about this factor. If you are going to use the monitor in a small house, it will not be an issue that should concern you.

J. Mateu SanchoPediatrician
"Baby monitors consist of two units, one for babies and one for parents, and they are very useful when the family lives in a large house or a house that has several floors."


Another criterion of enormous importance is the battery capacity of the baby monitor. This factor will determine the operating time of the device. The most current models are usually equipped with a high quality battery that is recharged by connecting it to the wall socket. There are also devices that work with batteries.

In this sense, it is smart to make sure that the equipment incorporates a lithium battery with sufficient autonomy. This way, you make sure that the baby monitor is not going to shut down in the middle of monitoring. It is possible to find models with a charge that is around 7 hours, a fairly acceptable charge.

Family using camera for baby monitor

Your camera should be in a place where it covers as much area as possible.
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The communication function of baby monitors can be unidirectional or bidirectional. The first type refers to those devices that allow the baby's voice and other sounds in the baby's room to be heard by the parents. However, bidirectional models are also designed to transmit the voice of the parents to the device next to the baby.

The latter are usually the favorite option of parents, since it provides a way to reassure the baby. When the little one starts crying or is fussy, it will not always be necessary to go to their room to give them the reassurance they need.

It is sometimes enough just to speak or whisper through the device to help the baby calm down and fall asleep again.

Energy Savings

At present, most models have an "eco" or energy saving mode. This feature will make the battery last much longer. One way they do this is allowing the option to set the screen to "always on," so that parents can see the baby is at any time. To save energy, parents can turn the sceen on only when they wish to see their baby, thereby saving energy.

Depending on the model, there will sometimes be the option that the screen only turns on when sounds are detected. This is one of the possibilities of the eco mode in some models, so that the battery is not spent unnecessarily. There are even models with motion sensor whose screen turns on if they identify that there has been activity in the room. Check out all of the options and choose the one that suits you best. The options are practically endless.

Modern camera for baby monitors

There are so many options in baby monitors, surely you can find the ideal one for you and your baby.
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Finally, you can assess that the baby monitor incorporates other optiond that, while not essential, do contribute to making the monitor more useful. One of the most common extras is ambient light. It may seem like a useless feature, but the truth is that it will make the little one not feel alone in the middle of the dark.

There are models that have lullabies or soothing voices to help the baby fall asleep. Another feature of interest is the temperature sensor, which will allow you to control whether the comfort of the room is optimal. There are also baby monitors that have an alarm or that support multiple cameras with a single receiver, among other extras.


Baby monitors are very useful devices that help monitor the baby at all times. The advantage is that you will not have to be physically with him, because you can continue with your day-to-day tasks. It is enough to have these devices nearby to be sure that the baby is safe and well.

Since monitors have no recommended age limit, you can use them with your little one until you think it is no longer needed. It will even be useful when your kids are a little older, because you can watch them while playing in their room, for example. Remember that there are different models, types and brands, so always consider what your needs are first.

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