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The ideal TV size for many people is the 55 inch variety. A 55-inch TV could be just right for you, too, if you have a medium to large living room and like to watch your movies and series on big screens. But what are the different categories? What features do you have to look out for when buying?

In our 55-inch TV test 2022, we present the best and most up-to-date sets with various features. We tell you what makes a good TV and give you helpful tips on how to choose the best set for you. Whether you want a pure 55 inch TV, a Smart TV or a Curved TV, you'll find the best 55 inch TVs on the market.


  • 55-inch televisions are available with various features. The resolution and the image processor are particularly important.
  • The number of hertz is often set very high for marketing reasons and does not automatically guarantee a good picture.
  • Whether indoor antenna or digital cable reception, the newer TV sets have all the necessary tuners, so you do not need any additional equipment.

The Best 55 Inch TV: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a 55-inch TV

What is the refresh rate?

First and foremost, you should know that the quality of the picture is often measured by its hertz number. The hertz number tells you how many frames are displayed per second.

For the refresh rate there is the unit fps (= frames per second). To our eye, everything looks smooth from 30 fps. The standard TV programme is broadcast in 50 hertz, which corresponds to 50 fps.

For other content with even higher quality, you need a better panel with a higher hertz number. By trickery, some manufacturers give their hertz figures in an embellished way. A "real" 100-200 hertz panel is perfectly adequate.

Which operating system should one choose?

Some time ago, Samsung launched Tizen, its own operating system for Smart TVs. In the overview, you can see the rough differences between Android and Tizen:

Android Tizen
Control menu covers the entire screen Control surface (called Smart Hub) only takes up part of the screen
App selection as with a smartphone (Google Play Store) Maximum of 450 apps, but these are preinstalled and only need to be activated
Annual software update (2017: Nougat) Software update only via USB port (Samsung support page)

What are the dimensions of a 55-inch set?

Your 55-inch TV is about 1.25 m wide and 72 cm high. The depth varies, but you should assume at least 10 cm.

The width of the frame also varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it's better to plan for a little more space. To save space in the depth, it is advisable to mount the TV on the wall with a universal wall bracket.

Flatscreen TV an Wand

Your 55-inch TV is about 1.25 m wide and 72 cm high. The depth varies, but you should assume at least 10 cm. The width of the frame also varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. (Photo: Vision24 /

What are the electricity costs for a 55-inch TV?

Of course, electricity costs vary greatly among manufacturers, so it is difficult to make a generally valid statement about this. We help ourselves here with statistics: If you assume a price of 0.27 euros per kw/h and a usage time of 4 hours a day, the annual electricity costs vary between 25 and 100 euros.

Did you know that most 55 inch TVs support UHD (4K)?

Correspondingly high-resolution TV channels are rare in Germany and only selected content is displayed in 4K.

How can I mount my TV on the wall and what do I need to consider?

A universal wall mount fits most devices. This not only looks elegant, but also saves space. The brackets are available in various designs:

  • Flat wall mounting
  • Tiltable
  • Swivelling
  • Swivel and tilt
  • Single and double arm function

Please remember that you still have to lead the cables from the TV downwards. There are special cable ducts in various sizes for this purpose. If you want to keep it clean, you can also run the cables through the wall if you are renovating from scratch anyway. However, this is time-consuming and expensive.

Decision: What types of 55-inch TVs are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between three types of 55-inch TVs

  • Pure 55-inch TV
  • 55-inch Smart TV
  • 55-inch Curved TV

Because of the different areas of application and your own preferences, a particular 55-inch TV is best suited for you and your home. Because of this and the fact that not every type of 55-inch TV is the same, there are different advantages and disadvantages in its use.

4k-Fernseher von Samsung

Depending on whether you prefer watching TV, movies or streaming services, one TV is better for you

In the following section, we would like to introduce you to the different types and help you find out which 55-inch TV is right for you. To do this, we will present the above-mentioned types in more detail and give you a clear overview of exactly what their advantages and disadvantages are.

What distinguishes a pure 55-inch TV and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The first type of TV we would like to introduce in our comparison is a so-called "pure 55-inch TV". This is simply a TV with the appropriate dimensions, which refers to the core competencies of a TV.

Whether it is a Full HD TV or a UHD TV does not matter. It is limited to the essential functions of a TV: films, videos, series and TV programmes. Accordingly, it naturally lacks a few extras and gadgets that a Smart TV has, for example. This TV also has a normal screen and is not curved.

  • Strong price-performance ratio
  • Ease of use
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Few to no extra features
  • No curved screen
  • No internet access

This 55-inch TV is usually a cheaper alternative and if you don't need a TV with internet access, it will be the right choice for you. It scores points for its value for money and simplicity of use, but for that some extra features have to stay away.

What distinguishes a 55-inch Smart TV and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The Smart TV is currently the most widespread variant of the 55-inch TV. It comes up trumps with a wide range of functions and extras that you usually don't find in the competition, because a Smart TV is, strictly speaking, more like a computer with a huge display.

Smart TVs are one of the most attractive targets for hackers to break into the connected home because of their widespread use. The security precautions of the devices are sometimes hair-raisingly bad.

Another example shows just how bad. At an expert conference on Monday, Israeli security researcher Amihai Neiderman presented 40 vulnerabilities and so-called zero days, previously undiscovered gaps, in Samsung's Tizen operating system.

This "computer television" has its own operating system that varies between different manufacturers. Instead of teletext, you have "HbbTV", which is equipped with internet links and film-related information. This allows you to gather more information about an actor or film if a film has particularly caught your attention.

  • Very good picture quality
  • Good sound quality
  • Large number of connection options
  • Unusual design
  • More expensive than pure 55-inch TVs
  • More difficult to operate than standard TVs
  • Some unnecessary functions

This is only one of many differences to conventional 55-inch TVs. A Smart TV is particularly strong in picture quality and sound. Manufacturers also try to convince customers with many connection options. This is also supported by unusual designs.

What distinguishes a 55-inch Curved TV and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The last type of 55-inch TV we would like to introduce in this comparison is the 55-inch curved TV. This is a very special type of TV because, unlike the competition, it does not have a flat screen, as has always been the case, but a slightly curved screen.

This ensures that the effect of the TV picture, in terms of its three-dimensionality, is even better, as you have an equal "viewing distance" to every point on the screen. This should give the user an even better viewing experience.

  • Better three-dimensionality of the picture
  • Fewer reflections on the display, depending on the installation location
  • Very decorative and visually appealing
  • Significantly more expensive than comparable flat TVs
  • Not particularly suitable for large groups
  • Seating position must be adapted to the TV

Another point with which this type of TV wants to score is that it allows fewer reflections on its display depending on where it is placed. This means that watching TV while the sun is shining is also better than with other 55-inch TV types. Last but not least, a TV with a curved screen is simply a visual eye-catcher that will delight you with its design.

However, it is usually more expensive than its flat-screen rivals and is more suitable for small groups than large ones, which is why you often have to adjust your sitting position according to the TV and not the other way around. This is where you decide what is more important to you.

A 55-inch curved TV is also available as a Smart TV.

Facts worth knowing about 55-inch TVs

What is the Timeshift function and what advantage does it offer?

The Timeshift function allows you to pause and rewind the programme you are watching, which is particularly useful if you are watching an exciting programme and the doorbell rings. The Timeshift button works like the pause button on a DVD player.

What is the best way to clean my TV?

For cleaning televisions, we recommend a microfibre cloth for the frame and a special screen cleaner for the screen surface.

As a home remedy, you can also use normal glass cleaner, which does not leave streaks and does not attack the material. If some areas are difficult to access, you can also use ear sticks or a toothbrush.

Orangenes Mikrofasertuch

With a microfibre cloth, a glass cleaner and an ear stick, every TV will look radiant again. (Photo: david47 /

Image source: / Julian O'hayon