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When you think of dolls, you think of Barbie. She is one of the most iconic toys in the world. Surely you or your friends played with her when you were kids. The doll, which turns 60 in 2019, is known to every generation. Despite her long history, she has always adapted to the times.

Barbie has constantly reinvented herself. She has gone through more than 140 different careers, changed her appearance, traveled the world and enlarged her family. In addition, the Barbie brand has listened to criticism and has started producing Barbies with diverse types of bodies. Your mission? Inspire all girls to "be anything they want to be."

Key Facts

  • Playing with dolls contributes to the social and emotional development of children. Barbie also seeks to stimulate childrens' imagination and help them dream big.
  •  There are "Barbies" for all tastes and interests. From simple and fashionable dolls to fairies and mermaids. From Barbie astronauts to Barbie zoologists. You will definitely find the perfect Barbie for any child.
  •  The Barbie brand has constantly reinvented itself. New dolls have moved beyond the classic blonde with tiny waists, even their bodies have become more realistic in recent times.

Ranking: The Best Barbie Dolls

If you are looking for the perfect Barbie doll, here are some of our favorite Barbie brand products. All models are part of the newest collections, created for curious kids to encourage a lot of imagination. There are different Barbie dolls for all tastes and interests.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Barbies

Before purchasing a new Barbie you must ask yourself what interests your child or loved one has. It is important to consider a number of aspects to make a conscious purchase. In this section we address the most frequently asked questions of users.

Kid playing with his barbie doll

Barbie dolls are a classic, iconic doll that can be enjoyed by girls of all ages.
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For what ages Barbie dolls best suited?

Playing with these dolls is usually recommended from 4 years upwards. At this stage, boys and girls develop an incredible learning capacity and are ready for more complex toys. We do not recommend giving Barbie dolls to children under 4 years of age, as they usually wear tiny accessories that pose a risk of choking or swallowing.

Although originally intended for preteens, Barbies are often the favorite toys of girls between 5 and 8 years old. Of course, as they leave this stage, they begin to lose interest and become interested in other types of games and more elaborate activities.

Barbie blue eyes

Since her debut in the 1950s, to Malibu Barbie, to the present-day Astronaut Barbie, Barbie dolls help provide girls with dreams and goals for the future.
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Are all Barbies Equal?

The key difference is whether it is a Barbie Fashionista that is, a Barbie that contains only fashion accessories - or a “themed” Barbie, which can be professional, fantasy or emulate a real-world personality.

Barbie Fashionista Barbie themed
Accesories They come only with their own fashionable outfits. They do not include other accessories. Accessories according to the theme (professional uniforms, tools, animals, etc.)
Appearnace The new collections include a very wide range of body types and skin colors. There are different body types and skin colors. They are usually limited to a maximum of two versions per theme.
Type of Play Play is freer and depends more on one's own imagination. Play is more structured, since different themes usually dictate the play. For example, Doctor Barbies are used to simulate examinations.

In addition, within the "Barbie Universe" there is a huge diversity of characters. You probably know Ken, Barbie's boyfriend, but you might be surprised to know that Barbie has a whole family. If you want your little one to play with dolls closer to her age, you can look for her younger sisters, Kelly and Skipper, who have their own toy lines.

Presentación de barbies

Since her debut in the 1950s, to Malibu Barbie, to the present-day Astronaut Barbie, Barbie dolls help provide girls with dreams and goals for the future.
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What are the benefits of playing with Barbie dolls?

Playing with dolls falls into the category of “pretend play.” We speak of pretend play when children imagine narratives or situations while playing. This type of activity is an important part of your child's social and emotional development. Barbie dolls allow a particularly beneficial type of pretend play:

  • Contributes to the development of social skills: Children simulate social situations from their own perspective with their dolls. This allows them to practice how to communicate, interact with other people and develop empathy within a safe environment.
  • Stimulates imagination and curiosity: The Barbie brand has sought to diversify its dolls in every way. This expands the vision of the world by your children. Barbie takes her slogan seriously and reminds girls that they can be whatever they want to be.
  • Promotes responsibility: One of the favorite parts of playing with dolls is taking care of them. Many girls enjoy grooming and dressing Barbies. Accessories like Barbie's Dream House are perfect for teaching kids how to maintain order. Later, your child can put into practice what they have learned by organizing their own room.
  • Reason to play independently: Barbies easily get the imagination to fly. Thanks to that, you don't need to play with your child to keep their interest. Kids will benefit from being the ones who run the pretend adventure.
  • Barbies are not just for girls: Although girls are generally the ones who are most attracted to the Barbies, many little boys also look for Barbie dolls at game time. If your child shows interest in small dolls, don't be alarmed. Boys benefit from playing with dolls in the same way as girls.

Shopping Criteria

The Barbie universe is immense. If you've been in the doll aisle of a toy store, you know that sea of pink can be overwhelming. To find the perfect Barbie, you need to consider some buying criteria.

Physical Appearance

Barbie is no longer just the very thin blonde doll we remember from our childhood. The Barbie brand seeks to represent more and more body types and skin colors, both in Barbie dolls and Ken dolls. Your little one will surely love to play with a Barbie with whom she identifies.

Of course, it's not about your daughter or son just playing with dolls identical to her or him. All children play enthusiastically with all kinds of toys. However, it is worth considering the diversity of available Barbies.

Interests of the Child

A classic Barbie can be so much, but it is worth taking advantage of the themed Barbie collections available today to give your little one a doll according to their interests. There are endless accessories for the dolls. You will undoubtedly find a doll in which your child is reflected.

Do you want to be a chef? There are Barbies with kitchen and pastry accessories. Do you like animals? Barbie has dogs, cats, even farm and forest animals. Do you love fantasy characters? The Dreamtopia line provides story princesses, fairies and mermaids. There is a perfect doll for all tastes.

Since “thematic” dolls usually include accessories according to the personality, activity or profession of the character, the play with them is more structured, but children tend to use their imaginations in diverse and amazing ways.

Complexity and Size

All Barbie brand toys are similar in quality. Products vary only in complexity and size. A simple doll without many accessories is usually very accessible without missing any of the fun. More elaborate figures, such as professional Barbies, cost a little more, but provide great accessories.

There are classic accessories, such as houses for Barbie. The brand produces different versions that adapt to different budgets and needs. There are compact, portable and less expensive houses as well as larger more elaborate ones.

Barbie's Dream House is more expensive, but it has electronic functions and measures almost three feet high.


Barbie is already 60 years old. The brand has constantly reinvented itself during these 6 decades. Therefore, the dolls you played with in your childhood are completely different from today's dolls. Each year, Barbie produces new lines with different characters, new professions and accessories and current and fashionable outfits.

Your little one will identify with the most modern dolls and accessories, since its accessories are similar to what you see in your day to day life, like a small laptop, for example. For the nostalgic: the most iconic Barbies of our childhood are also for sale. Even the first 1959-style Barbie is still produced and is for sale on Amazon.


After 60 years, Barbie dolls remain one of the favorite toys for kids. This is because they stimulate the imagination and emotional and social development of the children without neglecting the fun. With the passage of time, Barbie has managed to reinvent itself and adapt to the times year after year.

The Barbie universe is growing more and more all the time. Not only does the brand have endless outfits, characters, professions and activities, but it has also diversified the physical appearance of the dolls. If your little girl is looking for a Barbie or Ken in which they themselves can be reflected, he or she will find the doll regardless of body type or skin color, etc.

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