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Hello and welcome to our website! Who hasn't enjoyed a Friday night alone or with the best company on a Friday night? A 3D movie can immerse us in realities we never imagined and today we invite you to discover the best 3D movies.

Get ready to enter a world of fantasy in the comfort of your own home. If you didn't know about 3D movies, you're in the right place! Here we'll show you what they are, their advantages, disadvantages, prices, points of sale, among others. At the end of this reading you will be ready to choose the best 3D movie, enjoy!


  • 3D films are so called because they are made with technology that is capable of reproducing three dimensions. It does this by imitating human vision and using a camera for each eye. The result? A sharp, realistic and voluminous image - just as if it were coming out of the screen.
  • In order to choose the best 3D movie, you should do so according to the type of player you have. These can be Active or Passive 3D and will tell us how the image looks and the glasses we need to see the third dimension. The former offers full resolution and the latter is a little lower but not so invasive.
  • Once you are clear about what kind of films you can watch on your player, there is only one last detail to consider. If you consider whether the film was shot in 3D or the effects were added in post-production, the type of glasses you will need to wear, the film's classification and the genre, we assure you that you will just have to enjoy it!

The Best 3D Movies: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about 3D films

Now that you're more familiar with the most popular 3D movies, it's time to learn the details that will make you make the best purchase. We're not talking about the plot of the film or even your personal taste, but we are talking about choosing the best product as a whole.

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Enjoy the best picture quality is in 3D movies.
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What is a 3D film and what are its advantages?

This technology imitates human vision. When recording the film, one camera records the image of the left eye and another camera records the image of the right eye. This generates a much more realistic image as it allows us to appreciate the three dimensions.

In the past, these films were only available in cinemas, but now they are accessible to everyone and, although not in the best quality, they can even be viewed on any monitor. 3D glasses are required to "join" the images and start enjoying the experience.

This type of film has the advantage of providing a much more realistic image, which is ideal for fiction films as it helps to get even more involved in the plot. Unlike a traditional film, 3D allows us to see objects with volume, greater sharpness and nuances.

  • Can see images with volume
  • Possibility of self-immersion in the film
  • New and entertaining experience
  • Improved images
  • Can work more or less well on any device
  • Limited availability of films recorded in 3D
  • Specialised players are expensive
  • Discontinued production of players
  • Special glasses must be used which can be uncomfortable
  • Differences in image quality in certain productions

3D Films for Active or Passive devices - What should you look out for?

The secret to choosing a good 3D film is to know what type of player you have and the glasses you need. This way you can choose a 3D film that perfectly matches your technology and have an experience that totally stands out.

Active 3D. This type of 3D offers maximum resolution and image sharpness for both eyes. It uses glasses that are more expensive and heavy because they use batteries, this could cause some visual fatigue and tiredness if we use them for a long time, as well as generate blurred images or difficulty to blink.

Passive 3D. Passive 3D can be much more economical as it requires polarised glasses that are easily accessible. It produces less eyestrain because the viewing angle is smaller, as is the resolution and quality of the image. You can also watch the film from any angle and even lying down.

3D ACTIVE 3D Passive
Type of glasses to watch the movie Electronic glasses, expensive and heavy Polarized glasses, they are light and economical
Resolution Pixels 1920 x 1080 p(Full resolution for each eye) 1920x540p (Lower)
Viewing angle Lower in general. Horizontal and vertical angles unaffected Larger, viewable from any angle
Problems Blurred images due to long exposure (crosstalk) Very bright image

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Watching a 3D movie is an entertaining and novel sight.
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Buying criteria

Choosing a 3D film to watch can be very easy, but no one can deny that we often spend hours and hours looking at titles without knowing which one we might like. Here are the factors that will help you choose the right 3D film in the blink of an eye.

Type of production

Nowadays, most films can be seen in 3D, however, not all of them have been recorded with this technology, a fact that can substantially affect the quality of the image and even more, your experience with 3D. In the specifications of the film it should say if it is originally recorded in 3D and suitable for this technology.

3D recording. The original process of producing a full 3D film. A different camera is used to capture the images from each eye and when viewed through the lenses, the result is seen in three dimensions. You can see the volume of the objects or "as if they were coming out of the screen" and you need a special player.

Post-production. Most films can be viewed in 3D thanks to different techniques applied during the post-production of the film. The results can be quite similar, but it is recommended to prefer it if you do not have the appropriate 3D device and you want to watch the film from any monitor.

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You no longer need to leave your home to get involved in a 3D movie.
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Type of glasses

Although this goes hand in hand with the type of player, rather than the film itself, you should not overlook this factor as the comfort with which you watch the film depends on it. In addition, using the wrong lenses can completely ruin the 3D experience.

Active. Active lenses are only for a player that is also active. They are electronic and use battery power or require charging, so they can be uncomfortable if the film is very long. They are recommended for short films and to be compatible with the specific player we have.

Passive. Passive lenses are more versatile, their appearance is similar to any sun lens. The filter is in charge of polarising the images to achieve the three-dimensional effect. The use of passive lenses is recommended for watching 3D movies in any type of player or when they have a lot of content or long duration.


It is important that before choosing a 3D film, you make sure of its classification according to the viewer. As it is a realistic technology, some people may suffer from serious disturbances. It is therefore recommended that you consider for whom the film is intended and decide whether it is suitable or not.

Children. They are suitable for all viewers and especially for children. Their ratings are A and AA. These 3D films are recommended to enjoy with the little ones and feel like children again; this division is perfect to enjoy 3D technology and get involved in a fantasy world.

Teenagers. aimed at teenagers from 12 years old and are differentiated with the letter B and B12 which is for those over 15 years old. The content of these films can be very realistic and is recommended for action or horror films, as they will make a teenager live situations on the edge.

Adults. They are classified with the letter C and D. Although we can see situations of violence or action as in real life and get fully into the story, 3D films for adults are not so popular. They are recommended mainly to enjoy exceptional definition and image quality.


We don't want to bore you with describing all the existing film genres because we assume that you are more or less familiar with them and, besides, not all of them will thrill you in three dimensions as the following genres will do.

Science fiction. They are the most popular ones because besides giving us a unique and entertaining experience, they give us the opportunity to experience and feel part of a totally unknown world or a world that does not exist in reality. They are recommended for young people and adults.

Action. It is also an excellent genre to watch in 3D, it is recommended to experience shooting, fights, explosions, among others. They are recommended for young people and adults who want to take advantage of the 3D image in its entirety, without paying much attention to other aspects of the film.

Horror. Although it may sound strange, many people love to watch 3D horror films. They are recommended if you like to feel the real fear, panic and emotions of the story. You should be tolerant of suspense, scenes of violence and blood that will be very realistic.

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