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Hello! Today's subject is 4K HDMI cable, that accessory that allows you to transmit content to high resolution devices.

With it you can transfer data to televisions, computers and video games, transmitting high-quality video and audio at the same time. So you can watch movies and series that are saved on the PC through the TV, for example.

There are different types with varying speeds and transmission qualities, with more resistant materials or with higher signal conductivity. In this article we will list some models, as well as prices, advantages and disadvantages and where to buy it. Check them out!


  • The HDMI 4K cable has been developed to transmit images and sounds in high quality to high definition devices.
  • This accessory makes the transmission to the electronic in a fully digital way. In addition, it replaces several cables, being necessary only one to make the video and audio reproduction.
  • It is a relatively inexpensive product, varying according to the materials used in production. In this Guide are listed HDMI 4K cables from £ 15 and £ 75.

The Best 4K HDMI Cable: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Who doesn't enjoy watching movies and series on a big screen, with very high quality sound and image? Often we have the file on the computer and the way to transmit to the big screen is through a 4K HDMI cable.

If you're looking for the best model, check out our Buying Guide. We will bring you good tips to make the best choice and be able to watch your favorite shows on TV.

Imagem mostra uma TV ao fundo desfocada e um homem assistindo.

There's nothing like watching content with high quality sound and picture on a big TV screen. (Source: mohamed Hassan / Pixabay)

What is a 4K HDMI cable?

If you're used to streaming content from a computer to your TV, chances are you do so via an HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface ) cable.

With it you can transmit high quality video and audio through a single cable and not one for each function, as was previously the case. In addition, this connection system is totally digital.

The HDMI 4K cable is one that supports a resolution of 4,096 by 2,160 pixels. The most common ones today are 1.4 and 2.0. The former has a transfer rate of 10.2Gbps and the latter, 18Gbps.

What are the different versions of the HDMI cable?

Launched in 2003, the HDMI system has gone through a series of modifications. However, at each evolution, some problems have arisen, as the non-compatibility of a version with its previous, but we always see improvements.

The first model, HDMI 1.0, had a speed of 4.95Gbps and delivered up to eight audio channels to the user. A year later, version 1.1 appeared, which brought support for the DVD-audio standard.

In 2005 came the 1.2, which started to accept One Bit audio formats and to be used also in computers. But it was in the 1.3 system that came the greatest transformation, with a higher frequency of up to 340 Mhz and a transmission speed of 10.2 Gbps.

After that came the 1.4 and 2.0 versions, which are the ones we know and use the most nowadays. They have higher speed, audio channels and frequency.

Imagem mostra um plug de cabo HDMI conectado em uma entrada.

The HDMI cable has evolved a lot over the years. (Source: wavemovies / 123RF)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 4K HDMI cable?

The main advantage of the 4K HDMI cable is to transmit videos with sound in very high quality on high definition devices. In addition, this connection accessory makes the transmission of content and signal fully digital.

Another positive point is that it is no longer necessary to transmit the sound and video through two different cables. The HDMI cable came precisely to do this same function in a single product!

It is also easy to fit and, to use it, you simply need to plug it into the designated input and it will start working.

One of the disadvantages of the 4K HDMI cable is that there can be some disengaging in the connector, which causes sudden drops in picture and sound. If misused, pressed, bent or contorted, the cable can also become corrupted, impairing proper operation.

To help you see the positive and negative points in a more simplified way, check out the table below!

  • Transmission of videos with sounds in high quality
  • Transmission of content and signal in a totally digital way
  • Transmission of sound and video with only one cable
  • Easy to fit, just plug in to work
  • Connector may become detached, causing image and sound drops
  • Cable may corrupt, if bent or contorted

What are the functions of a 4K HDMI cable?

Besides the more familiar function of connecting TVs and electronics or PCs and monitors, the 4K HDMI cable can have other functions that you may not be aware of yet.

If you already own such a cable or are looking to buy one, you can also use it for the following functions below:

Function How it works
CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) function The cables can be "universal translators", being able to use the same remote control to command various functions
ARC and eARC functions Integrates audio resources between multiple electronic devices, such as home theaters and video games
HEC function All devices that are connected to a receiver (such as the TV) now have access to the internet
MHL function Transmit sounds and images and also charge the battery of smartphones

How much does a 4K HDMI cable cost?

The 4K HDMI cable is not usually a very expensive product. Its price varies according to the quality of the material and the connector, which can be gold plated, for example.

In this guide we list great quality products that range between 5 GBP and 15 GBP.

Buying Criteria: Factors to Compare 4K HDMI Cable Options

The 4K HDMI cable is an accessory that doesn't have huge differences between one model and another. However, there are, yes, some features that can differentiate them.

When buying, you may be a little lost in front of the number of versions, but the following criteria can help you make the best choice. Check them out below.

  • Connector type
  • Cable length
  • Version
  • Connector material

Below we explain in detail how each purchase criteria can influence your decision. Thus, the choice for the ideal 4K HDMI cable can be easier.

Connector type

The HDMI cable is found with two types of connectors: the HDMI type A and the HDMI type B.

The former has 19 pins and is the most common. It is also compatible with DVI-D technology, another type of digital connection inferior to HDMI. Therefore, it is necessary that only one end is HDMI.

The second connector works in the dual link system and is intended for transmissions with very high quality resolutions. With it, the cable transfer is doubled.

Did you know that HDMI is currently the best type of digital audio and video connector available?

Cable Length

Every accessory that has a cable has as a major purchase criterion the length of this cable. After all, it directly affects the movement, locomotion and comfort of the user.

Imagem mostra a parte de trás de um projetor com cabos conectados.

The length of the cable helps in various situations, such as when using projectors, for example. (Source: Tomasz Mikołajczyk / Pixabay)

You can find very long cables, such as 15-metre cables, used for large audiovisual productions, or more modest ones, such as 2-metre cables, which are already sufficient for use at home, for example.


The 4K resolution via HDMI cable can be achieved in versions 1.4 and 2.0 of the accessory - which are the latest.

The 2.0 cable has a higher frequency rate of 50 or 60 Hz, which makes the image even better. The predecessor, the 1.4, also supports 4K quality, however, with a lower rate of 25 Hz.

Connector material

This is a criterion of great importance for the quality of image and sound transmission to high-definition devices.

Gold-plated connectors, for example, are the highest quality connectors, as they are the strongest material available. In addition, the metal has a higher signal conductivity, thus increasing the connection quality.

Imagem mostra um cabo HDMI branco com conector dourado.

The gold plated connector has higher strength and conductivity. (Source: Michi-Nordlicht / Pixabay)

Others are made of copper, which are also a great quality material, highly durable and a good conductor.

The better the material, the more expensive the cable will be, the longer the lifespan! Don't forget to consider that the investment may be worth it further down the line.

(Featured image source: PIX1861 / Pixabay)