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Hi, nice to have you on our site! Since the advent of high resolution on home TV screens, no one imagined that one day TVs with even sharper detail, 4K, would arrive. If you've recently bought one, you'll probably want to make the most of its images so there's nothing like buying 4K movies.

In this article we're going to recommend the best 4K movies, so you can have a great time enjoying the sharpness of your TV. In this guide we will tell you how to choose them taking into account the opinions of those who have already seen them, also where you can buy them and the prices you should expect.


  • 4K, or UHD, movies are those that offer the highest definition images available on the market. They have a pixel resolution format of 3840 x 2160, which allows them to have more than 8 million pixels on screen at the same time - 8,294,400 to be exact. This allows them to deliver sharper images.
  • There are arguably three ways to watch 4K movies. There is the physical format from Blu-Ray discs, which can be viewed on compatible players. Digital, which saves space and can be stored on computers, smartphones and external memory sticks, and streaming, which is watched instantly from the internet.
  • While you can choose the 4K movies you like best, to make sure they are of the highest resolution look for the "4K" or "UHD" labels. Doing this will ensure that what you watch will be at the highest resolution possible, so you can get the most out of your HDTV's capabilities.

The Best 4K Movies: Our Picks

In this section we will recommend those films that we believe will amaze your eyes with details, and your heart with excellent and engaging plots. It should be noted that the order doesn't matter so much as we all have different tastes, what we will assure you is that they will make you spend some quality time and we will avoid giving spoilers!

Buying guide: What you need to know about 4K movies

The best way to know which 4K movies to buy is to know them inside out, because knowing their characteristics will help you appreciate the way this technology is displayed. This way you can share pleasant moments with your acquaintances by watching screens that will change the way you watch television.

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Watching films is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time.
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What is a 4K movie and what are its advantages?

A 4K film, also known as UHD, is one that has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, just a little less than that used in cinemas (4,096 x 2,160). This allows them to hold more than 8 million pixels on screen, which allows images to be displayed in incredible detail, creating more captivating experiences.

If you want to watch a movie with the highest resolution on the market, you really have no better choice than those offering 4K images. Although 4K technology was expensive at the time of its launch, it is now a widely distributed full-resolution video standard, as prices have become cheaper over time.

  • They have the highest resolution for home video
  • Have more than 8 million pixels on screen
  • Offer captivating experiences
  • Unsurpassed picture and sound quality
  • Equipment that supports it is still expensive
  • Their file sizes are very large
  • Will eventually be surpassed by 8K TVs

4K movies on disc, digital file or streaming - what should you look out for?

The methods by which 4K movies are distributed come in different forms, as they must be adapted to suit equipment and tastes. They can be roughly divided between those that you can keep at home, either on a UHD Blu-Ray disc or external memory stick, and those that you must watch directly from the internet.

Disc: If you've ever watched movies from a disc, then you know how convenient it is to just put it in the player and enjoy it. In this case only Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are capable of playing 4K content, although you will usually find them on the market simply called "4K".

Digital file: When we talk about a digital file, we mean one that can be stored in the memory of computers, smart devices and USB sticks. This is the one you would look for if you don't care much about discs as they will save space on your shelves, but not so much on your computer as they are very heavy files.

Streaming: If you've watched a series on Netflix or videos on YouTube you know how it works. Movies are played as they are downloaded from the internet. It is the most convenient way to watch series without having to worry about any kind of space, although the main disadvantage is that you will need a good internet connection.

Disc Digital archive Streaming
Storage method Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs Digital archive Internet
Devices to play them 4K Blu-ray compatible players Smart devices, computers, 4K Blu-ray players Smart devices, computers, 4K Blu-ray players
Considerations Storage space needed Can be very heavy Good connection needed

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The high resolution will make horror movies look even scarier. (Photo: Antonio Guillem/

Buying criteria

The truth is that you can choose 4K movies depending on your tastes, but there are certain things that will make you appreciate them better. That's why in this section you'll find different buying factors so you know which ones to buy, so you can enjoy them on your HDTV or UHD smart device.

Film quality

No, we're not talking about how good the film looks, but how good it is. There are many ways to know its quality, so we don't end up feeling like we wasted our money thinking we could have invested it better. Here are some general tips so you don't end up with half-watched films.

Awards and nominations: No film is nominated for an Oscar or a Grammy just because. You don't really need to know which awards it has won, as they are usually listed prominently on the cover or in the description of the film. Of course, if it just catches your eye you can buy it, there are many good ones without any nomination.

Cast: There are people who, in one way or another, return to "good" films. Examples of this are actors like Dwayne Johnson or Robert Downey Jr. who move plots on their own, or unique directors like Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg. It never hurts to buy a film just because of the actors and directors who brought it to life.

Running time

The length of a film is a factor that can make or break our attention, as the time we can dedicate to it can vary depending on many factors. The length of a film does not always influence its quality, so if you only want to watch a short film you can enjoy it with pleasure.

Short: They last from 80 to 100 minutes, which makes them good to enjoy when you are short on time. Action, horror or comedy films tend to fall into this range, as they don't need to develop very complex plots or engage with well-developed characters. Examples of this are Toy Story or Ghost in the Shell.

Long: Any film that is longer than two hours can be considered long. This type needs to add depth to the plot and develop the characters, so that the story can be fully defined. This is usually the length of big fantasies like Harry Potter and dramas like Interstellar.

Blu-ray or Streaming

The difference between watching a 4K film from disc and a digital file or streaming is slight, but still significant. This may not influence your purchase if you already plan to watch them on your Blu-ray player, but if you're going to watch UHD movies from the internet then you should pay attention.

UHD Blu-ray: Considered to be the best way to watch 4K content, as the image is not compressed before being sent to the TV. This is because Blu-ray discs can store up to 100 GB of data, and can transmit it directly from the source at up to 82 Megabytes per second via HDMI cable.

Streaming: Although the idea of watching movies from the internet at the push of a few buttons is appealing, you should be aware that 4K is very demanding on the internet. Any UHD movie can weigh at least 16 GB, which can be a lot if you have a very slow connection or if you have a limited data plan.

Additional features

Now that we've mentioned all the features that are of most interest, you should also be aware of those things that may catch your attention, even if they are not so important. Consider them as extras, because you shouldn't buy films based on them alone.

Collections: Also called bundles, these are sets of films that are sold together. They are usually better value for money, as those sold in collections tend to sell for less than their separate selling price. You will like them if you are a fan of a saga or to watch trilogies.

HDR: Known as the acronym for "High Definition Range", it is a technology that unites the proportions of light and shadow in an image to create an image with the best of both. A film with this feature will deliver hyper-realistic, almost 3D-looking images.

Extras: Many UHD Blu-ray discs add extras such as access to deleted scenes, interviews, comics or promotional merchandise - things that can add extra value. You'll like those that offer them if you're a fan of any franchise, especially the juicy Marvel superhero movies.

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