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43 inch TV is an all-rounder among TVs. The unique, practical size of this product makes it an extremely popular product. The size of this TV has a screen diagonal of 109 centimetres, a width of 96 centimetres and a height of 55 centimetres. With our big 43 inch TV test 2022 we want to help you find the perfect TV for you. We have looked at various 43 inch televisions and summarised the most important facts for you. We have also found out the difference between a 43 inch TV with Smart TV and a 43 inch TV without Smart TV.


  • A 43-inch television is a television set with a very special size. The screen diagonal is approximately 109 centimetres, the width is approximately 96 centimetres and the height is approximately 55 centimetres.
  • A basic distinction is made between a 43-inch television with Smart TV and a 43-inch television without Smart TV. The 43-inch TV has many additional functions, whereas the 43-inch TV without Smart TV is very easy to use.
  • 43 inch TVs are particularly suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. Therefore, this TV is the perfect alternative to large TVs where you have an excellent picture quality.

The Best 43 Inch TV: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for 43 inch televisions

When buying a 43-inch TV, there are various criteria to consider. These criteria will help you find the right product for you. In summary, these are:

If you want to know more about these criteria, you can read more here.


The size of a TV can play a big role in your purchase. A 43-inch TV has a screen diagonal of about 109 centimetres. The width is about 96 centimetres and the height about 55 centimetres.

This is often shown on products in the following font 109 x 96 x 55.

It is best to measure the area where you would like to place your TV to find out how big your TV can be. A 43-inch TV is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized living rooms.


The resolution of a television is divided into three parts. SD resolution: This resolution stands for Standard Definition and is usually 720 × 576 pixels. This is the simplest resolution for televisions and only a few broadcasters still use this resolution. Most already broadcast in HD. HD resolution: HD stands for High Definition and is currently the most common resolution. This is often labelled 1080i or 1080p and means 1920 x 1080 pixels. This resolution is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized televisions. The 43 inch TV fits very well into this category. UHD 1 resolution/ 4K: UHD 1 resolution or 4K resolution is four times better resolution than HD quality and stands for Ultra High Definition. The resolution is 3840 × 2160 pixels. The advantage of a higher resolution is that you can sit closer to your TV and still have a great picture quality. All these resolutions have an aspect ratio of 16:9. The aspect ratio 4:3 is only rarely found in SD resolution.


The handling of a 43-inch TV can also be a decisive purchase criterion. If you are tech-savvy, you probably won't mind more complicated handling. In principle, of course, it is understandable that the simplest possible handling is preferred.

Ease of use can usually be seen in the remote control. Once the 43-inch TV is set up, you will use it almost exclusively with your remote control.

Therefore, it should be as simple and easy to use as possible.


Another decision criterion is the versatility of a 43-inch TV. Here, the available functions of a device are particularly important. A very popular tool, for example, is a smart TV. We will go into this in more detail later. Other features that make a 43-inch TV a versatile model include whether a LAN connection is available, whether a connection with WLAN is possible and whether the device is Bluthooth compatible. Another special feature is a Curved 43 inch TV. This is a curved screen that further enhances the viewing experience, as it feels even more real when watching a film. These are the same in width and length only they have a greater depth.

Energy efficiency class

To help the consumer when buying an electrical appliance, there is the so-called EU energy consumption labelling. This label shows the consumer how energy efficient the appliance is.

The label ranges from A to G, with appliances with the A label consuming the least energy.

It should be noted that this system is a bit outdated and most new televisions are A-rated. Due to technological progress, the classification has also been adjusted and A+, A++ and A+++ have been introduced. If you buy a 43-inch TV with an energy efficiency rating of A++, it is already extremely economical, but there are still products that have a lower energy consumption.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a 43-inch TV.

When buying a 43-inch TV, there are certain factors to consider. In our guide, we have summarised some of these factors for you. This will certainly make your purchase decision easier.

What is special about a 43 inch TV and what advantages does it offer?

The special thing about a 43 inch TV is its size. This TV has a screen diagonal of about 109 centimetres, a width of about 96 centimetres and a length of about 55 centimetres. The advantages of a 43-inch TV are enormous, especially in smaller living rooms. With this size, you are also well advised in smaller living rooms because your distance to the TV does not have to be as great as with 55 or 80 inch TVs, for example.

43 Zoll Fernseher-1

With a 43 inch TV, you have a comfortable viewing experience.
(Image source: Kalila Kal / Pixabay)

On the one hand, such large televisions often do not fit in the room and on the other hand, it is simply not comfortable for the eyes to look at a huge screen from a relatively close distance. You might know this from the cinema, where the first rows are also not popular, as it can become very uncomfortable and exhausting.

What types of 43-inch TVs are there?

In the following section, we would like to introduce you to the different types of 43-inch TVs. We distinguish between two different types, both of which have advantages and disadvantages.

43-inch TVs with Smart technology

A 43-inch TV with Smart Technology is an additional function that connects the TV to the Internet. This opens up additional services on the TV. For example, you can watch your favourite series on your TV and no longer need your computer. You can also surf the web normally. The disadvantages of a 43-inch Smart TV are that you must have a working internet connection to begin with. In addition, the internet connection should work well and have a fast data transfer, otherwise there can be long waiting times when loading pages. This can be a problem, especially in rural areas, if the connection is not that good. As many advantages as the additional internet offer brings, you should be careful, because there could be additional costs. Some programmes that you can install or even streaming sites may incur additional costs.

  • Large offer
  • surfing the web possible
  • streaming also on TV
  • Internet connection must be available
  • Internet connection should be good
  • sometimes there may be offers for which a charge is made

This explanation will give you an idea of whether a 43-inch TV with Smart TV is relevant for you.

Classic 43-inch TV

A classic 43 inch TV is the well-known version of a 43 inch TV. This product has the classic features of a TV and allows for easy viewing. However, these models do not have additional functions that are made possible by online access. Especially for people who only want to use the 43 inch TV for watching TV, such a model is perfectly sufficient. Compared to a Smart TV, these are cheaper. In addition, they are easier to use because they have fewer additional functions. Just right for you if you are very simple and practical. However, if you like to watch series and want to buy a 43-inch TV for this reason, you probably won't be so well off with this product. Of course, you can connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable, but that's not the same comfort as with a Smart TV.

  • cheaper
  • easy to use
  • no unexpected costs
  • less offer than with Smart TV
  • no streaming possible

If you like things to be cheap and simple, you'll definitely do well with this product.

Who are 43-inch TVs for?

43-inch TVs are particularly suitable for you if you have limited space. Especially if the room is not that big, you will have an excellent viewing experience with a 43 inch TV.

43 Zoll Fernseher-2

This 43 inch TV is a curved TV. This curvature allows you to immerse yourself more deeply in the television. Therefore, this model is excellent for an even more intense viewing experience at home.
(Image source: ADMC / Pixabay)

If your room is about 3 metres long, you are well advised to choose this size of TV.

How much does a 43 inch TV cost?

Especially compared to a refrigerator without "features" You can get a 43-inch TV for as little as €200. If you prefer a particularly high quality, the price can sometimes exceed € 850. Compared to a larger TV, such as an 80-inch TV, 43-inch TVs are relatively inexpensive. For 80 inch TVs, the price starts at around € 800 and can be well over € 2,000. There is not such a big difference in the price of smaller TVs.



[/tablex] You can get small TVs for as little as € 100 and they rarely go over € 400. This table gives you a brief overview.

Type price range 32 inch TV approx. € 100 - € 400

43 inch TV; approx. € 200 - € 850 xml-ph Most 43 inch TVs are already 4K, but there are also some Full HD TVs.

A distance of approximately 1.50 - 3.00 metres is recommended, depending on the picture quality.

For a 43-inch TV with Full HD, the seating distance is even slightly greater because the picture quality is even lower. The recommended seating distance is approximately 2.70 metres. With a 43 inch TV with 4K or also called UHD, the picture resolution is 4 times as high as with Full HD. Therefore, the recommended seating distance for this product is a little less and is only around 1.60 metres.

Can I also use a 43-inch TV as a monitor?

Basically, you can use a 43-inch TV as a monitor. Almost all 43-inch TVs have an HTML or DIV connection. This means you can easily connect your computer to the TV.

If the TV has a Smart TV function, you can also log on to the network directly from your computer.

Of course, the recommended minimum distance is 1.60 metres for 4K and 2.70 metres for Full HD. If you sit too close, you can get eye problems.

Image source: Yeulet/