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20 kg dumbbells are a great way to start a home gym. Since many people don't have time to go to the gym, the demand for home gym equipment is increasing. A home gym is a good alternative to a gym and can be cheaper in the long run.

By training with a 20 kg dumbbell you can both lose weight and build muscle. Since many dumbbells are expandable, you can increase the weight if necessary and thus continuously increase the muscle stimulus.

To give you an overview of the different types of dumbbells, we have listed them and shown the advantages and disadvantages below. With this dumbbell 20 kg test 2021 we will help you and advise you on what is important when it comes to dumbbells.


  • Many dumbbells are expandable and can be equipped with additional weight plates if required.
  • There are many different types of dumbbells to choose from for you and your workout. These include dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and aerobic dumbbells.
  • With a 20 KG dumbbell you have a wide range of exercises to choose from. The most effective exercises include bench press, squats and curls.

The Best 20 Kg Dumbbell: Our Picks

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for 20 Kg Dumbbells

When buying a 20 kg dumbbell there are a lot of things to consider. Besides the usual aspects such as the length of the bar, you also have to pay attention to the material of the dumbbell.

In summary, these are:

In the following section we have summarised for you what is important in the individual criteria.


The material of a dumbbell can make a big difference to its stability and quality. You should make sure that you use harder materials. Good materials for the barbell are cast iron, steel and chrome, which withstand higher loads and are excellent for you if you want to expand your 20 kg barbell.

A stronger material allows for more weight on the barbell.

If you don't want this, you can use hard plastic. There is no right or wrong with the material for the weight plates, but if you still want to lift more weight, cast iron and steel are worthwhile because they are heavier than fillings with sand, water, etc.

Also note that many dumbbells have only one alloy, which makes the material stronger but not heavier. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on whether you want a stronger muscle stimulus or a weaker muscle stimulus.


The length of a 20 KG dumbbell differentiates the dumbbells in their various types, e.g. barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, aerobic dumbbells. The different lengths of the dumbbells allow you to train different muscle groups in a targeted manner.

Dumbbell for shoulders and biceps, barbell for back and biceps. The length of a dumbbell also affects the price of a dumbbell - as a rule, barbells cost more than dumbbells.

Aerobic and kettlebells are the smallest / shortest dumbbells with which you can train your flexibility.

Expandable / non-expandable

Expandable dumbbell means that additional weight plates can be attached. This allows you to continuously expand the dumbbell according to your training. However, there are also dumbbells that are not expandable.

Extendable dumbbells allow for a long use

Here you have to decide whether 20 kg is enough for you or whether you will need more weight in the future. It is important to mention that more weight triggers a higher muscle stimulus, but you should not overdo it with the weight because the training form can suffer and you can injure yourself.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a 20 Kg Dumbbell

Dumbbells 20 KG are available in different variations and different functions. Before you buy a 20 kg dumbbell, you should think carefully about which muscle groups you want to train and what goals you are pursuing with your dumbbell training.

In the following section we will help you to answer these questions and make your purchase decision easier.

What is special about a 20 kg dumbbell and what advantages does it offer?

In contrast to a normal dumbbell bar, a 20 kg dumbbell comes with weight plates and you can start right away. This means you don't have to buy any additional weights and you save some money. In addition, many dumbbells can be extended with additional weight plates.

20 kg Hanteln

The dumbbell lock secures your weight plates. (Image source: Pixabey / Louisbauer)

With other dumbbells it is not possible to expand them. However, dumbbells are available in a wide range of weights. So if you get more weight, you can put it aside and save on shipping for separate weight plates.

What types of 20 kg dumbbells are available?

20 KG dumbbells are available in different types and designs. The different types are suitable for specific types of training, so other types of dumbbells can also stimulate different muscles:


The most commonly used type of dumbbell, this is particularly suitable for training the upper body, i.e. biceps, chest and shoulders. Two pairs of dumbbells are most often used at once as this prevents one-sided training. Due to the smaller design, only a limited number of weight plates can be attached.

  • High muscle stimulus with little weight
  • Mostly expandable
  • Easy to grip
  • Expensive with two dumbbells
  • Limited possibility for weight plates
  • Does not address many muscle groups

A dumbbell is very suitable for strength and muscle building because of its short length, it is ideal for training your arms and shoulders.


These dumbbells are great for working your lower body as well as your arms. Barbells can also bear the most weight, so they are also suitable for exercises with very high weights later on.

  • very flexible
  • possibility for many weight plates
  • addresses many muscle groups
  • Handle not optimal
  • individual muscle groups are difficult to train
  • more expensive than dumbbells

So if you want to train more muscle groups and have more money at your disposal, it is worth paying more for a barbell


A somewhat more unusual dumbbell variant that is characterised by its good grip. In addition, these dumbbells are used for flexibility exercises rather than for strength and muscle training as they are not expandable. If you want to use them for strength training, you have to go for heavier models over 20 kg.

  • Very good grip
  • Good for mobility
  • Addresses several muscle groups
  • Not expandable
  • More expensive than normal dumbbells
  • Fewer exercises

By doing a trunk workout, you strengthen your lower body and relieve pressure on your spine.

Aerobic dumbbell

These dumbbells are used in aerobics and are the smallest and lightest type of dumbbell. Aerobic dumbbells are therefore not suitable for strength or muscle training but rather for flexibility exercises and to make an aerobic session more challenging.

  • very flexible
  • cheap
  • good for mobility
  • not suitable for muscle building
  • only available with very low weight
  • often cheap materials

If you like to do aerobic exercises and want to strengthen them, an aerobic dumbbell is a good tool for you.

For whom is a 20 kg dumbbell suitable?

If you like sports and want to keep fit, a 20kg dumbbell is a good addition to your home gym. By doing additional exercises with a 20 kg dumbbell, you increase the muscle stimulation of your arms and can build muscle even faster.

Even if you don't have your own home gym, a 20 KG dumbbell is a good way to get started at home. In addition, you can adjust the weight of most 20 KG dumbbells and thus even take the dumbbell with you and train outdoors.

A 20 kg dumbbell is ideal for strength training

If you want to build more muscle and strength in your arms, shoulders and chest, you will be happy with a 20 kg dumbbell. As described above, most 20 kg dumbbells can be easily adjusted in weight, so you can maintain a continuous muscle stimulus.

How much does a 20 kg dumbbell cost?

A 20 kg dumbbell costs about the same as a single dumbbell with additional weights. The advantage of a 20 kg dumbbell is that you can train immediately because you don't have to buy the weight plates separately.

The price also varies depending on the type of dumbbell you choose. To give you a good overview, we list the types and the costs of each type of dumbbell in the following table.

Dumbbell type Price range
Dumbbell 30-70€
Barbell 50-100€
Kettlebell 40-80€
Aerobic dumbbell 20-40€

When you have found a suitable dumbbell that helps your training, you can usually buy additional weight plates from the same manufacturer. Another important aspect that plays a role in the price is the material, which materials are best you will find above in the test.

What alternatives do I have to a 20 kg dumbbell?

The classic alternative to a 20 kg dumbbell is the gym. In a gym you have a large selection of training equipment so you can train your entire body or just individual muscle groups. Nevertheless, a gym also has its weaknesses.

20 kg Hanteln

Calisthenics relies a lot on push exercises to strengthen your whole body. (Image source: Pixabey / alexceban)

It can be too crowded, very expensive in the long run, and equipment is often not treated properly. In addition, many people don't want to pay money every month and don't go to a gym regularly.

Another alternative is to train with your body weight. This movement is called calisthenics. In this variation, the risk of injury is the lowest because it is not so easy to overestimate oneself or use too much weight.

Ideally, you should have access to a pull-up bar or buy one for your door frame. But even without one you can start training immediately with push-ups, jumping jacks, crunches and handstands. If you are looking for training plans, you will easily find them on YouTube and Google.

Which exercises are best?

There is no general rule for the best exercises with a 20 kg dumbbell. However, we will list some of the most efficient exercises. It is important to use a wide variety of exercises to target as many muscle groups as possible. It is also very important not to use too much weight, otherwise the risk of injury can increase.

20 kg Hanteln

A wide variety of exercises helps to build muscle effectively. (Image source: Pixabay / Stocksnap)

It is best to put together a training plan according to your training goals. You can use exercises from the following section for this purpose.

Squats with dumbbells

Exercises the thigh and gluteal muscles. Take a dumbbell in each hand and hold it next to your body with your arms outstretched.

With your back straight, bend your knees to a 90-degree angle, briefly hold the low position and then straighten up again without fully extending your legs.

Bench press with dumbbells

Lie on a weight bench or, if not available, on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Raise the dumbbells vertically above the collarbone until the arms are almost fully extended.

Then lower both weights slowly and in a controlled manner until they are in line at mid chest height. Then press the weights back up in an arching motion until they touch above the chest.

Barbell Squats

Place the barbell behind your head on your shoulders and grasp it with both hands. Stand hip-width apart with your feet pointing slightly outwards so that your knees can follow your feet.

Then, with your back absolutely straight and your abdominal and gluteal muscles tense, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle. Hold briefly and then return to extension in a controlled manner without pushing the knees all the way through.


A 20 KG dumbbell can do you and your body some good if you use the right exercises and a good trade. Depending on which muscle groups you want to train and strengthen, you now know which ones you need.

You should not go for the cheapest dumbbell, because a more expensive dumbbell usually has more functions and can withstand more.

If you are more ambitious, you should create a training plan so that you have a long-term training goal. However, don't overdo it and don't use too much weight in your exercises, form before strength!

Image source: Jirasukhanont / 123rf