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Welcome, today we will talk about the 50-inch 4K TV. You will have all your questions answered in this complete Buying Guide so you can choose the best equipment for your home at 2021.

Get ready to check out the main models, understand more about 4K technology, learn about its advantages and know how to make the best purchase on your own.


  • 4K technology guarantees a definition four times higher than Full HD, hence its name. Its resolution is 3840 × 2160 pixels.
  • Viewers should stay at a distance of 1.90 to 3.80 meters from the TV 50 inches, the resolution also interferes in the distance.
  • You can buy a great model of TV 50 inches 4K for very cheap.

The Best 50-Inch 4K TV: Our Picks

Watching your programming has never been so delightful. Relying on a 50-inch screen, even more with 4K technology is becoming increasingly affordable. Check out models of a 50-inch 4K TV from different brands:

Buying Guide

If you value picture quality when watching your movies and series, the 50-inch 4K TV is an excellent choice. With a large, high-resolution screen, you'll enjoy every scene with clarity.

Throughout this guide we want to answer the main questions of users who are looking for a TV like this. Read on to learn how to make the best choice for your home.

Mulher deitada no sofá com controle na mão apontando para uma TV em um rack.

The 50-inch 4K TV is the perfect choice for living rooms. (Source: Andriy Popov/

What is 4K technology?

4K technology is an improvement in picture quality compared to Full HD, its predecessor. It is simply four times better, offering a definition of 3840×2160 pixels.

In practice, this technology offers improved picture clarity.

Also known as Ultra HD, in practice, this technology offers improved picture clarity. This is because each pixel is a dot within the inches of the TV. This resolution reduces that pixelated effect in the picture.

If a short time ago this technology was expensive and revolutionary, today it has become more accessible, since the big news on the market is 8K - a super expensive and harder to find technology.

But don't think that 4K is outdated, quite the contrary. This technology still has a lot to be explored, and many films and programs are not even filmed in this resolution. More and more content compatible with 4K technology is being offered.

What are the advantages of investing in a 50-inch 4K TV?

We can list the advantages in two ways, first because it's a 50-inch TV, and second because of the 4K technology. Uniting these two great factors, it's even easier to highlight its advantages.

The first point is that 4K technology offers excellent image clarity, especially for those who are used to HD or Full HD images. So the images are more vivid and faithful.

It offers more visual comfort, because even when viewed from a short distance you can see the images with quality and clarity.

These TVs can have different types of screen, straight or curved, LED or Oled, offering a wider range of options for all budgets. You also find a variation in the features of the TV, which also entails a variation in price.

You can find 50-inch 4K TV models from a variety of brands, so you can choose your favourite.

A 50 inch TV is a great screen size for a range of environments, making it the perfect choice for the living room.

However, it's not all flowers. Unfortunately not all content is produced in 4K, although this technology is growing more and more. And even though prices have come down, it's still expensive compared to inferior technologies.

The 50-inch 4K TV can also be uncomfortable for very small rooms, not being the best choice.

  • Excellent sharpness and image quality, 4 times better than Full HD
  • Different types of screen
  • Different functions
  • Several brands available
  • Ideal size for several environments
  • There is a growing content produced in 4K
  • Not all content is compatible with 4K technology
  • More expensive
  • May be uncomfortable for small environments

50 inch 4K TV curved or flat screen?

No matter what size or screen technology you choose when buying a TV, one question may come up in your search. Investing in a flat screen or curved TV, which is the best option?

While both are quality options, a curved screen TV has some advantages over a flat screen. First, it increases the field of view, absorbing the maximum potential of the human eye.

They try to mimic exactly what cinemas try to do. This causes an immersive impact, the feeling of being "inside the screen".

Another highlight is that the contrast of curved screens is higher than that of flat screens. Consequently, this changes your picture quality - for the better, of course.

The flat screen wins in one aspect that may be decisive for many people. The price! They are considerably cheaper.

50 inch 4K flat screen TV 50 inch 4K curved screen TV
Advantages More affordable prices
More options on the market
TV with different screen technologies
Increased field of view
Sensation of image immersion
Better contrast and image quality

How far should the 50-inch 4K TV be from the viewer?

If compared to other technologies, 4K TV offers greater visual comfort, even if watched at short distances. However, even so, the recommendation is that a distance be respected according to the inches of the device.

In the case of the 50-inch TV, the ideal distance between TV and viewer is 1.90 to 3.80 meters. The screen resolution changes these values.

As we are talking about 4K technology, there is an ideal calculation to buy a TV with Ultra HD resolution, but is still in doubt about the perfect inch.

You simply must measure the distance between the point you will stand and the place where the TV will be placed and multiply that by 25. See the formula:

Distance x 25 = Inches

Let's assume you will place your 4K TV in your living room. Your couch is 10 feet away from your rack. The formula is 3 x 25 = 75 inches. That would be the ideal 4K screen for a distance of 10 feet. So the 50-inch 4K TV turns out to be perfect for a distance of 2 metres.

Which room is a 50-inch 4K TV suitable for?

You can place your 50-inch 4K TV wherever you like. The environment actually matters little, what matters here for greater comfort is, as we saw above, the distance that your 50-inch 4K TV will be from the point where you will watch it.

However, considering the ideal distance of 2 meters, this TV is a good choice for medium-sized living rooms, game room or even the bedroom. Before you choose the inch size, the important thing is that you measure this distance.

If found the distance of 2 meters, you can put it even in the kitchen, playroom or wherever else you want.

Três garotas comendo pipoca e assistindo filme do sofá.

The 50-inch 4K TV can be placed in any room that respects the distance of 2 meters. (Source: IKO/

Purchase Criteria: Learn how to choose the best 50-inch 4K TV for your home

Watching your movies and series with Ultra HD technology is no longer a thing of another world. Check out the selection criteria:

Check out the topics mentioned in detail.

Screen type

The most common - and cheapest - is to find TVs with an LED screen. However, when it comes to choosing your 50-inch 4K TV you will find some variations when it comes to the screen.

The choice can be between LED or Oled, curved or flat screen. If budget isn't an issue for you, an Oled TV is better than LED, but it can also be up to four times more expensive.

The curved screen wins in terms of image quality, but the flat screen wins in the lower price. Try to find the best value for your money.

Mulher com controle em frente a uma TV tela curva.

Although they are more expensive, the 50-inch 4K curved screen TV models are even better. (Source: Ian Allenden/


Looking into the connectivity of a TV is essential before making a purchase. After all, people are increasingly looking for practicality and minimalism. So, in this regard, prioritise TVs with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Other ports you should pay attention to is the amount of HDMI and USB inputs. The HMDI is ideal for those who want to connect video games, Blu-ray or home theater. The USB is perfect for pen-drives or other devices. A good model is one that provides at least two or three HDMI inputs and two USB.


This is a criterion that many people overlook, but it is the frequency in hertz that indicates how many times per second the screen is updated. Each hertz indicates the reproduction of one frame, that is, 60 Hz devices reproduce 60 frames per second, and this changes the image quality.

Of course, the higher the frequency, the better the transition between one frame and the next, offering greater fluidity. Much lower Hertz can cause distorted images.

The frequency in hertz is especially important for video game players. A 120Hz model offers excellent gaming performance. Now, if your intention is just to watch films and series, 60 Hz is enough

Voice control

Want a 50-inch 4K TV with artificial intelligence? Not all models are like this, so keep an eye out. With this technology you can perform several functions through voice command.

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to perform some tasks without even touching the remote control? This may cost a little more, but it may be an important criterion for those looking for practicality.


A TV doesn't usually have many accessories, but one of them is extremely important: the remote control. Some control options are very functional, offering the option to access certain applications with just one touch.

Netflix, for example, often has a unique button for easy access via the control. Take a good look at how functional and the control of the devices you are comparing, this criterion can tie the search.

Mão segurando controle remoto com botão Netflix com tv distorcida ao fundo.

Shortcuts on the control make access easier and quicker. (Source: rclassenlayouts/

Other accessories that may deserve your attention is the TV base and whether it has a cable organiser.


It may be that you have a pet brand, the one that you have already tested the quality and became the favorite in your house. The good news is that there are 50-inch 4K TV models from a variety of brands. So you will have at least one option of the one you like the most. Samsung, LG, Sony, Philco, Phillips and AOC are good options on the market.

Operating system

One of the most commonly used operating systems is Android. However, this varies from one brand to another. Some brands have their own systems, like Samsung with the Tizen system.

Although there are some differences, the functionality of these systems is usually quite similar, fast and intuitive. The operating system should not be a problem, unless you do not give up a specific one.


Design matters. People are looking for increasingly slim and minimalist televisions. There are options with black, silver and even white borders.

There are also models without a border. The centimeters of the border can make the TV look more or less robust and modern. Think about the one that best suits the space you want to place and good shopping.

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