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If you love to enjoy your weekends at the beach, a good after-sun treatment is essential to keep your skin well hydrated and protected against the harmful effects of UV rays. Worse still, if you have to work long hours exposed to the sun, you may have already noticed how dry your skin can become, which over time can result in serious illnesses, even causing cancer. Today we're going to show you all the advantages of a good after-sun treatment and how important it is to take care that goes beyond sunscreen to keep your skin always fresh.


  • In addition to after-sun, it is essential to use a good sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Remember that children's and elderly skin is more sensitive and requires special care.
  • Before buying, check the formula and composition of the product to avoid allergies and irritation.

The best After-Sun: Our Picks

After-sun is becoming increasingly popular and many brands are bringing their own formulas to the market, with different effects and special properties. So, check out our Ranking with some of the best moisturizers for your skin.

Buying Guide

The market for skin care products has been growing fast in Brazil in recent years, with brands and products fighting for a place on the shelves of pharmacies and specialty shops. So it is important to look carefully for a formula that meets your needs. As your skin has unique properties, choosing a good after sun product is essential. So check out our Buying Guide for more information and how to incorporate it into your skin care routine.

Imagem de mulher aplicando pós-sol na mão.

After sun moisturisers are a great way to get a beautiful tan in a much healthier way. (Source: / Pexels)

What is an after sun?

An after-sun is a type of moisturiser, developed especially to keep your skin softer, smoother and refreshed after you have spent many hours in the strong sun. The fragrance and aroma are very much down to aloe vera, present in almost all formulas. Most importantly, many products incorporate vitamins, such as Vitamin E, which helps prevent premature ageing. It is worth remembering that after-sun is by no means a substitute for sun block. The ideal is to use both to increase the safety of your skin and avoid the appearance of spots, irritations or even more serious dermatological diseases resulting from long exposure to UV rays.

Imagem de creme hidratante pós-sol em duas embalagens de vidro.

The after-sun can be used even when you were not exposed to the sun, since it leaves the skin more fresh and soft. (Source: Pixabay / Pexels)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an after-sun?

After-sun products offer numerous advantages, as they moisturise and revitalise the skin and help prevent premature ageing. They are also great for creating longer-lasting and healthier tanning effects. However, some disadvantages should be noted. Firstly, it does not work as a sunscreen. The fragrance can be cloying and some people may feel uncomfortable with the texture of the product on their skin.

  • Moisturise and revitalise the skin
  • Help prevent premature ageing
  • Provide a longer lasting tan
  • Does not work as a sunscreen
  • Fragrance can be cloying
  • Some people may feel uncomfortable with the texture on the skin

What are the different types of skin moisturiser?

Of course, each brand has its own formulas, but generally speaking, there are two main types of skin moisturisers and after sun can also fall into either one or the other. Rinse-off moisturisers are those that can be used in conjunction with water, either in the shower, at the beach or in the pool. They are found in the form of oils or creams, offer less durability and are the most expensive on the market. More common, moisturizers without rinsing are found in several textures, either in oils, creams, lotions or even sprays. They offer longer durability and are more affordable.

Rinse-off moisturizer Rinse-off moisturizer
Texture Oil or cream Oil, cream, lotion and spray
Durability Less durability Longer durability
Price They are the most expensive on the market They have more affordable prices

How much does it cost?

The price of the after sun products may vary a lot according to their formula, texture and the net weight of the package. They can be found in an average of £ 20 to £ 50. Considering its benefits for the skin, this is an indispensable item to keep in your beach bag together with a good sun block. It is a small investment that can make all the difference in the health of your skin.

Buying criteria: What to consider before buying an after sun

Throughout our review you could understand how taking good care of your skin is essential for your health, especially when you need to stay many hours under the sun or love spending the day at the beach or pool with your children. Check out the topics we have separated for you with some more vital information that will help you when it comes to choosing the best product when you are in front of the shelf with numerous options.

  • Formula
  • Texture
  • Net weight
  • Packaging

Carefully analyze each one of the points and you will be ready to enjoy your weekend without worrying about the sun.


As each skin is unique, it is very important to pay attention to the product formula. In general, after-sun products bet on the refreshing properties of aloe vera to take care of skin hydration. Another common ingredient in the composition is Vitamin E, which helps to reduce the effects of premature aging. Especially for people with more sensitive skin, check if the product contains mineral oils, dyes or preservatives to avoid allergies and irritation.

Imagem de mulher praticando ioga na praia.

After outdoor activities, it is recommended to use after-sun moisturizers to ensure a greater feeling of comfort in the skin. (Source: StockSnap / Pixabay)


As with other moisturizers, it is possible to find after-sun moisturizers with some different textures, such as gel, lotion or cream. This will directly impact the application and duration on the skin. Many people tend to find some textures strange and even that feeling of smeared skin, so, if possible, do a test with some moisturizers before making the purchase to find the one you like the most.

Net weight

Even within the same brand, it is possible to find packages with different weights, in other words, the amount of product available. The most common is that the weight varies between 100 and 200 ml. The important thing here is to consider how much cream you usually apply in each use and how many times you intend to use the moisturizer per day or week to get an idea of the cost/benefit.

Imagem de hidratante pós-sol junto com artigos de praia.

An essential part of the summer kit, it is recommended to use the after-sun moisturiser after a nice day at the beach. (Source: marijana1 / Pixabay)


Lastly, it's worth keeping an eye on the packaging. If you have children, for example, many brands already bet on fun colours and prints so that they do not associate the product with some kind of medicine. In addition, it is important that the packaging protects the cream well against leakage and facilitates the process of applying the product on the skin. Smaller packages, for example, are a great option to carry in your bag and use whenever your skin needs some relief. (Source of the highlighted image: dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay)