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We live in a digital world, where the amount of items we need to store virtually grows non-stop. Therefore, having a 64 GB memory card at hand can be an excellent aid to save your files. So to never have to deal with the unwanted "memory full" message again, check out our complete guide, with all the information you need to consider before purchasing a new 64GB memory card.


  • Memory cards emerged as a kind of evolution of the traditional CD's and DVD's, which served as a form of storage.
  • More resistant, they do not suffer from scratches and damage, being much more durable than other forms of physical storage.
  • Many devices already have inputs compatible with 64 GB memory cards. However, in some cases it may be necessary to purchase an adapter for the use of your card.

The Best 64GB Memory Card: Our Picks

Buying guide

Every day, we accumulate more digital files on our phones and computers. It's photos, audios, messages, videos, and updates that drain our devices' internal storage - but we don't want to throw them away. To make the mission of keeping files easier, these small accessories can be the perfect solution. Check out our guide and find out everything you should evaluate before buying a new 64GB memory card.

Imagem de pessoa segurando um cartão de memória diante de um notebook e pen drive.

A 64GB memory card can be the perfect accessory for storing and transferring important documents (Source: Stanisic Vladimir/

What can fit on a 64GB memory card?

Unfortunately, there is no standard answer to this question, as the amount of items that can be stored varies greatly depending on the file type, resolution, compression method and numerous other factors.

Photos, videos and music are usually the main files stored on memory cards, but each file type has its own size and specifications. To give you an idea of how much you can store, check out the list below of how many files can be stored on a 64GB memory card.

  • Photos: Approximately 36620 5MP images; 18310 10MP images; 15258 12MP images; 13078 14MP images; 11444 16MP images and 8322 22MP images.
  • Videos: Approximately 1280 minutes recording at 6Mbps; 960 minutes recording at 8Mbps; 880 minutes recording at 9Mbps; 640 minutes recording at 13Mbps; 480 minutes recording at 17Mbps and 320 minutes recording at 24Mbps and 12 minutes in 4K.
  • Songs: Approximately 16000 songs.

What are the most common applications for 64 GB memory cards?

64 GB memory cards can be used for multiple purposes and in numerous accessories.

Most mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and notebooks are compatible with memory cards.

Most mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and notebooks are compatible with memory cards, which help to expand internal storage space. But before buying a memory card, check your device's compatibility and extra storage capacity. Some devices may have limitations on the amount of space to be added, so always check the manufacturer's instructions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 64 GB memory card?

Certainly, the biggest and most important advantage of having a 64 GB memory card is to be able to take with you, in a small device, all the files you may need for a job or for your studies. To guarantee your peace of mind, most of the cards have an internal antivirus system to prevent damage to your files.

In addition, many of them have waterproof coatings, ensuring greater security in case of accidents during the day. However, if you lose the card - something that can happen, since they are extremely small and compact - you can lose your files. So it's worth taking extra care and keeping a backup of everything that's important to you.

Another disadvantage is that not all devices, such as mobile phones and digital cameras, are compatible with memory cards. So before you buy, check if your device is ready to receive a 64 GB card.

  • They have storage space for countless files
  • They allow you to take countless files with you
  • Many cards are waterproof
  • They are secure
  • Most of them have an internal antivirus system
  • Because it is small, you have to be careful not to lose the card
  • It may not be compatible with all your devices

What are the different types of 64 GB memory cards?

64 GB memory cards can be classified in different ways. One of them is by taking into consideration the size and the type of processing. Thus, they can be divided into four standards: SD, Mini SD and Micro SD. The main difference between them is in the size of the card, since in general, they work in a similar way, as a data storage device.

SD Mini SD Micro SD
Size 24 mm (W) x 2.1 mm (H) x 32 mm (D) 20 mm (W) x 1.4 mm (H) x 21.5 mm (D) 15 mm (W) x 1 mm (H) x 11 mm (D)
Indication of use It is suitable for cameras and camcorders Used to be used in mobile phones Commonly used in mobile phones and tablets

Currently, mini SD cards are in disuse, as most devices are compatible with the traditional SD size or micro SD. And as not all devices are compatible with all card sizes, it is always worth relying on adapters, which can turn your memory card into a pen drive, so you can access stored data more easily.

How to identify if a 64 GB memory card is original?

The first precaution to take is always look for reliable vendors, and preferably, look for the official shops in major sales portals. Another care is always check the packaging and compare with photos and official reviews. As a rule, counterfeit packaging do not have as much quality as the original, so they tend to be more fragile or looser.

Another tip is to use some programs that perform function tests or check the manufacturer's information. Thus, you can check on the brand's website if the information is correct and if your card is original. Imagem de inúmeros cartões de memória

Do I need to take any special care when storing my memory card?

Yes. Although many cards have waterproof coatings, it is not recommended that they are stored in places that are too humid, as this can oxidise the connectors. Also, it is not recommended to store the memory card in places that are constantly exposed to sunlight - as this can damage the storage card - or in places with a lot of dust and dirt.

Purchase criteria: How 64 GB memory cards compare

As you can notice, there are numerous details that need to be considered before buying a 64 GB memory card. However, you need not worry as we have separated for you the main criteria to consider before choosing your new card.


Memory cards can be found in multiple sizes, which may not be compatible with all the devices you intend to enjoy the extra storage space on. So, it is worth investing in a card that already comes with adapters for multiple sizes. This way, you can use it in your mobile phone and easily transfer information to the computer or other device you want.

Did you know that the first memory card to be commercialized was launched in 1994, by the brand SanDisk, which is still a reference in the market today


While many devices will let you add extra storage space, some phones, tablets and cameras may limit how much space you can add or require a minimum configuration for the card to be recognised. So check all the requirements of the device you want to use your new memory card in, to avoid being left with an unused card.

Imagem de celular com adaptador para cartão de memória e chip.

Many mobile phones have a limitation on the amount of storage space that can be added with the memory card, so check the manufacturer's directions. (Source: Pexels /

Transfer speed

The transfer speed of a memory card is key to determining the rate of data processing and storage, and takes on even more importance if you want to use the card in cameras or mobile phones. In general, once your photo or video is captured, it is processed by your device's system and stored on the card.

The speed of processing determines the quality and speed at which this will occur. Also, for transferring large volumes of files, a higher transfer rate makes the process much quicker and faster. The speed is determined in classes, which indicates the minimum speed at which the card performs data transfer. The higher the class, the faster the process.

Class Minimum speed Indication for use
2 2 MB/s Low resolution video recording
4 4 MB/s 720p videos
6 6 MB/s 1080p videos
10 10 MB/s 4K videos


Some memory cards offer as an additional feature a security system of their own, with a native antivirus that scans the files added, avoiding possible damage to what you already have stored.

There are also cards that allow you to encrypt your data, something that is essential to ensure the safety of important data. However, if you have difficulty accessing the card, it may be difficult to recover the encrypted data, so keep the access guidelines in mind.

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