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The puzzle is one of the most suitable activities for children and adults, a game that crosses generations and remains active even in the era of online games. But have you ever heard of the 3D puzzle? That is what we are going to talk about in today's article.

If the common model usually becomes a painting when finished, the 3D puzzle will also serve as a decorative piece, this time to stand on a shelf. To choose the right model, continue with us.


  • There are different degrees of difficulty when choosing a 3D puzzle. They can have different numbers of pieces and be suitable for children or adults.
  • A 3D jigsaw puzzle can be made of metal, plastic, wood or cardboard. As it will serve as a decorative piece, the choice of material can be a factor that changes its appearance.
  • The price will vary according to the model and number of pieces. There are models with low prices, usually for children.

The Best 3D Puzzle: Our Picks

Buying guide

Putting a puzzle together is great for cognitive development and logical thinking, whether for children, adults or the elderly. It is an activity that transcends generations and can involve the whole family. Want to know more about 3D models? Stay with us until the end of this complete Buying Guide.

Menino e menina montando escultura em 3D.

The 3D puzzle, just like the ordinary one, is excellent for cognitive development. (Source: Viacheslav Iakobchuk/

What is a 3D puzzle?

The 3D puzzle is an evolution of the traditional model. Although the end result is different, the idea is the same: meet the proposed challenge that changes in difficulty level according to the number of pieces. And that is the most rewarding aspect of this activity, completing this challenge, which can be done individually or even among friends or family.

The 3D puzzle results in a kind of sculpture, which can be displayed as a decorative piece on the bookshelf or shelf after completion. You will find the most varied themes. Tourist monuments and themes from films and series are among the main ones.

Escultura do Beco Diagonal de Harry Potter montado em quebra-cabeça 3D.

Movies and series are well sought after themes in 3D puzzle, among them are Harry Potter fans. (Source: Evgeniia Kuzmich: 43219925/ 123RF)

It can be made of different materials, such as metal, wood, cardboard or plastic. This differentiates the way it fits together and also the final aesthetic result, as well as its durability.

From what age is a 3D jigsaw puzzle suitable?

If you think that the 3D jigsaw puzzle is only for adults, you are wrong. There are also models for children and teenagers. Obviously the size of the pieces varies according to the indicative age, but children from three years can already start to assemble this type of puzzle.

Children as young as three years old can start building 3D puzzles.

They may need help at this stage, but they will be delighted when their sculpture is finished. For the little ones, the pieces are quite big, smaller and easy to assemble. With a few fittings it is possible to achieve the final sculpture. Generally they are made of firmer pieces to prevent the child from damaging the pieces, damaging the perfect fit.

You can find specific models for children over five years old, others that are special for teenagers and even those that require the presence of one or more adults. In short, the 3D puzzle is suitable for all ages, just choose the right model according to the challenge that the person needs.

Duas crianças montando blocos.

The assembly of blocks and puzzles should be encouraged from an early age. (Source: famveldman/

3D or traditional puzzle?

Since the 3D puzzle is a kind of evolution of the traditional model, it offers some advantages. First, its final result. Unlike the common model, which results in an image that usually becomes a painting, the 3D puzzle forms a sculpture that can serve as decoration if exposed on a bookshelf or shelf.

It also ends up being more fun and attractive, especially for children who usually have a resistance to get out of front of the screens. It is a great way to introduce this magnificent universe of assembling puzzles little by little, bringing increasingly difficult models. The 3D model can be an extra challenge for those who are already used to the traditional puzzle.

Some productions may take months for final conclusion. Besides, it can be found in different materials that bring a more refined aspect, such as metal, turning the piece into a true work of art. Both models can meet different ages, be of the most varied themes and levels of difficulty. The goal is the same, to meet the challenge.

3D puzzle Traditional puzzle
Result Sculpture Image for the board
Materials Cardboard, plastic, wood or metal Cardboard, wood or EVA
Advantages More dynamic and attractive Easy to be found and more accessible

What are the benefits of putting a puzzle together?

Putting a puzzle together goes beyond entertainment. It is an activity that works on various aspects of development, which is why it is so suitable for children and the elderly. Putting a puzzle together, whether traditional or 3D, develops motor coordination. An essential aspect in the case of children in their early years and also for the elderly to stay healthy.

Did you know that the jigsaw puzzle is a playful activity that even helps in physical education classes? If well-directed, assembly can help children develop notions of right and left and learn more about body coordination

Another important point is that it works logical thinking, due to the need to analyse the correct fitting of the piece. In addition, this activity also stimulates memory and works on patience, as it requires concentration during assembly. As it is a game that can be played both individually and in groups, it promotes social and family interaction.

In this way, the child also learns to respect other people's space. Investing in a puzzle is betting on a highly educational activity. And a great time to spend a good few hours with the family.

  • Activity suitable for all ages
  • Can be developed individually or in groups
  • There are models for all tastes and levels of difficulty
  • Develops motor coordination, logical thinking, patience and memory
  • Activity that integrates people socially
  • More complex models are expensive
  • If a single piece is lost the puzzle is incomplete

Purchase Criteria

No matter who the 3D puzzle is for, it is already clear that this is an activity that only has benefits. Now we want to present some criteria to help you choose the right model. See below:

Read each of the criteria in detail to make the best purchase.


Which sculpture do you want to display on your bookshelf? Whether it's a tourist monument, the setting of a film or a favourite object, there are diverse themes to suit all ages and tastes. Deciding what format your 3D puzzle will achieve as an end result, is the first criterion you should set.

Indicative age

Once you have defined the theme, you should think about who will assemble the 3D puzzle and buy one according to the indicative age shown on the box.

Models too advanced for a specific age may discourage due to the high degree of difficulty.

The opposite also happens. If you gift someone with a puzzle below their age, the ease of assembly can be even frustrating.

Number of pieces

Now that you have adjusted the previous criteria, you need to decide how many pieces the 3D puzzle will have. Assuming you are going to gift a 14-year-old teenager with a Harry Potter puzzle, you will find options of 300, 500 or 1000 pieces. Think about the person who will receive it and the level of difficulty they are ready to face. You can start with a smaller model and offer bigger challenges at other opportunities.


The material determines the quality and durability of the piece. The cardboard options are the simplest and most fragile. Metal models are more refined and durable, although more expensive. What type of sculpture would you like to have on your bookshelf? This choice also changes the style of assembly. Each material has specific types of fittings. Remember to check this detail before your final decision.

Mão masculina encaixando blocos de montar reproduzindo um gráfico.

The 3D puzzle can be found in wood, metal, plastic or cardboard. (Source: stokkete/


What is the budget available for the purchase of the 3D jigsaw puzzle. You can use the price as search criteria and filter models that fit your pocket. That way the search sites will show you several models, of different materials, for different ages, within your budget.

Image source: verdateo: 32774661/ 123RF