Last updated: August 18, 2021

We will give you all the tips on how to choose the ideal model of this product that has grown in popularity. Air curtains are part of the group of equipment that help to withstand extreme heat. In times that summers get hotter and hotter and it seems difficult to bear them without the help of fans, air conditioners or an air conditioner, they are a great choice. But how to know which model of air curtain you need? And how to know if, among so many options of equipment for this purpose, it is really the best? Stay tuned, we'll explain it all below!


  • Air curtains act as barriers that prevent air from flowing in and out of the room. They do not cool or heat by themselves. If this is the intention, it is necessary to combine them with an air conditioner or air conditioning unit.
  • It is very important to pay attention to the width of the air curtain. It must be equal or slightly wider than the door on which it will be installed to work properly.
  • The use may be domestic or commercial. In the first case, prices may vary between 14,63 GBP and 24,38 GBP, and in the second, they may range up to around 43,89 GBP in produced models that do not need to be made to order.

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You may never have noticed, but the air curtain is present on the door of many establishments. It prevents the fresh air from the air conditioning system escaping when the door is opened. Do you know exactly how an air curtain works? What is it used for? How can it improve your day to day life? And, above all, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of having one? This is what we are going to talk about now!

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The air curtain is indispensable for establishments that have air conditioning and automatic door, or even open. (Source: veresproduction / 123RF)

What is an air curtain and what is it for?

As the name implies, this equipment works exactly like a curtain. It should be installed just above the door and creates a large air barrier underneath it. It is this barrier that prevents the air from the inside from getting out and the air from the outside from getting in.

Once installed, it will allow the climate inside the room to be maintained even with the door open, as the outside air cannot get in. For days of extreme heat, therefore, it will work to keep rooms cool and air-conditioned. Most models are capable, depending on the power and air flow rate, of going beyond this primary function. Good air curtains also protect against insects, smoke and odours, among others.

There are some factors which are independent of the model and influence the efficiency of the air curtains. One example is the difference in atmospheric pressure between the internal and external environment. The ideal is that it is as close as possible to 0. Besides pressure, other factors must be taken into account: the existence of lifts near the door decreases efficiency. Problems with humidity or extreme temperature differences can also be negative influences

Air curtain or air conditioning?

This is where the use of air curtains startles a bit: the correct answer to this question is "both". As you may have gathered from the product description, an air curtain does not cool. It simply prevents air from flowing in and out. Therefore, the temperature will remain ambient unless you have another piece of equipment.

The air curtain alone does not have a cooling effect. If you want to air condition the environment, you need a device with that specific function.

The ideal is to combine the use of the air conditioner with the air curtain: the environment will always be cool, the door can remain open, fumes, insects and the like will not enter. In the worst case scenario, an air conditioner will help.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an air curtain?

The biggest advantage of an air curtain is that it allows that flexibility with regards to keeping doors open or closed. Its multi-functionality in protecting against insects helps, and the fact that it doesn't require walls to be broken down, too.

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The air curtain keeps the room cool even with the doors open. (Source: TEA / 123RF)

Used in conjunction with an air conditioner, they allow the average temperature applied to be higher. Electricity consumption will be lower this way, as well as the harm caused to health by staying indoors. On the other hand, the need for use in conjunction with a cooling appliance (or heating, depending on the case) means that the investment will always come with it. Buying an air curtain alone will not have much effect if your intention is to air-condition the room. If you simply want to protect against insects, then it will be self-sufficient. You also have to be very careful to buy a model that is right for the door it will hang over. We'll explain more about this later in this article!

  • Efficient to prevent air exchange between environments
  • Also protects against insects, smoke and others
  • Decreases the energy expenditure of the air conditioner and increases its efficiency
  • Does not cool alone: needs an air conditioning equipment
  • Extra cost for a cooling system
  • Needs to have similar width to the door on which it will be installed

Buying criteria: Factors to compare air curtain models

We have already explained the advantages and disadvantages of an air curtain and how to use it. If you have decided to buy one, you should still pay attention to a few factors. There are a number of important points for you to make the right purchase and choose the perfect model. Let's get to them:

Now, let's understand what we should evaluate in each of these criteria.


This is the most important thing to pay attention to when buying an air curtain. One mistake can bring you serious headaches in the future. Don't forget that the air curtain needs to be exactly or slightly wider than the width of the door it will hang over. Domestic doors usually have a standard of 80 cm, sometimes as wide as 90 cm. This is precisely why we say that air curtain models with these widths are for use in houses or flats. There is no point in wanting to install a 90 cm curtain on a 1.80 metre door. It will not function optimally. Always look for the equipment that best suits the place where it will be installed. For this, measure the door of the place where it will be installed and always opt for a model a few centimetres larger.

Noise level

Be aware that an air curtain will spend many hours a day working. Therefore, it needs to be quiet enough not to produce noise that will damage your hearing. The noise level considered healthy to be at the side 8 hours a day is 85 decibels. After that, situations such as hearing loss can start to happen. Check the technical specifications of the air curtain to see if the noise level is indicated. If yes, note if it is within the healthy limits, below 85 decibels and preferably around 60. More than that, your health may be harmed.

Ease of installation

Unlike an air conditioner, an air curtain does not require the wall to be broken down for installation. It is a much simpler process and should not demand excess time and money. It is important that you ask for professional help when you do the installation, however, it will be simple. Be wary if you are told that it is necessary to make structural alterations: probably the model or specialist chosen is not serious.


There are some air curtains that are more powerful, thus producing a higher ventilation capacity. The higher this number is, the greater the protection against the passage of air and especially against insects, smoke, odours and the like. The higher power will also decrease the need to leave the air conditioner at extreme temperatures. In other words, more powerful air curtain means greater electricity savings and durability of the cooling appliance. (Featured image source: Pavel Chernobrivets / 123rf)