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AEG has stood for quality in the field of electrical appliances since 1883. This experience is also clearly reflected in their products. They combine form and function in perfect harmony to make using their electrical appliances an act of joy. Ceramic hobs from AEG are no exception and shine with a multitude of additional functions. Our AEG ceramic hob test 2022 should help you to choose the hob that best suits your needs. We also provide you with a guide and buying criteria that will make your choice easier.


  • AEG ceramic hobs combine form and functionality in perfect harmony and make your hob the centrepiece of your kitchen.
  • A distinction is made between two types of ceramic hobs from AEG, the stand-alone and the stove-mounted hobs.
  • When buying a ceramic hob from AEG, you should pay attention to the type of heating, the size, the installation design and the additional functions.

The Best AEG ceramic hob: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a ceramic hob from AEG

What distinguishes AEG ceramic hobs from products of other manufacturers?

AEG cooktops convince with their attractive design and ensure that the cooktop becomes the focal point of the kitchen. Ceramic hobs from AEG are easy to operate with the touch function, which allows you to adjust the hob down to the last detail. With different sizes and hob types, AEG succeeds in providing the perfect product for everyone. A speciality of AEG is the Hob²Hood function which enables the hob to regulate the lighting and ventilation autonomously in combination with a Hob²Hood extractor bonnet. The slider control allows accurate temperature adjustment by simply running your finger along the control panel.

AEG Ceranfeld-1

Ceramic hobs from AEG are heated either by radiant heat or induction.
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What does a ceramic hob from AEG cost?

With AEG ceramic hobs, a distinction is generally made between self-sufficient and stove-mounted hobs. The price depends on the size, the type of cooking zones and the additional functions of the hob. You should expect the following sums if you want to purchase an AEG ceramic hob.
Hob Price
Autarkic ~200-700 euros
Stove-top ~150-400 euros

Most ceramic hobs have four cooking zones, but there are also versions that have two or even 5 cooking zones. These are correspondingly cheaper or more expensive.

What alternatives are there to a ceramic hob from AEG?

In addition to Ceran, AEG also offers induction and gas-heated hobs. These have their advantages and disadvantages, for example not all pans are induction compatible. Of course, other manufacturers also offer ceramic hobs, and some of them are cheaper than AEG products. If you're on a tight budget, you might want to consider a hob from a major supplier or look around the second-hand market if you don't want to sacrifice the quality of an AEG ceramic hob.

Luxury kitchen in modern design

AEG ceramic hobs are divided into surface-mounted and flush-mounted designs
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Decision: What types of AEG ceramic hobs are there and which is the right one for you?

With AEG ceramic hobs, a distinction is made between these two types of appliance:

  • Self-sufficient
  • Hearth-bound

In the following sections, we go into detail about the advantages/disadvantages and areas of application of the two types of appliance.

What distinguishes a self-sufficient ceramic hob from AEG?

Self-sufficient ceramic hobs from AEG do not have to be installed above a cooker. This makes it possible to position the ceramic hob completely freely. In most cases, the hob and oven are coupled together, but this is not absolutely necessary here, although it can of course be selected as an option. This means that you can also install the hob at any height, as you do not have to take standard dimensions into account.

  • Flexible placement
  • Freedom in kitchen design
  • Several three-phase connections
  • Expensive

What distinguishes a stove-top ceramic hob from AEG?

As the name suggests, stove-top ceramic hobs must be permanently connected to the cooker, i.e. they do not have their own mains connection. This is why these ceramic hobs are often offered with an oven in a so-called cooker set, i.e. in combination with an oven. This restricts the design freedom somewhat.

  • Cheap
  • less design freedom

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate AEG ceramic hobs

Heating mode

AEG ceramic hobs are available in two different heating modes:

  • Radiant heat: This is the conventional heating method for ceramic hobs. Heat is generated by electricity and is transferred to the pan via the cooking zone.
  • Induction: With induction hobs, the cookware is heated by magnetic radiation. However, the cookware must be suitable for this. This heating is effective and the cooking zones themselves practically do not heat up.


Ceramic hobs from AEG are generally available in 3 sizes. There are those with two, four or five cooking zones. The dimensions vary accordingly.

Ceramic hobs from AEG are available with 2, 4 or 5 cooking zones

The size is especially important for hob-based hobs, as these hobs must be compatible with the hob of your choice. It is also important to consider the sizes of the respective hobs, as they should ideally fit your pans.

Built-in design

Ceramic hobs from AEG come in different designs, so when planning your kitchen, consider these 3 different variations.

  • Stainless steel frame overlay: These ceramic hobs are framed by an attractive stainless steel frame that slightly overhangs the hob. This looks very elegant, but can be tedious to clean.
  • Facet-abutting: The hob is bevelled using the facet-abutting technique, which means that the hob is still abutting but looks as if it is almost flush with the worktop. This makes for great lighting effects but can be sensitive to impact.
  • Flush: The ceramic hob is set completely into the worktop, forming a level complement to the worktop. This looks very elegant and is also practical as cooking residues cannot get caught in a frame.

Additional functions

AEG ceramic hobs can have a variety of additional functions. Here is a list of the most important ones and their purpose.

Additional function Description
Eco timer The eco timer switches the hob off before the cooking time is up, making perfect use of the residual heat.
Child lock The child lock blocks the control display so that children cannot switch on the hob.
Roasting zone This oval cooking zone is ideal for roasts and similar dishes in suitable pans.
Ring zones These cooking zones can be heated in stages. So you can cook effectively with both small and large pans.
Automatic boil-off here you can preset a level and the zone heats up at the highest level first, then falls back to the desired level when the temperature is reached.

Interesting facts about ceramic hobs from AEG

Are there any spare parts for AEG ceramic hobs?

AEG has a dedicated website for purchasing spare parts and accessories for all their kitchen appliances. There you can enter your product pin and get all available spare parts, cleaners and other accessories.

AEG has its own spare parts and accessories shop

If you plan to do the repair yourself, make sure that you disconnect the ceramic hob from the power supply and turn off the fuse during the repair.

How can I replace an AEG ceramic hob?

It's so quick. Just bump the hob with the pot for a moment and you have a crack in the hob. Fortunately, replacing it is no problem at all. With a little manual skill, you can even do it yourself. Here is a video tutorial on how to replace a ceramic hob from AEG.

How can I unlock my AEG ceramic hob?

Most of the time, the ceramic hob is locked because of the child lock. This is child's play to deactivate. To deactivate the child lock, switch on the ceramic hob and before you press anything else, hold your finger on the lock symbol for 4 seconds. After that, the child lock is deactivated and should no longer light up.

To unlock the ceramic hob, press the lock symbol for 4 seconds

To reactivate the childproof lock, simply press the lock symbol again for 4 seconds. If the lock is active, this is confirmed by the light above the symbol.

How do I care for AEG ceramic hobs properly?

A ceramic hob from AEG does not require any further care apart from occasional cleaning. You don't need any high-tech cleaning agents or special sponges to clean a ceramic hob. Simply mix vinegar with baking soda, apply to the stains and leave to soak in. Then simply scrape off and clean with a kitchen sponge. If you prefer to enjoy these instructions in video form, we have the matching video for you here.

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