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Lovers of adventure and trail running will love what Monederosmart has in store for them. It is the Adidas Terrex, a shoe that allows you to walk the most complicated trails. Today you will not only find out important details about them, but also which models are worth buying.

The most important things first

  • The Adidas Terrex is a division of the footwear part of this company and its products are aimed at users who hike, trail run or simply prefer to walk and run on uneven surfaces. They are grippier and heavier than conventional tennis shoes.
  • The hiking market is a big one and as you know, Adidas is not alone in this race. In fact, it has two big players to face: La Sportiva and Salomon, brands that have been making this kind of shoes for years. Adidas' strengths in comparison are lightness, stability and flexibility.
  • Balance, grip, cushioning, lightness, the materials used in the interior, exterior, as well as the sole, are aspects that you should consider before purchasing any Adidas Terrax model. If you do, ensures that your purchase will be satisfactory.

The Best Adidas Terrex: Our Picks

Buying Guide

As a lover of hiking, running and trekking you are excited to get going, get excited too by knowing every aspect of the equipment you need to use in your hobby. The buying guide is a section that provides you with relevant and interesting information about the Adidas Terrex.

Adidas Terrex are excellent for trail running. (Photo: lzflzf / 123RF)

What is the difference between Adidas Terrex and other brands?

When it comes to Adidas Terrex the competition comes not from the brands we are used to seeing, but from other brands specialised in hiking like Salomon or La Sportiva. Despite the long track record of these companies in mountain hiking only the Adidas manage to be so light.

Adidas Terrex have flexibility, grip and lightness in wild terrain

Having lightweight Adidas Terrex means that with each step you will save more weight and you won't get tired as quickly. On the other hand, something that no wilderness shoe achieves is the flexibility that these products have and that means more grip. Unfortunately they do not have good cushioning.

Terrex Adidas Other brands
Grip High High
Cushioning Medium High
Flexibility High Low
Stability High Medium

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Adidas Terrex?

One of the great advantages that the Adidas Terrex division has is its various models, with which you can purchase one that meets the characteristics that suit you best. For example, one with more grip than balance or one with more cushioning than lightness. Another great thing is their flexibility.

By not being so sturdy and having mouldable textiles it achieves a maximum flexibility, giving the runner more control of his feet. Another huge advantage are the technologies like GORE-TEX, BOA, EVA, which make it a more complete, resistant and aerodynamic shoe. Some of the disadvantages are its price and its overall poor cushioning.

  • Lightweight and very flexible shoes
  • Superior balance
  • Great variety of designs
  • Models for men and women
  • Continental soles
  • Not the cheapest on the market
  • Few models with good cushioning
  • Lack of experience in the trail running area

Fun facts: what you didn't know about the Adidas Terrex

It's always great to be able to read some fun facts about the companies that make our favourite products. It's even better when these trivia facts help you make your next purchase decision, in this case the Adidas Terrex.

Where are Adidas Terrex manufactured?

China, Indonesia and Vietnam are the countries with the highest production of Adidas Terrex, due to their low manufacturing costs, guaranteeing a better price to the consumer. Adidas also has factories all over the world, the best known being in Germany (the brand's country of origin) and the USA, where they have a robotic factory.

What is the warranty on Adidas Terrex, and how can I make it valid?

It is always good to buy Adidas Terrex in official shops or shops associated with the company, because this way you have a two-year warranty on any of their products, including the Terrex. This warranty only covers manufacturing errors. Returns are also covered or for the wrong size. Remember to bring your invoice and product.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different Adidas terrex models

Selecting the right pair of Terrex for your next hiking or trail running experience is not as easy as it sounds. Each model has different characteristics and you need to be aware of each of them. In this section we will show you certain factors that allow us to rate different models so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

  • Balance and grip
  • Cushioning and lightness
  • Materials of construction

Balance and grip

Two important characteristics of the Adidas terrex are balance and grip. Without these two qualities, a pair of hiking shoes would not be worthwhile. That's why they are one of the most important purchase factors.

Balance. Having a well-balanced pair of shoes when we go for a few laps or runs on uneven trails is essential, and to achieve this we try to give the right weight to our Terrex. The stability of the Adidas Terrex is quite high due to the fact that they weigh around 300 and 350 grams, in rare cases 400 grams.

Grip: What is more important than grip when you're going through dirt, vegetation and rocks? For this purpose the Adidas Terrex have highly embossed and textured rubber soles. Some of the Adidas models are fascinating because they combine the quality of Continental tyres with their soles, making them grippier.

Cushioning and lightness

Your feet deserve to be pampered and treated with love, especially in an activity that can wear them out quickly. That's why good cushioning is a must, as well as lightweight terrexes.

Cushioning. One of the things Adidas still needs is superior cushioning. Most of their models do not have the most favourable cushioning, despite the fact that their midsole uses anti-impact EVA technology. However, Adidas Terrex BOA models have a construction that provides maximum cushioning.

Lightweight. As you've seen in the balance factor, the Adidas Terrex are among the lightest of all extreme terrain shoes. This directly impacts your balance and grip, giving you the control you deserve when doing your favourite activity. Most of the models in this collection are between 300 and 350 grams.

Did you know? Adidas Terrex is a separate division of this company for exclusive models for hiking and trail running

Materials of construction

The strength and durability of your pair of Adidas Terrex will depend not only on how you use them, but also on the materials they are made of. It is more than obvious then that this becomes by far another aspect to consider before buying.

Exterior. The exterior of Adidas Terrex models can be made of 3 types of materials: Mesh, Canvas and TPU. Mesh is cheap, lightweight and allows for better breathability, canvas is stronger and more moisture resistant (GORE-TEX), while TPU is an excellent material that is resistant to abrasion from the sun.

Outsole. There are two types of sole in Adidas Terrex products. The first is made with TRAXION technology, and is a rubber outsole with great grip on uneven terrain. While the second comes from the rubber of Continental tyres and its technology, excellent for trail running.

Interior. The inside of the Adidas Terrex shoes needs to be as comfortable as possible, that's why they are made of padded fabric. Depending on whether the model is for men or women, you will find the right last for each. BOA models are the most comfortable inside because you can adjust them to fit perfectly.

(Featured image photo: Kostiantyn Kuznetsov / 123RF)

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