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Have you ever wondered whether Nike Air Force One is a good pair of shoes? Although the fame and prestige precedes them, many people still doubt the reliability of this brand. Today, we're going to give you the lowdown on the Air Force One Nike collection in detail.

If you don't know us yet! Shopping online has many benefits, such as speed, variety and prices, but it can also be confusing. We are here to offer you our tools and knowledge to ensure you make the right decision!

The most important things to know

  • Air Force One Nike is one of the most representative collections of the brand, where you can find this classic model in black and white. It is one of the most requested by trainer wearers and day after day thousands of pairs are sold around the world.
  • Although Adidas has SuperStar and Puma has several models reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, the Nike Air Force One remains the ultimate reference when it comes to bringing a classic back to life. High-quality, durable, flexible, breathable and with an unbeatable sole.
  • Design, materials, impact absorption and breathability are the factors that allow you to choose your next purchase from thousands of models - find the one that's right for you!

The Best Air Force One Nike: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about the Nike Air Force One

Get the best information about the Nike Air Force One here in our buying guide! You won't regret giving a few minutes to this content, because here you will find the answers to your questions about this sports shoe.

The Nike Air Force One is the most versatile trainer on the market. (Photo: Alena Ozerova / 123RF)

How much do nike air force ones cost?

Nike shoes have a great prestige and the Air Force One collection is no exception, their quality is as high as their price, although you can find good prices on certain models. A pair of Nike Air Force One for kids can cost from 700 MXN up to 900 MXN. The cheapest ones for adults range from 1,500 MXN to 2,500 MXN.

If you are looking for more exclusive or classic trainers that represent who you are, you can pay from MXN 2,500 to MXN 4,000. It is even common to find some trainers from MXN 4,000 to MXN 6,500. Of course, there are special editions of Air Force One Nike that can cost a lot more.

What is the difference between Air Force One Nike and other brands?

Nike is one of the most representative brands in the market and the Air Force One plays a leading role both in the trainer market and in the history of this product. The companies that have always been competing against Nike are Adidas, with its SuperStar collection, and Puma.

However, Air Force One beats them in breathability, AIR sole technology that reduces impact, as well as a greater use of materials to provide an exceptional product. Not to mention the sheer number of models in this collection, superior to the others by far. Sporty, modern and urban.

Air Force One Nike Other brands
Soles Rubber and foam with encapsulated air Rubber and foam
Body Synthetics, leather, mesh and textiles Leather, synthetic, plastics and mesh
Breathability Front and side perforations Side or bottom perforations (sole)
Price 1,500 MXN 800 MXN

How do you know if they are genuine Nike Air Force One?

To know if the Air Force One Nike is original, the first thing you should do is to look at its quality, the Nike meets high standards while the copies are quite poor. Another thing is the brand identification. Inside these models, on the sides and bottom of the sole, as well as on the tongue will be "Nike".

Air Force One soles are distinctive for their Air technology, you can feel how it absorbs impact when you try them on. Flexibility is another way to prevent getting fake ones, the original ones are really flexible while the fake ones are rock hard. Always try to buy from a reliable shop!

Did you know that Air Force One, named after the US presidential plane, was the first basketball shoe with Air sole technology in 1982?

How to clean and maintain the Nike Air Force One?

Having a pair of Air Force One Nike shoes is a great thing, not only because they are beautiful and of great quality, but also because of everything they represent, so it's good to know how to clean them and do it quickly. The first thing to do is to make a mixture of warm water and washing powder. Take the laces out and massage them with the mixture to get the dirt out.

To clean the sole you should use a shoe brush or an old soft bristle toothbrush, soak it in the detergent mixture and rub it hard on the sole and midsole. For the body or fabric, it is recommended to carefully use a microfibre cloth together with the detergent liquid. Air dry and never tumble dry.

Fun facts: what you didn't know about the Nike Air Force One

Knowing a brand from the ground up is really important, because everything we buy and wear has something of us in it. With our fun facts, you'll be able to identify more with Nike, as well as learn details that will make or break your purchase of a pair of Air Force One.

Does Nike make custom Air Force Ones?

Yes, companies that manufacture sports shoes know how important authenticity is to their customers, which is why more and more of them are offering customised products. Nike is one of the pioneers in this area, allowing its users not only to customise important collections such as Air Force One, but also many others.

What is Nike's warranty and how can I claim it?

Nike offers two types of warranty on its products, the first one is the return within 30 days if you don't like what you bought, for this you must purchase your Air Force One Nike in authorized sites. While if the product came with a factory defect you can exchange it within 2 years with your invoice.

Buying Criteria

We make it our business to help you choose the perfect pair of Nike Air Force One for you by following these tips. Here are some things you can use to shop between products and choose only the one that will give you maximum satisfaction.


In Nike Air Force One you can find an incredible amount of models and they were made to be added to your lifestyle. A lifestyle that combines classic, sporty and urban. In addition, in this collection you can find low, mid and high shoes in their collar.

Jester and Sage. The Air Force One Nike Jester designs are mostly dedicated to women with sturdy soles that look like platforms, with a low collar and are inspired by nightclubs and nightlife. While the Sage collection, also aimed mostly at women, has a thicker but sportier sole.

Flyknit and Pendleton. Fluknit is a style that offers curves and adaptable soles, but features mesh on the body for breathability and flexibility - perfect for sports! Lovers of striped prints? Pendleton brings the tradition and unites it with sophisticated and 100% customisable sporty designs.

"Fluknit is a style that provides curves and adaptable soles, but features mesh on the body for breathability and flexibility."

Classics. The classic black and white Nike Air Force One is unrivalled, not only are they high quality and durable, but they are part of the identity of thousands of people. Available in Low, Mid and High, these shoes are available for men, women and even the little ones have urban in their veins!

Other designs. Less common but just as important are the LV8, '07, Crib, Lunar Force (with a sole perfect for floating on the moon), Shadow and Highness styles. Each brings colour, colour and impeccable workmanship, as is Nike's custom. Whether you're looking for a short jog or a stroll through the asphalt jungle.

Construction materials

The construction materials used in the Nike Air Force One result in first-class quality and durability to last for years. However, the Nike Air Force One doesn't just stand for that, it goes beyond that with the amazing features you'll see below.

Rubber and Foam. The main materials in all Nike Air Force One shoes are Rubber and Foam, in other words the soles. You won't find any other trainer or tennis shoe brand with soles of such strength and flexibility as you find in this collection. They are made to last for 1 year of daily use.

Leather. Leather is one of the premium materials for trainers, it is the most durable, strongest and yet flexible of all. Of course, it is also the most expensive. When you buy a Nike Air Force One with a leather upper you know you've got a quality product, even though it's usually attached to another one.

Synthetics and plastics. Very common materials in some of the Nike Air Force One models like the Lunar or the LV8 are synthetic textiles and plastics. Cheaper than leather, but with a resistance that many other trainers would envy. If you want some models from this collection without spending so much, take a look at these.

Shock absorption and breathability

Two features in any running shoe for use for jogging or as part of your lifestyle are shock absorption and breathability, especially if you have to wear them for long periods of time. These two aspects are part of the purchase factors you should consider.

Air Force One Nike models provide great shock absorption

Shock absorption. With an outsole made of rubber and foam (memory foam), the various Air Force One Nike models provide great shock absorption. The air encapsulated within the soles allows the wearer to walk for hours or put on an urban show without suffering or fatigue.

Nike uses its perforations in different parts of the shoe

Breathability. Nobody likes a hot and humid shoe. Nike recognises this and in its Air Force One models uses perforations in different parts of the shoe, especially in the front. This improves air circulation, allowing your feet to stay cool and ready for more action.

(Featured image photo: rawpixel / 123RF)

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