Last updated: August 10, 2021
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Who doesn't know it? Some tops have a free or transparent back and show the less attractive fastening of the bra. This is certainly not what the designers had in mind when they created the back of the top. To avoid the bra clasp distracting from the look, you can easily use an adhesive bra that doesn't have a clasp.

With our big adhesive bra test 2022 we want to help you find the best adhesive bra for you. We have compared self-adhesive bras and breast tapes with each other and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. We want to make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • An adhesive bra is the ideal solution for dresses and tops with a free or transparent back.
  • They come in different shapes and materials.
  • They are best suited for smaller to medium bust sizes (Cup A-C).

The Best Adhesive Bra: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying an adhesive bra

What is an adhesive bra anyway?

What just looked weird a few years ago, but is now considered a major fashion faux pax: visible bra straps on backless tops!

You have a chic new dress with a low back neckline, but you never wear it because you can't find a matching bra that won't ruin the look of the dress? And going braless is not a solution for you either?

Then you need to turn your attention to the perfect bras!

An adhesive bra is characterised by the fact that, as the name suggests, it is held in place by an adhesive layer on the inside and thus does without straps and back.

Did you know that the first bra was invented at the beginning of the 20th century?

Mary Phelps Jacob invented the first bra in 1914. She used ribbons and two handkerchiefs.

It comes in different variations, most of which consist of self-adhesive cups that are closed at the front with a clip or lace fastener and thus also provide an extra push effect.

At the same time, the décolleté and the free back are put in the limelight.

What are adhesive bras for?

Adhesive bras, or often called invisible bras, are used to ensure that a backless top or dress remains backless and the look is not interrupted by a bra fastener.

They are therefore most often used on wedding dresses, evening gowns, halter tops, and low necklines (front or back).

Many wedding dresses have a great back neckline for which a classic bra is out of the question. (Image source: / stanze)

An adhesive bra is characterised by the fact that, as the name suggests, it is held in place by an adhesive layer on the inside and thus does completely without straps and back.

They are available in different versions, most of which consist of self-adhesive cups that are closed at the front with a clip or lace fastener and thus also provide an extra push effect. At the same time, the décolleté and the free back are shown off.

What cup sizes are they suitable for?

Most self-adhesive bras are offered for cup sizes A-C, but there are also some specialised suppliers who also offer bras for D and E cups.

Did you know that many women wear the wrong bra size?

Many women do not know their correct bra size.

Since most models tend to run a little small, it is advisable to buy one size larger.

Invisible bras are only

available in cup sizes, so remember that cup sizes are based on the underbust measurement!
Here's a chart you can use as a guide:

Cup size for adhesive bra Correct bra size
Cup A: 65B, 65C, 70A, 70B, 75A
Cup B: 70C, 75B, 80A, 85A
Cup C: 70D, 75C, 80B, 85B
Cup D: 70E, 75D, 80C, 85C
Cup E: 70F, 75E, 75F, 80D, 80E, 85D

Can it be used more than once?

A self-adhesive bra made of fabric or silicone can definitely be used several times if cared for properly. However, keep in mind that the adhesive coating on the inside of the bra will weaken after frequent use.

After wearing it, you should wash it and let it dry, but please do not dry it, as lint from the towel will greatly reduce the adhesive effect!

Breast tapes, on the other hand, are designed for one-time use only and can therefore be purchased in a set with several stickers.

How much does an adhesive bra cost?

The prices for self-adhesive bras vary from model to model and depending on the brand and supplier. However, as can be seen in the ranking, most adhesive shells can be had for just over 10€.

On Amazon, there are also some offers for 4-5 euros, but these mostly do not have good reviews.

For branded bras from Hunkemöller or Intimissimi, you have to pay 30€-33€, depending on the design.

Decision: What types of adhesive bras are there and which is right for you?

Self-adhesive bras

Adhesive bras have a supporting effect and give the breast a nice shape.

  • Push effect
  • Can be used several times
  • Gives the breast shape
  • Adhesive effect can be affected by sweating
  • Can cause irritation on sensitive skin

The combination of silicone and an adhesive layer may cause irritation in women with very sensitive skin.

Breast tapes

Adhesive breast supports come in two varieties: 1. The tape is applied above the nipple and pulls the breast upwards. 2. The tape sticks under the breast to provide support there, additional tape on the sides should also lift the breast.

  • Perfect for very tight clothing
  • Gives a natural look
  • Invisible under clothing
  • Not suitable for larger breasts
  • Can only be used once
  • No shaping function

Breast tape is made of polyurethane and paper and is likely to be more suitable for sensitive skin.

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate adhesive bras

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate adhesive bras. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular adhesive bra is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Material
  • Fastening
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Range of use


The most common materials for adhesive bras are silicone and fabrics with a silky, smooth surface.

Models made of silicone are characterised by the following properties:

  • Thicker material and thus optical enlargement of the bust
  • Can also be used as a push insert for normal bras
  • Well suited under tight, flowing clothing as the silicone has no seams

Fabric models, on the other hand, are lighter and therefore even more comfortable to wear, and they also come in different colours and shapes.

Fastening adhesive bras

Before attaching the adhesive bra, make sure that your skin is clean and as free of oil as possible to get the best hold. Also, do not use moisturisers or powders on the areas where the bra will sit.

  • Then remove the protective film on the inside and hold the bra with both hands at the desired position in front of the breast
  • Press the bra firmly against you with both hands (if you have a model with lacing, you can now adjust the push effect)

For an adhesive cup bra that consists of two separate elements, first attach one cup, then the other, and finally connect it at the front via the clasp.

Sometimes you don't get the position right on the first try. Then simply take the bra off again and put it back on.


When the cups are in the right position, you will hardly feel them, just like with a normal bra. However, to maintain a good fit, be careful not to sweat too much and avoid excessive movement.

If you tend to have very sensitive skin, you may experience some kind of rash after wearing the bra, especially in combination with sweat, as the skin cannot "breathe" properly under the adhesive layer.

Do not wear an adhesive bra on sunburned or otherwise damaged skin!


The design of adhesive bras is to make themselves "invisible" under clothing. This is achieved by using materials such as silicone or fabrics with a silky surface.

To further support the transparent look, self-adhesive bras are mainly available in three designs:

  • Mini
  • Mango shape
  • Wing shape (also for slightly larger breasts)

In addition to these forms, which consist of individual adhesive cups, there is also the so-called adhesive bra wing . This looks like a normal bra from the front and also has no adhesive layer on the inside, but is held in place by two self-adhesive extensions on the sides, the "wings". However, depending on the cut of a dress, this version is not always suitable.

Area of application

If you want to shake a leg at the next party, whether it's prom or even a wedding, you can confidently do so with your new invisible bra.

However, the dance should not only consist of jumping or other fast and abrupt movements, because an adhesive bra is not necessarily designed for that. If you start to sweat, the adhesive effect can weaken and the rest is up to you...

For a strenuous and sweaty workout, a real sports bra is definitely recommended!

Facts worth knowing about adhesive bras

Removing an adhesive bra

If your model has a clasp at the front, open it first. With one hand, slowly pull the bra off from top to bottom and with the other hand, hold the skin on the breast.

You can easily remove any sticky residue with a little lotion or oil.

Textile care: How do I wash an adhesive bra?

After wearing your adhesive bra, wash it by hand with mild soap. Do not wash it in the washing machine and do not soak it! Otherwise the adhesive layer will be lost.

Rinse it well and then let it air dry.

When it has dried, put the foils provided back on the adhesive areas to protect them from dust and dirt.

Can you tape the breast?

You can also find numerous instructions on the internet on how to tape the breast without using an adhesive bra or sticker - in other words, a do-it-yourself self-adhesive bra.

An adhesive wing would be unsuitable for this evening dress, as the neckline extends to the sides. (Image source: / nastya_gepp)

One suggestion is to work with fabric tape from the hardware store and cotton pads. If you follow the instructions, you can also achieve a good result, but you will need some patience when removing the tape.

The second option is to use kinesio tape, which is very popular with athletes and is actually used to support the muscles. As this is designed for use on the skin, it is probably a better alternative.

Proper storage

If you follow the washing and care instructions and also put the protective film on before putting it away, the bra can be worn up to 100 times (depending on the manufacturer's instructions).

If it was in a box when you bought it, put it back in the box after use to keep the cups in perfect shape.

What to do if the bra no longer sticks?

Unfortunately, it may well be that the adhesive effect of the adhesive bra wears off after frequent wearing and washing.

Problem Attempt to solve
Bra no longer sticks so strongly Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid when cleaning, this removes the greasy residue from the skin. Rinse well afterwards!
Bra hardly sticks any more try to support the adhesive effect with special, double-sided adhesive strips. You can get them in erotic shops or online.

Photo source: / Viorel Sima