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Welcome to our big Philips Airfryer test 2022. Healthy cooking is on everyone's lips and enjoyment should not be neglected. So there's a good reason to take a look at the Philips air fryers. Here we explain how Philips Airfryers work, what they can do and where you can buy them. You'll also find out what to look for when buying an airfryer and which different models are available on the market.

The most important facts in brief

  • Philips Airfryers are hot air fryers that use up to 90% less fat for frying.
  • The Airfryers can not only be used for deep frying, but can also cook, grill and bake.
  • The Philips Airfryers come in different models, from 800 gram to 1400 gram capacity.

The Best Airfryer Philips: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Philips Airfryer

Why do you need a Philips Airfryer?

If you love fried food but always feel guilty afterwards because it was so greasy, then a Philips Airfryer is just what you need. The hot air technology makes your fries crispy and golden brown, but with about 80% less fat than conventional fried food.

Philips Airfryers can not only fry with hot air, they also grill, cook and bake. Whether it's delicious chicken, steamed vegetables or perfectly grilled steak, if you like low-fat but tasty cooking, Philips hot air fryers are for you.

What makes the Philips Airfryer different from other hot air fryers?

The Philips Airfryers are characterised by their special air circulation system. On the one hand, the hot air circulates at 70 km/h in the frying basket, and on the other hand, this hot air is also circulated again thanks to the special base design. In this way, the heat is evenly distributed in the interior and cooks the fried food evenly.

Another advantage of the Philips Airfryer is that it does not need any heating time and can be used immediately.

This makes the Aifryer much more efficient than an oven and you can have a delicious, healthy meal on the table in no time.

What spare parts and accessories are available for Philips Airfryers?

There are many different accessories for the different models of the Airfryer. From the additional grill plate to the baking tins to the party kit, there are many things that make the possibilities with the Airfryer even more varied.

The additional grill pan, for example, is particularly useful. Thanks to the holes and the typical grill grooves, perfectly grilled steaks or fish turn out in no time and are practically grease-free. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the grilled food can also be perfectly removed from the surface.


The Airfryers can not only deep-fry, they are also perfect for grilling. And with the additional grill pan, steaks turn out just like on a real grill.
(Image source: / Emerson Vieira)

The baking tray, which turns the Airfryer into a pizza oven, is also very useful. With the additional baking tray, cakes, quiches, flatbreads or even gratins are very easy to make. Since the Airfryer is ready to use immediately, there is no need for a long heating time and the delicious baked goods are on the plate faster.

The Airfryer Party Kit is also a great addition for large households or if you like to invite guests. It doubles the frying surface and allows you to fry on two levels at the same time. The separator also allows you to fry / bake / cook two different dishes on one shelf at the same time. A really good investment if you want to use the volume of the Aifryer to the maximum.

How much do Philips Airfryers cost?

The simplest version of the Philips Airfryer is available from around €115. The largest and most expensive version starts at €250.

Model Price
Philips Viva approx. 115 €
Philips Avance 180 - 250 €
Philips XL approx. 250 €
Philips XXL 180 - 250 €

What are the alternatives to the Philips Airfryer?

The alternatives to the Philips Airfryer are obvious. On the one hand, there is the usual deep fryer, where the food is deep-fried in hot fat; on the other hand, there is the oven, where the food bakes in the hot air.

The advantages of an Airfryer over a conventional deep fryer are obvious. The Airfryer uses up to 90% less fat, which does not detract from the taste of the dishes. Since the Airfryer requires almost no fat, there is also no annoying grease smell spreading around the home and you don't have to dispose of any old grease.


Delicious chips without much fat, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, are best made in the Airfryer.
(Image source: / Christopher Flowers)

If you compare the Airfryer with the oven, there are also some advantages. For example, unlike the oven, the Airfryer does not need any preheating time. Due to the very fast circulating hot air, the preparation time in the Airfryer remains short, which gives crispy results on the outside and juicy, even results on the inside. And last but not least, all parts of the Airfryer are removable and dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning much easier.

Did you know that cooking chicken legs in the Airfryer, for example, uses just under 60% of the electricity you would use if you cooked them in the oven?

The chicken legs become crispy and tender in 13 minutes in the Airfryer, with an electricity consumption of 235.83 watt-hours, while they take 20 minutes in the oven and consume around 609.17 watt-hours.

Decision: What types of Philips Airfryers are there?

Of course, the Philips Airfryer product range is constantly changing and growing. In general, however, there are four basic model variants:

  • Philips Aifryer XXL
  • Philips Airfryer XL
  • Philips Aifryer Viva
  • Philips Airfryer Avance

What is the Philips Airfryer XXL and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Philips Airfryer XXL is the largest and most powerful air fryer from Philips. The XXL Airfryer has a capacity of 1400 grams and is therefore suitable for a four to five person household.

It is equipped with the latest heating and ventilation technology, the third generation Twin TurboStar. This allows it to reach temperatures of 40 - 200 degrees and does not require any heating time. It also has a keep-warm function and five different cooking programmes. It is also the only hot air fryer from Philips with a fat-reducing function.

Due to its large size, the XXL Airfryer only fits in large kitchens.

  • Large cooking volume
  • Reduces excess fat
  • No preheating time
  • 5 cooking programmes
  • Takes up a lot of space

What is the Philips Airfryer XL and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The Aifryer XL is the smaller brother of the XXL model and holds 1200 grams. This makes it perfect for a household of three to four people. The Philips Airfryer XL is also available in black and white and is operated via a digital display, just like its big brother.

Thanks to the special Rapid Air technology, your food is whirled around with hot air in the Airfryer XL - so it gets extra crispy on the outside and stays tender and juicy on the inside. The Airfryer XL can cook at temperatures from 60 to 200 degrees and has a memory function for favourite cooking programmes.

Apart from the rather chunky proportions of the Aifryer XL, one disadvantage is that it needs some preheating time and does not have a keep-warm function or a fat reduction programme.

  • Large cooking volume
  • Rapid Air technology
  • Integrated timer
  • Favourite memory
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • No keep-warm function
  • Takes time to preheat

What is the Philips Airfryer Avance and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Philips Airfryer Avance is the smaller version of the Airfryer XXL. It is equipped with the same Twin TurboStar technology, manages temperatures of 40 - 200 degrees and also needs no heating time. With its 800 gram capacity, it is suitable for one and two-person households.

It is operated via a digital display, which allows you to select one of the four cooking programmes. The Philips Avance Airfryer also has a timer and a keep-warm function.

Due to the small capacity, the price of the Avance is relatively high.

  • No preheating time
  • 4 cooking programmes
  • Twin TurboStar technology
  • keep-warm function
  • Weaker price-performance due to smaller size

What is the Philips Airfryer Viva and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The Philips Airfryer Viva is the smallest and, in terms of functions, also the simplest and cheapest - it is therefore the basic model of the Philips hot air fryers. The Viva Airfryer has a capacity of 800 grams and also uses Rapid Air technology, which allows it to reach temperatures of 80 to 200 degrees. It is available in black and white.

It is operated via an analogue dial, which can also be used to set the integrated timer.

The disadvantages of the Viva are due to its simplicity - like the XL, it needs time to preheat, has no keep-warm function and there are no preset cooking programmes.

  • Simple operation
  • Reasonable price
  • No frills
  • No keep-warm function
  • Takes time to preheat
  • No preset cooking programmes

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate Philips Airfryers

In a moment, we will show you which aspects you should consider when making your purchase decision.

The criteria that will help you compare the different models include:

In the following sections, we explain where you need to weigh up the individual criteria to see what suits you and your needs.


As already mentioned in the overview, Airfryers are available in 3 different capacities - 800 grams, 1200 grams or 1400 grams. The size depends on how many people you want to cook with the hot air fryer.

The two smaller models each have a capacity of 800 grams, which is suitable for 1 - 2 people according to the Philips website.

The larger XL Airfryer holds 1200 grams, which is good for 3 - 4 people and makes about five portions of fries.

The largest Philips Airfryer holds 1400 grams, which makes it possible to fry a whole chicken in it, for example. This air fryer is suitable if you are cooking for up to 5 people.

The drum volume of the Airfryer can be expanded with smart accessory solutions. For example, the Party Kit offers a solution if space is at a premium.


Of course, the size also depends on the drum volume. Therefore, the XXL Airfryer is of course the one that needs the most space. You can see which version has which dimensions in the table:

Model Dimensions (LxWxH) Capacity People
Philips XXL 41 x 41 x 37,5 1400g 4 - 5
Philips XL 40 x 39,5 x 36,5 1200g 3 - 4
Philips Avance 34,6 x 34,6 x 35,9 800g 1 - 2
Philips Viva 35 x 35 x 37,8 800g 1 - 2

So if your kitchen is rather small and you don't have a lot of storage space, the Avance is the best choice for you. Not only is it the slimmest Airfryer, it also has more additional functions than the Viva.

If space is not an issue for you, then the large deluxe model, the XXL Airfryer is definitely the best choice - and also offers the most options.


The different models work with three different technologies: Rapid Air Technology, TurboStar Technology and Twin TurboStar Technology.

With the Rapid Air version, the air is whirled through the cooking chamber so quickly that the surface becomes crispy and the pores close quickly. This keeps the inside of the food tender and juicy while it gets crispy on the outside.

With TurboStar technology, the hot air is also whirled through the cooking chamber, but the heat distribution here is constantly the same everywhere. This means that the food is fried at the same temperature on all sides at the same time and is crispy on all sides.

The version with the Twin TurboStar has even faster whirling hot air, which creates a kind of tornado inside the appliance and thus makes the food even crispier. It also reduces the amount of fat that drips into the collection container.

Temperature range

All Airfryers can produce temperatures up to 200 degrees. If you like to prepare your food at lower temperatures, the Avance and XXL models are a good choice. These can be used from as low as 40 degrees. They also have a keep-warm function.


With the Philips Airfryer XXL you can even roast whole chickens and serve them when it suits you thanks to the keep warm function. Your guests will be thrilled.
(Image source: / Alison Marras)

The other two models - the XL and the Viva - are ready to use from 60 degrees. They neither have a keep-warm function nor are they ready to go straight away but need some time to heat up.

How to use

As the Airfryers all focus on very simple and understandable operation, there are no complicated buttons or switches.

The newer Airfryer models all have a digital touchscreen display that can be used to set the temperature, timer or cooking programme (if available).

The Philips Airfryer Viva is operated via an analogue dial, which can also be used to set the temperature and timer.

If you get stuck, you can get help in the Philips NutriU app. There you can not only download the user manual, but also ask other members of the Philips Airfryer cooking family for help.

Facts worth knowing about the Philips Airfryer

What recipes are available for the Philips Airfryer?

Anything you can cook in a normal airfryer is also suitable for a hot airfryer. You'll also find a huge selection - 1.6 million to be exact - of recipes in the Philips NutriU app. You can also create your own recipes and get useful cooking tips on how to use the airfryers.

We have listed one of the recipes for grilled chicken from the NutriU app here:

Servings: 4 people, Preparation time: 25 minutes, Cooking time: 20 minutes


  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed
  • ½ tbsp mustard
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp chilli powder
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 4 chicken drumsticks


  • Preheat the Airfryer to 200 °C.
  • Mix the garlic with the mustard, brown sugar, chilli powder, a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper. Mix with the oil.
  • Rub the marinade all over the chicken thighs and marinate for 20 minutes.
  • Then reduce the temperature to 150 °C and fry the chicken thighs for another 10 minutes until they are cooked.

How do I clean the Philips Airfryer?

Unlike conventional deep fryers, the Philips Airfryers are very easy to clean. All parts of the Airfryer are dishwasher safe and can therefore be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. In addition, the frying basket of the Airfryer is coated with a non-stick coating, which makes it particularly easy to clean.

Another advantage of cleaning hot air fryers is that you don't have to dispose of frying fat.

Image source: Parilovv/