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Ball-peen hammers are basic tools needed in any toolbox. Everyone needs a hammer, whether it is for a professional job, a garage or to keep at home. Here is a complete comparison guide for you to choose the best ball-peen hammer models on the market.

This type of hammer is an ideal tool to work metals. Its round head is used to rivet metal. It is a robust tool, with wooden, fiber or carbon handles. These hammers have evolved very little because, like the wheel, their design is perfect. They differ from other hammers because one of their sides is rounded.

Key Facts

  • Ball-peen hammers are very useful in finishing work. The round part of the head is usually used for shaping and flattening metals. It is also used for riveting and in forging work to mould the metal.
  • The hammers are very simple tools. They do not require great care; however, you should pay attention to the condition of the handle. If you notice wear or cracks, you should replace them, as they could break and cause damage or accidents.
  • Ball-peen hammers are economic tools, but you should look out for the quality of the tool before making a purchase decision. The brand influences the quality of the tool. You should choose hammers made with the best materials.

Our selecction: The best ball-peen hammers

Here is a list of the best ball-peen hammers on the market. Each one has its own characteristics, so be careful not to make a mistake when buying. We hope that it will help you find the most suitable tool for your needs, while keeping your budget in mind.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about ball-peen hammers

There are many different ball-peen hammers, so you should know all their features before choosing one. It is important that you understand how they work and what these tools are before you decide on one. Here is a list of frequently asked questions from users to help you make the right purchase.

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It is important to follow certain safety measures when using a ball-peen hammer. (Source: Gstockstudio: 41262247/

What is a ball-peen hammer exactly?

Ball-peen hammers are percussion tools. This means they are designed to hit materials. They are usually tools made from a combination of wood, steel and fibres. This type of hammer has a head with two ends: one is round or ball-peen, while the other is flat. The flat end is used for hitting.

In ball-peen hammers, the cylindrical surface is used to form the metal. This part of the hammer is mainly used to shape metals. They are very popular for smoothing metal sheets.

They are also commonly used for riveting. They are used in mechanical workshops, forges, locksmiths and metallic carpentries.

What are the main uses of ball-peen hammers?

Ball-peen hammers are also called machinist's hammers. By combining the flat surface of a hammer and a round surface, they are versatile tools. Locksmiths use them to shape metal sheets. They are also used for riveting and for smoothing and shaping metal. These hammers are highly popular in forges.

What is the difference between a ball-peen hammer and a claw hammer?

There are other types of hammers with similar functions. Claw hammers are one such example. They are widely used in carpentry. However, a ball-peen hammer is much better for certain jobs. They are considered favourites for working metal and rivets. Let's discover why:

Ball-peen hammer Claw hammer
Head The ball-peen hammer has a flat head and a round head (ideal for working metal). The claw hammer has a head curved downwards (ideal for removing nails).
Resistance Ball-peen hammers are very strong. The round part can even be used for demolition work. Claw hammers have a head curved downwards.
Handle It is usually fibreglass. The handle absorbs vibrations so as not to damage the arm. They usually have handles made of wood or plant fibres.
Weight They usually weigh between 1 and 1.2 kg. They usually weigh less than 1 kg.
Functions Locksmithing, metal rivets, working and shaping metal. Nailing, extracting nails and carpentry.

Why should I buy a ball-peen hammer?

Ball-peen hammers have become an indispensable tool in many workshops. This type of hammer is reliable, comfortable and perfect for the most demanding jobs. They are ideal for mechanical workshops, locksmiths and metal works. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages:

  • Very versatile
  • Very powerful
  • Great variety of models and prices
  • Perfect for locksmithing and metal work
  • Heavy
  • You must follow certain security measures

What types of hammers are available out there?

There are six types of "essential" hammers: the claw hammer, the blacksmith hammer, the ball-peen hammer, the sledgehammer, the mallet and the shoe hammer. Each hammer is ideal for a specific type of work. Although the basic design is the same for all hammers, each one has a differentiating element. The ball-peen hammer, for example, has a round head.

The mallet and sledgehammer are very hard and heavy tools, larger than other hammers. Both are designed to demolish and break things. The sledgehammer is the largest and is used in construction to demolish surfaces. The claw hammer has a curved head and the shoe hammer's head is made of "soft" materials so as not to damage the footwear.

Forging hot iron

Ball-peen hammers are very resistant and allow you to work metals. (Source: Pobuda: 32522016/

How should I use my ball-peen hammer?

We have been using hammers since 4,000 B.C., although they have been with humans for a much longer time. The design, since then, has changed very little. Hammers are irreplaceable tools: we cannot use another tool for nailing. It has a grip handle and a metal head with which to hit the material.

What safety measures should be followed to avoid accidents when using a ball-peen hammer?

As always, it is important to respect the basic protection rules applicable to any job and any tool. Hammers are very simple tools, but it is still necessary to follow certain regulations and safety measures. This is the only way to prevent accidents. Here are some of them:

  • The materials must be struck perpendicularly.
  • When you hit something, you must use the necessary force. Neither too much nor too little. If you go too far, you could deform or break the material.
  • The hammer should be held from the end of the handle to give greater force in the blows. In addition, this helps you avoid damage to the wrist when using it.
  • You must be especially careful with your fingers. You should measure the impact to hit the material.
  • Always leave the hammer well supported. If it falls, it could hit someone on the foot.
  • You should always wear protective gloves whenever the work poses a risk to your hands.
  • You should wear safety glasses whenever you are working with a ball-peen hammer.
  • If you work with a chisel, you should never hit it with a round head.
  • Keep the tool clean and well cared for. If the hammer is damaged, it may break or pieces of metal may come off.

What are the weight and size measurements of a ball-peen hammer?

Note that these measurements can vary greatly from one model to another. However, the total distance from the head to the end of the handle is usually about 30 cm. Ball-peen hammers rarely weigh more than 1.5 kg. These tools should be lightweight so that you don't get tired of using them and working with them for a long time.

Shopping Criteria

We will now discuss a number of aspects you should consider before buying a ball-peen hammer. It will be easier to make the right purchase if you know what you are buying. No one wants to regret their acquisition within a few months. If you want to choose the best ball-peen hammer, follow these criteria:


Ball-peen hammers are generally made of metal. The heads are usually made of forged steel. However, in some cases this steel has heat treatments that make it stronger and lighter. These heads are better because they make work easier and last longer without deforming.

The handles are usually made of wood. In the case of ball-peen hammers, beech wood is used because its fibres absorb shocks and vibrations. Glass fibres are also commonly used, making it stronger and lighter than wood. Grips and handles are often coated with non-slip rubbers to improve grip.

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There are ball-peen and claw hammers; these usually differ in their functionality. (Source: Santos: 17613484/


You can choose to buy a hammer from a recognised brand or one without a brand. Unfortunately, the quality and resistance of the tool is often directly linked to the brand as well as the price. Our recommendation is that you choose a ball-peen hammer from a reliable brand whenever possible.

Renowned brands offer high quality, professionally tested tools. These brands use the best materials, working with sizes and weights adjusted to the tasks. The cheapest hammers are usually made of weaker materials, so they break more easily and can cause accidents.


The heads are the most important part of a ball-peen hammer. It is the head that withstands the blows and does all the work. This is why you need durable materials. Look for forged and heat-treated steel hammers to ensure they won't be deformed or broken by continued use.


An important clue when choosing a hammer are the opinions left by other customers. When shopping on the Internet, you should pay attention to these opinions and the ratings of past buyers. With these opinions and ratings, you can see how many customers have bought this product and what they think of it.

Thanks to these opinions, you will be able to better see the advantages and disadvantages of ball-peen hammers. In addition, you may see important aspects that you had not considered before. However, we are not only talking about personal opinions that may not be objective. We are also referring to technical data, facts and other parameters.


Weight is an important factor in choosing the best tool for you. Hammers require a lot of strength and arm movement can be annoying. They can also cause muscle damage to the shoulders and wrists if they are heavy. It is important to look at their weight, especially if you have any type of injury.

Personal use

Depending on how you plan to use the hammer, you will have to choose one type or another. A claw hammer is not the same as a mallet. If you plan to work with wood, ball-peen hammers are not your best option. However, if you have a garage or want to straighten a plate, these are the best hammers.

Think carefully about how you will use it. Ball-peen hammers are widely used in forging, as the ball is used to straighten and shape. Although the flat part is also used for nailing, this type of hammer has other uses. Ball-peen hammers are ideal for locksmith's work and very popular in garages.


Ball-peen hammers are basic tools in any workshop and locksmith's. They offer great features and allow you to make all kinds of rivets and shape metals. Although they can be used for nailing and even for breaking and demolishing, they are ideal for working with metal. These hammers are indispensable in any workshop.

On the other hand, you should take into account certain criteria if you intend to buy a ball-peen hammer, as you read in the last section of our article. Materials, heads, weight or brand are key, but so are safety and the use you will make of it. Take all factors into account before choosing!

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