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When it comes to household appliances, it is often difficult to decide which models offer the best value for money. Especially when it comes to vacuum cleaners, the concepts of quality, durability and working precision are paramount. Small flat or large flat, single-storey or multi-storey, parquet or carpet - which hoover is best suited to these needs?

With our big AEG vacuum cleaners test 2022, we will introduce you to the AEG brand, its products and their features in more detail. You will receive information that should help you to make your purchase decision easier. You will see a few points you should consider before buying as well as a small decision-making aid. We will then go through the purchase criteria of the AEG product range and give you some general information on the topic of AEG vacuum cleaners.


  • AEG is a brand of the Swedish electronics manufacturer Electrolux. This brand stands for high-quality hoovers that deliver exactly what they promise.
  • AEG vacuum cleaners differ in their design. There are classic floor hoovers as well as cordless hoovers that resemble a normal hand hoover. Both have many advantages.
  • Vacuum cleaners from AEG offer the user user-friendliness and are versatile. Whether a large or small household - the range leaves nothing to be desired.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying an AEG Vacuum Cleaner

What distinguishes AEG vacuum cleaners from other hoovers?

AEG was once the leading technology manufacturer in Germany. In the meantime, the traditional brand belongs to the Swedish electrical manufacturer Electrolux. Nevertheless, the brand and the technology behind it live on.

AEG Staubsauger-1

In recent years, hoovers have developed rapidly. (Image source: / Lukas Ter Poorten)

German engineering - that's what AEG stands for. When it comes to quality, workmanship and durability, other manufacturers can take a leaf out of their book. User-friendliness and ease of use also make AEG one of the most popular brands for household appliances in Europe.

At what prices are AEG vacuum cleaners sold?

AEG is not a high-end brand, but it is a quality brand. Compared to mid-range and budget products, you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. But you get a lot of value for your money.

The price depends largely on the design, the features and the performance. We have listed below which other purchase criteria play a role. Here you can find rough price ranges for the two types of AEG vacuum cleaners on the market.

Type Price range
Floor hoover 60 € - 370 €
Battery hoover 140 € - 500 €

You will see that even cheaper models will impress you with their performance and durability. We will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each type in the next chapter.

What spare parts are available for AEG vacuum cleaners?

Even with proper operation, certain wearing parts will need to be replaced at some point. Likewise, special parts must be purchased for certain applications, which are often not included in the standard scope of delivery.

Replacement or special part Function
Hose With floor vacuum cleaners, a longer hose often makes sense, especially when the suction surface is difficult to reach.
Loop handle The suction handle fits better in the hand
Upholstery nozzle Suitable for cleaning upholstery and cushions better.
crevice nozzle Suitable for cleaning crevices and mouldings better.
Filter set This is used to replace the filter from time to time.

Of course, there are other nozzles and brushes that are available either individually, in sets or as part of the standard delivery.

Before buying, check whether the spare part is compatible with your model.

Pay particular attention to the wear life of the filters and read the information provided by AEG. Optimal performance and efficiency can only be guaranteed if the filter is replaced regularly.

What are the alternatives to AEG vacuum cleaners?

There are plenty of hoover brands in a similar quality and price class. Muzili, Siemens and Proscenic are good examples. The tool brand Black & Decker also produces high-quality and durable hoovers that can certainly be compared to AEG.

Severin Staubsauger-2

Robot vacuum cleaners are also a suitable alternative. They are becoming increasingly popular. (Image source: / Kowon vn)

If you want to go a little lower on price, take a look at the many models from Rowenta, Meiyou and Philips. If you really only need the basics, a vacuum cleaner from Amazon Basics is perfectly adequate.

What types of AEG vacuum cleaners are there and which is the right one for me?

AEG hoovers differ from each other according to the type of construction. AEG differentiates between:

  • Floor vacuum cleaner
  • Battery vacuum cleaner

The main difference is that AEG cordless hoovers are also hand-held hoovers. Both types differ not only in terms of the energy source, but also in the way they are used. Here you can find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the two types.

What are the characteristics of AEG upright vacuum cleaners? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The upright hoover is the classic model among hoovers. For years, they were considered the standard in European households. It clearly scores with its power, as it is connected to the mains.

  • Full power, no charging
  • More extensive features
  • Larger volume
  • Less flexible, needs more space
  • Tied to cables

Whether you see the cable or the mains connection as an advantage or disadvantage is up to you. On the one hand, you always have full power without having to charge any batteries, but on the other hand, the cable can be quite a nuisance when vacuuming.

If you have a larger flat with a lot of suction area, then a floor hoover - depending on how often you use it - is best. Floor vacuums are also popular with allergy sufferers and pet owners because of their large suction volume and powerful performance.

What are the features of AEG cordless vacuum cleaners? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

AEG cordless hoovers are all handheld hoovers, i.e. they have neither a floor module nor a cord. They are therefore much more handy and flexible. Instead of only picking up the suction tube, you can pick up the whole appliance and easily reach every spot.

  • More flexible, as no cable and no floor module
  • Can reach hard-to-reach places better
  • More compact and space-saving shape
  • Less power due to battery
  • More expensive to buy

The rechargeable battery makes the hoover more flexible, but this is only of use if it is also charged. You have to take this into account when using a battery-operated hoover. It is also advisable to buy a spare battery.

Cordless hoovers also do not have a dust bag. The dust is collected in a simple plastic container.

Cordless hoovers are particularly suitable for smaller, narrower or winding flats with lots of furniture. You don't have to move the furniture around as much because you can reach the dusty spots better with a cordless hoover. In multi-storey households, a cordless hoover is certainly more convenient than a floor hoover.

Purchase Criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate AEG Vacuum Cleaners

AEG vacuum cleaners are available in different models with different features, no matter whether they are floor or cordless hoovers. In order to better adapt your AEG hoover to your needs, you can weigh up here what is important when buying. We have summarised the following purchase criteria:

Prices are based primarily on these criteria. Let's now take a closer look at these criteria.


As mentioned in the previous chapter, hoovers are characterised by their higher power. This is simply because they are supplied with mains voltage (230 V).

Cordless hoovers are usually powered by 18 V batteries. However, you will get the same result with a cordless hoover as with a floor hoover. The only problem is the charging time and the battery life. You will find out more about this in the next point.

Battery life

Battery life is an important feature of cordless hoovers. All models have powerful Li-Ion batteries with a voltage of 18 - 25.2 volts. Depending on the model, the battery capacity varies, which in turn affects the battery life and the subsequent charging time.

When buying, consider the size of the household.

AEG hoovers have two function levels: The Eco and the Power level. In the Eco mode, the running times of the models are about 35 - 55 minutes. In the Power mode, on the other hand, the running times are only 13 - 16 minutes.

If your household is too big to manage with one battery charge, we recommend that you buy a spare battery, because: The charging time can be several hours, depending on the battery.

Dust container

AEG cordless hoovers are all bagless - the collected dust is collected in a plastic container that simply has to be emptied. AEG, on the other hand, produces its floor hoovers in two versions - with or without a bag.

You can recognise bagless hoovers primarily because the bottom module is formed by a conspicuous cylinder. "Cyclone technology" is the name of the method used to suck in the dust. Here, too, the dust collects in a plastic container that you have to empty regularly.

The advantage of bagless hoovers is clearly that you don't need to change bags. One less item on your shopping list. However, you need to pay special attention to the filters, as they are subjected to a lot more stress due to the lack of a bag. Read more about filters below.

Flexible 2in1 function

Some battery models have the AEG Flexible 2in1 function. This means you can remove the suction tube and have a small hand hoover with which you can vacuum smaller surfaces, such as a table or a chest of drawers.

This function is very practical because you don't need a separate small vacuum cleaner. You can also do without the good old dustpan. So consider getting a cordless hoover with a 2-in-1 function - they cost a bit more, but you'll have a lot of fun, especially in small households.

LED front lights

This feature is by no means overkill - it is a very useful feature. Especially if you have a lot of furniture or your home is small and angled, you will enjoy the front LEDs.


Front lights expand the "view of things". (Image source: / The Creative Exchange)

They illuminate the suction surface perfectly, even in dark places, and enable you to work even more precisely. No dust crumb remains undiscovered.


You should take a close look at the scope of delivery before buying. Depending on the model, more or less accessories are included. However, most models come with a crevice nozzle and a set of filters.

More specific items such as parquet brushes, suction brushes or attachments especially for pet hair usually have to be bought separately. Here, too, you can usually find great deals. The best thing is to buy extra attachments in a practical bundle.

Facts worth knowing about AEG Vacuum Cleaners

Where are AEG vacuum cleaners made?

AEG was originally a German electrical company that is probably known to everyone. But only a few people know that AEG was completely dissolved in 1996. However, the Swedish electrical manufacturer Electrolux continues to sell many of its appliances under the AEG brand name.

How often do I have to change the filter of my AEG vacuum cleaner?

First of all, you have to distinguish whether the vacuum cleaner has a bag or not. A hoover with a bag has two filters: an exhaust filter to keep the exhaust air clean and a motor filter to prevent dirt from getting into the motor. These should be replaced (preferably at the same time) about every six months.

Check the manufacturer's instructions!

A bagless hoover has a central filter and an exhaust filter. These are much more stressed due to the lack of a bag, which in itself filters out most of the dirt. They should therefore be changed more often and checked every few weeks. If the hoover only raises dust instead of sucking it up, it is high time!

Also interesting: For allergy sufferers, there are special HEPA filters that are inserted instead of the exhaust filter. They filter out allergens from the exhaust air much better and more precisely than normal exhaust air filters.

Where can I repair my AEG vacuum cleaner? What are AEG's warranty terms?

AEG offers its customers a manufacturer's warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase. In case of damage within this period, you should immediately contact the manufacturer, in this case Electrolux. Be sure to keep the invoice of your purchase.

In addition, many dealers offer a dealer warranty that extends beyond the manufacturer's warranty. If a claim is made during this extended period, contact your dealer.

Caution: Never attempt to repair a defective vacuum cleaner yourself within the warranty period. If you make a mistake, the warranty will expire. And that is usually expensive. This applies to all technical devices.

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