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Welcome! Today, we'll show you how it works and what is the importance of the external HDD with 1tb of storage capacity. Also, you will find out what are the settings that should be taken into account when buying the best external HD 1tb model.

The digital files such as photos, videos and programs are stored on the internal hard drive of your computer or laptop. But as there is a storage limit, it is not uncommon to either delete documents or save them somewhere else. And one of these places is the external hard drive 1tb.


  • The external hard drive with capacity to store 1tb of memory is ideal for storing robust files and backup your data safely.
  • Today there are several options of external HD 1tb of various brands and technologies.
  • To choose the best for you must be aware of some factors that differentiate one model from another.

The Best 1TB External Hard Drive: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If you're looking for an external hard drive, you understand the importance of freeing up space on your computer's internal hard drive, or even having your data backed up in a safe place.

However, before buying an external hard drive 1tb you must consider your need to use and the various models. To help you with this step, we created this Buying Guide. From here, you'll be able to take all your questions about the external HD 1b.

Mão de homem segurando HD externo conectado a um notebook.

The external hard drive 1tb is one of the most popular on the market. (Source: Adamowicz: 87844663/

What is the 1tb external hard drive used for?

The external 1tb hard drive basically works like the internal 1tb hard drive of your computer. It is used to store robust files such as photos, videos, programs, music and heavy duty games. But unlike the internal, with the external hard drive 1tb you save your data outside the PC and thereby free up internal memory space.

The fact is that when you let the amount of files reach almost the limit of the capacity of the internal HD is common that the computer runs slower and inefficient, especially if we consider simpler machines. That's why it's necessary to clean the internal HD from time to time. In the past, this was done using pen-drives and DVDs. But these devices are fragile and have little capacity to store files.

HD externo conectado ao notebook.

The 1tb external hard drive is ideal for storing large and heavy data and files safely. (Source: Boonyarattaphan: 59012854/

Today, the most efficient way of saving and backing up is indeed the external hard drive, which is more secure and offers different storage capacities. The 1TB external hard drive is the one that can store the largest amount of heavy files.

Moreover, being portable, you can take it wherever you want and connect it to other devices to access your files quickly and conveniently. Thus, in summary, we list below the main features of the external HD 1tb:

  • Free space from the internal HD of the computer and still serves as backup to access your files.
  • High storagecapacity.
  • Practical and efficient, it can be taken anywhere and connected to other equipment.
  • Great option to backup documents, photos, videos, music and games.
  • Ideal for those who want to increase the memory space of the computer or notebook without changing the configuration.

What fits in an external HD 1tb?

As we saw, the 1tb external hard drive has high storage capacity. But the amount of files that fit on an external HD 1tb will depend on the format, size and resolution of each of them. Still, it is possible to have an idea of the type and amount of data that fits on an external HD 1tb.

For example, if your intention is to save photos, you can save about 320 thousand high resolution images on an external HD 1tb.

1 Terabyte (TB) is the unit of measurement used to designate the data storage capacity of a HDD and is equivalent to 1,024 Gigabytes.

When it comes to saving music files, the external 1TB hard drive can store up to 16,600 hours of songs, depending on the format. But if what you want to save on the external HD are movies, it's worth remembering that a HD movie takes up about 4 GB. So, with an external HD that can store up to 1 tb, you have room to save about 150 movies with two hours of duration.

What is the difference between a 1TB and a 500 GB external hard drive?

The question above may seem obvious, after all 1tb is twice as much as 500 GB. However, if you're not that familiar with the world of technology, it's worth delving a little deeper into this topic. In fact, the 1Tb external hard drive is capable of storing more files than the 500 GB external hard drive.

But what actually differentiates one from another is that the external hard drive 1tb can store programs and heavier documents. So if you have few files to backup and/or lighter data and programs, it may be that a 500 GB external hard drive is enough to serve you.

Homem manuseando o celular com notebook ao fundo com fotos na tela.

The 1TB external hard drive can store a multitude of files. (Source: Philbert Pembani/

That's because, although it varies, most of the time a 500GB external hard drive can hold about 200,000 pictures, several hours of movies, music and moderately sized files. Besides, it is worth mentioning that another important difference between the 1tb external hard drive and the 500 GB storage capacity is the price. Not infrequently, the 1tb hard drive is more cost-effective than its counterpart with less memory space.

What are the types of external hard drives 1tb?

The external hard drives 1tb of memory can be divided basically into two types: the external desktop hard drives and portable external hard drives. The desktop ones are usually larger and heavier. But they are also, in general, faster and have greater storage capacity, reaching up to over 10 tb.

In addition, in some models of 1tb external desktop hard drives, in addition to need to connect via USB, you must also connect them to a power source. However, the most common you will find the portable external hard drive 1tb. This type of external hard drive is smaller and lighter and, if compared with the external desktop hard drive, has lower capacity. In general, the portable external hard drive has a maximum of 2 tb of storage capacity.

In addition, the transfer speed is also lower. However, it is ideal for saving your files, documents and even video games and be able to take anywhere. To choose the ideal one, you must, therefore, consider the use you intend to make of the external HD 1tb.

After all, the laptop allows you to take your files wherever you want, without having to carry your computer or notebook with you. On the other hand, the 1tb external desktop HD can be ideal for those who work with photo and video editing and are restricted to an office or desk.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 1tb external hard drive?

There are many advantages of having an external hard drive with 1tb of space. The main one is that it is a safe and easy to handle device. With the 1tb external hard drive you can save robust documents and files of all kinds, from photos, videos, programs to games.

To do so, simply connect the external HD to the USB port of the computer or notebook and perform the data transfer. Another advantage of the external HD 1tb is precisely its high storage capacity, which is ideal for those who work with robust files and need to free up space on the machine or even want to have a backup of the data in one place, without having to have several HDs.

Homem teclando no notebook.

The great advantage of the external HD 1tb is its large space. (Source: dawnfu/

Moreover, most of the intermediate 1tb external hard drive models weigh less than a kilo and measure only a few centimeters, thus allowing you to carry them easily, even in your pocket. Not to mention that the 1tb external hard drive has a lifespan of approximately 10 years. However, like all products, the 1tb external hard drive also has drawbacks.

Although 1tb is enough for most demanding consumers, this capacity may be small depending on your needs and your work.

Did you know that the external hard drive case is the best alternative to protect your hard drive? The external hard drive case protects the device against dust, humidity, as well as scratches and falls, as it reduces the impact of friction in case of an accident. Some models even have fans or a small ventilation cooler that helps keep the HD at the right temperature to preserve its operation and increase its useful life

Another disadvantage is that the external HD is susceptible to physical damage, which can corrupt the memory forever. Therefore, the external HD 1tb needs to be stored in a place where it does not accumulate heat or dirt, and is always protected from knocks and falls. In addition, it is necessary to take care of hardware security. To this end, it is recommended to always turn on the antivirus PC when using the external hard drive 1tb.

This way, you avoid invasions that may contaminate both the computer and the external HD. That said, we've summarized in a table the main advantages and disadvantages of the 1Tb external HDD.

  • Able to store a large amount of heavy files
  • Stores documents, makes backups and even frees up space in the PC's memory
  • Long useful life
  • Practical and easy to use
  • Requires care against falls, heat and dust
  • Is subject to virus invasion

Purchase Criteria: How to compare 1tb external hard drives

Okay, if you've made it this far, you can already see the importance and usefulness of an external hard drive with 1tb of storage capacity. But now it's time to choose the best model among so many on the market. For this, it is necessary to understand what are the items that differentiate one option from another.

Therefore, we suggest that you analyze the following factors:

Below you check out how you should take into account each of these topics to invest your money in the 1tb external HDD that best suits your needs.


One of the most important criteria to consider when buying the 1tb external HD is the type of connection of the device. In fact, the external HD works with USB input, and may come accompanied by a USB cable or not.

The USB cables that come with the external HD 1tb can be used to attach it to other devices such as cameras, and in some cases even televisions. However, it is worth noting that the most modern 1tb external HDs have USB 3.0 connection, which determines the transfer rate.

HD externo conectado a um notebook.

It is important to consider the type of connection of the 1tb external HDD. (Source: 59012854/

And, although some models also allow USB 2.0 connection satisfactorily, the fact is that USB 3.0 input is three times faster. For example, today, most external 1Tb hard drives with USB 3.0 input guarantee a transfer rate of 5Gb, equivalent to about 625MB/s.

The connection with USB 2.0 cable, on the other hand, has a transfer rate of 480 Mb/s speed. The fact is that the type of connection, whether 3.0, 2.0 or even the most modern USB 3.1, eSATA or Thunferbolt, are responsible for the capacity of data transfer.


Although the type of connection is related to the capacity of data transfer, the speed of data transfer is a topic that deserves special attention.

The more RPMs the hard drive has, the faster it will process data.

After all, if you want an efficient 1tb external hard drive, you need to have a high speed when accessing the data stored on it. The speed on an external hard drive is measured in RPMs. So the more RPMs the hard drive has, the faster it will process the data and programs you have installed on it.

The slowest HDs usually have around 4200 RPM. The fastest models, on the other hand, have up to 10000 RPMs.

Operational system

Another factor you should consider when choosing the 1tb external HD is compatibility with the operating system of your computer or notebook. In general, Windows and Mac operating systems have the following file systems: NTFS and HFS+. And you will find 1tb external hard drives for each of them. Still, some models allow you to use the device in both operating systems.


Also take into account that some external 1tb hard drives have security systems, such as hardware-based or software-based encryption. Software-based encryption uses computer resources to encrypt the data.

So the external hard drive 1tb with this type of protection will be as secure as the computer. The external 1tb hard drive with hardware-based encryption relies on a chip that encrypts the information and therefore does not rely on the security of the computer to which it is connected.


Another factor you should take into account when choosing the best 1tb external hard drive is its size and weight. These are especially important if you intend to transport your external hard drive frequently. In this case, the smaller and lighter the better.

You can check the device's measurements and weight on the package description. To give you an idea, a 1tb external hard drive can weigh between 150g and 1kg. Remember that external desktop hard drives are even heavier.

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