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Whether for private or professional purposes - electric cookers are needed everywhere and are used in every household. It is particularly important to find the electric cooker that best suits your needs. There is a wide selection of electric cookers and their manufacturers. AEG is one of them and has proven itself over decades. The AEG electric cooker can be found in many households and ensures tasty dishes.

In our AEG electric cooker test 2021 we would like to introduce this appliance in more detail. You will receive important information about the different types, as well as the factors you should consider before buying. With the help of our test article, you should be able to find the right AEG electric cooker for you.


  • An AEG electric cooker is suitable for beginners but also for advanced cooks
  • Broadly speaking, a distinction can be made between an AEG electric cooker competence and an AEG electric cooker ChampEasy. Among these, there are numerous designs and models.
  • The warranty of an AEG electric cooker expires after 24 months

The Best AEG Electric Cooker: Our Picks

Buying criteria for AEG electric cookers

AEG electric cookers are available in a wide variety of designs. The individual product variants can be differentiated according to the following criteria:

The following paragraphs explain what is important in the individual criteria


When it comes to hobs, there are two main options: ceramic hobs or induction. Both technologies have their advantages.

With a ceramic hob, a halogen lamp transfers the heat to the pot via the ceramic hob.

With an induction hob, electromagnetic vortices are generated that are passed on to a cooking pot when it comes into contact with it. Therefore, it is not the plate that heats up during this contact, but the pot itself. Which of the two variants is more suitable for you depends on your individual wishes.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is playing an increasingly important role due to steadily rising electricity prices and greater environmental awareness. In general, models in the A, A+, A++ or A+++ categories are very energy-efficient, but they are also somewhat more expensive to buy than comparable models in other categories. However, the extra price pays off quickly. According to our research, you can save up to €50 a year on electricity.

Space requirements

Of course, the new AEG electric cooker has to fit into the kitchen. There are several ways to do this. First of all, it should be clear whether the electric cooker is to be integrated into the kitchen unit or whether it will be free-standing. It is usual for an integrable electric cooker to be installed at worktop level. This not only makes it easier to use, but can also prevent back problems. If you prefer the freestanding version instead of the integrated electric cooker, it can be placed in any corner.

For a free-standing electric cooker, however, you also need an appropriate connection. This should be available in the place where you want to place it.


If the electric cooker has no special function to make cleaning easier, you can simply use water for light soiling. If the dirt is a little heavier, you should use a suitable cleaning agent. However, there are also models from AEG that have the so-called pyrolysis function. This heats the oven up to 500 degrees so that all internal dirt is reduced to ash.


Thanks to the pyrolysis function, AEG electric ovens are extremely easy to clean if something goes wrong during the next baking attempt. (Image source: pixabay/KostkaCZ)

In the end, all you have to do is remove the ashes from the oven. You can also briefly wipe it with a damp cloth.


The equipment should include everything that is necessary for everyday use. This includes trays, pans and grates. But functions such as a timer or timer are also part of the equipment. Since the purchase of the individual parts is often very expensive, it is important to ensure that they are included in the scope of delivery.

Child safety lock

If you have small, curious children who like to press one or the other button, a child safety lock should be a top priority. Here, there are models where the knobs can be pushed into the inside of the electric cooker and merge with the surface. This way, they are safely tucked away from nimble children's hands.

Even if the hob is controlled by a touchscreen, there are child-proof locks. If the touchscreen has been activated, the hotplate will only get hot if a pot or pan has been placed there.

Guide: These are the questions you should ask yourself before buying an AEG electric cooker

Before buying an AEG electric cooker, you should acquire some background information. We have summarised this information for you in the following paragraphs.

What types of AEG electric cookers are there?

If you want to buy an AEG electric cooker, you can choose between three product groups. These are

  • AEG electric cooker competence
  • AEG ChampEasy electric cooker

In the following descriptions, we will tell you more about the differences between them and their advantages and disadvantages.

AEG competence electric cooker

The competence electric cooker from AEG is the most classic of all. You can choose between moist hot air, hot air with a ring heating element and hot air grilling. The temperature can be set to 300 degrees.

  • Wide temperature setting
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • SteamBake function
  • Specialist required for installation
  • Only 2-year warranty

The new models of the competence electric ovens in particular have features such as an anti-fingerprint coating on the hob or the popular SteamBake function. A child safety lock on the oven and an adjustable timer are a matter of course.

AEG ChampEasy electric cooker

With the ChampEasy electric cooker, you can choose between six and nine different heating modes. This enables even cooking in the oven. In addition, no annoying fingerprints are left on the stainless steel thanks to the anti-fingerprint technology.

  • Six heating modes
  • Anti-fingerprint technology
  • Oven door stays cool from the outside
  • A specialist is needed for installation
  • relatively short warranty

The outer door of the oven remains cool and safe to touch even at the highest internal temperatures. Likewise, the ChampEasy electric oven has a timer and a built-in clock.

How does an AEG electric cooker differ from other manufacturers?

In the past as well as today, AEG reliably produces high-quality electric cookers. Beginners as well as advanced cooks and those who want to become one will find what they are looking for. Often, the vents of an AEG electric cooker go upwards and not to the side, like those of other manufacturers. This means that the steam produced can be absorbed directly by the extractor bonnet.


AEG electric cookers are either equipped with a ceramic hob or an induction hob. The difference is that with an induction hob, the cooking pot itself heats up through chemical reaction, whereas with a ceramic hob, the plate itself - and thus the pot - heats up. (Image source: pixabay/congerdesign)

Another feature of AEG is also that a built-in cooling fan cools the steam directly inside and thus directs it outside. This makes the AEG electric cooker extremely safe, even for children, and sets it apart from the competition.

Depending on the model, the AEG electric cooker also has a pyrolysis function. This heats the inside of the electric cooker up to 500 degrees and residues such as fats or oils decompose into ash. This makes cleaning child's play and is done in no time at all.

Are there any spare parts for my AEG electric cooker?

If you need spare parts or accessories for your AEG electric cooker, the company can also offer you some interesting products. Both in the official shop of the manufacturer and in electrical shops, the appropriate individual parts for your electric cooker are available. This covers both maintenance and performance improvement.

Replacement part Use
Oven seal Easy to replace if defective. Needed to close the oven door properly, retain heat or prevent steam from escaping.
Oven door An oven does not work without an oven door. Easy to remove and replace if necessary.
Adjustment knob Adjustment knobs are used to regulate the temperature on the respective hob.

AEG offers a large number of other miscellaneous spare parts. However, in the list above we have only focused on the parts that are most frequently used.

How much does an AEG electric cooker cost?

With an AEG electric cooker, you have to reckon with a three-digit amount. According to our research, the price of an AEG electric cooker starts at around 400€. You will find this price especially for older or very simple models.


Almost all AEG electric cookers have a child safety lock. This is particularly useful when the hob is operated by touchscreen. This way, a plate only gets hot when a pot has actually been placed on it. (Image source: pixabay/Bru-nO)

If you want an electric cooker with better or special functions, you should expect to pay more. The average price for an appliance here is around €800. However, for the performance you get, even this price will be worth it.

What alternatives are there to the AEG electric cooker?

Since an electric cooker is intended for special needs, it does not necessarily have to be the right cooker for you. However, so that you can still cook and bake according to your wishes, AEG also offers a suitable alternative in its range.

Gas cooker: Unlike electric cookers, gas cookers are powered by gas and not electricity. However, this does not mean any restriction on use. The heat can be regulated very quickly and high temperatures are possible. Even in the event of a power failure, cooking can continue uninterrupted.

Is there a guarantee on the AEG electric cooker?

As a rule, you have a 24-month guarantee on your AEG electric cooker. This includes and guarantees the following things:

  • The appliance has no defects at the time of handover and is in perfect condition
  • The appliance must have been purchased in the European Union
  • Defects will be rectified by AEG as soon as they are discovered
  • Warranty services do not lead to a new start of the warranty

How do you operate the AEG electric cooker correctly?

If you are not quite sure how to operate your new acquisition, there is no need to panic for the time being. Every AEG electric cooker also has an instruction manual that explains everything down to the smallest detail. In exceptional cases, you can also contact AEG's customer service and they will be happy to help you.

Image source: Brizmaker / 123rf