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Welcome to TechReviews, the site where you find the best reviews of electronics available in the market. Today you'll learn everything you need to know about the LG 32-inch TV. LG is well-established in the market and has a wide range of televisions to please all audiences and budgets. And to help you choose the best model, stay with us until the end of this article.


  • To make the most of Smart TV technology, you need a good internet connection.
  • Although the screen size is the same in all models that we will address in this article, it is important to pay attention to the overall dimensions and thickness of the TV so that it is compatible with the space you have available.
  • The number of inputs and outputs of the TV also tends to vary a lot from one model to another.

The best 32 inch lg tv: Our picks

Buying guide

Whether you're enjoying a movie with friends or giving an important presentation to your work colleagues, you can count on the performance of LG TVs. And if we used to dream about 29-inch TVs, 32-inch TVs are even better, with a great resolution and features that are in no way inferior to larger models. Take a look at our shopping guide to get to know the brand and its various models a little better.

Imagem de duas pessoas jogando videogame em frente de uma TV

32-inch LG TVs are excellent for playing video games with friends. (Source: JESHOOTS-com/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of LG 32 inch TV?

Although not among the largest TVs on the market, 32-inch models offer great resolution and fit well in smaller environments. Many already have the Smart TV option, besides the price is much more attractive when we compare it to larger TVs, such as those above 50 inches. However, the resolution is compromised by the size, since you'll hardly find 32-inch models with Full or Ultra HD. They are also not the best option for very large environments.
  • Great resolution
  • They fit well in smaller spaces
  • Many models have Smart TV
  • The price is more accessible
  • The resolution is limited to the size
  • It is not indicated for larger environments

Which is the best LG 32-inch TV: LCD or LED?

As we said in the previous topic, the size ends up influencing the resolution, but the type of technology used to display the images is also crucial. In its 32-inch TVs, LG uses LCD a lot, which is ideal for brighter environments, since the colours tend to be more opaque during transmission. They are also among the cheapest models. Now, if you can invest a little more, it's worth considering an LED screen, since it works well even in environments without natural lighting, with much more vivid and bright colours. Another advantage is that they also consume less energy.
Indication of use For brighter environments Perfect for all kinds of lighting
Image quality The colours are more opaque More vivid and bright colours
Price They cost less They cost a little more

Is it worth investing in a 32 inch LG TV with Smart TV?

If you have a good broadband internet connection, yes.
Most Smart TV functions need a good connection to view streaming programs.

This is because most Smart TV functions need a good connection to view streaming programs, download apps and keep the system always up to date. Smart TV also offers access to LG's own browser, which allows you to browse the internet using your TV, as well as exclusive services with own programming, games in the internal memory and other functions provided by the brand. So, considering the cost/benefit, and if you already have a good internet connection at home, it is worth investing in an LG TV with Smart TV to enjoy all these features that turn the TV into a multimedia center.

Imagem de mesa com caneca de café e televisor exibindo o logotipo do Netflix

With a Smart TV you can watch your favourite films and series in the comfort of your own home. (Source: John-Mark Smith/

Buying criteria: What to look at when buying a 32-inch LG TV

A good TV makes all the difference, whether at home, in a waiting room or in your office. And when it comes to quality and innovation, LG is among the market leaders. However, with so many models available, each with its own functions and technical specifications, it is necessary to be attentive before making the purchase. Here are some topics we've separated for your evaluation:


Unfortunately, the resolution of 32-inch TVs is limited to HD, not being able to reach the high standards of larger Full and Ultra HD TVs. Still, they are high definition images. And to compensate, LG invests in technologies like Active HDR and Upscale, which are ways to compensate for factors like brightness and vividness of colours. The screen being LCD or LED also influences the resolution, as we showed in previous topics. So, before buying, it's worth checking the product specifications, because not all 32-inch TVs are the same.

Imagem de homem assistindo uma partida de futebol em uma TV LG

Can you imagine watching your football matches in high definition? With a 32-inch LG this is possible. (Source: JESHOOTS-com/

Number of inputs and outputs

This is another important factor, especially if you plan to plug other peripherals into the TV, like a DVD player or a next-generation console. It's common to find standard inputs and outputs, such as audio and video, antenna input, USB and HDMI. And let's face it, the more the merrier. So, if you usually use your TV as a multimedia centre, it's worth investing in more complete models to avoid a constant exchange of wires.


Although we're dealing with TVs that, apparently, should be the same size, this isn't quite the case. You also need to take into consideration the space that other components take up. Thickness is the hardest hit here. LCD TVs, where an internal white lamp is needed to help generate the images, are larger than LED TVs. It may sound silly, but the thinner the TV, the easier it is to place it on a countertop, shelf or stand. Besides influencing the static too. See below some of the most used supports for them.


Finally, we have the design of the TVs, a strong point of LG. Here you can take into consideration factors such as thickness, overall dimensions and the beauty of lines and curves in their shapes. Nowadays, televisions have gained a much greater aesthetic appeal, and even when they are turned off, they can make all the difference in the decoration of an environment. So before buying your 32-inch TV, check the shop's website, see the different models available and look for the one that will fit best into your decor. (Source of the highlighted image: StockSnap/