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Today's subject may make you a little bit hungry, because we are going to talk about airfryer, the famous fryer without oil. If you're thinking about buying one, you've come to the right place.

The great thing about this type of fryer is that it replaces oil with hot air, which surrounds the food until it bakes or fries it, depending on your needs.

It is the best option if you want to reduce the consumption of frying, but without giving up making delicious recipes at home. Our goal here is to explain all the advantages of this innovative appliance, and let you know the many options the market has to offer.

The most important facts

  • The airfryer, also known as the electric fryer or oil-less fryer, fries food using only hot air, and is a great way to cut some calories by replacing greasy dishes with healthier meals.
  • In general, fryers that work without using oil are very simple to handle and make the cook's life easier. They are also capable of grilling and baking.
  • These appliances do not make much mess, since the only fat that will remain in the basket of the airfryer is the fat from the food itself. In addition, many air fryers have non-stick containers.

The Best Airfryer: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Also known as airfryer, the fryer without oil is an appliance for those seeking a healthier diet, avoiding fatty foods on a daily basis.

If you are looking for an electric fryer, but do not know which model is best for your home, read on as we explore all its details throughout this Buying Guide.

Imagem de uma porção de carne empanada, uma fatia de limão e molho.

Oil-free fryers do not alter the taste and crunchiness of food in any way. (Source: Valeria Boltneva / Pexels)

What is an airfryer?

Maintaining a balanced diet can become a real challenge in our daily lives. With so many options of tasty food out there, sometimes it's hard to say no to some temptations, isn't it?

The proposal of the airfryer, an electric fryer, is precisely to solve this problem, and turn healthy eating into a real pleasure.

It fries, bakes or grills almost any kind of food without using oil, which is replaced by a super hot air steam that circulates through the container where the food is.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the airfryer?

This type of fryer is an excellent solution if you want to cut the consumption of fried and greasy dishes from your routine, but still do not want to give up preparing appetizing recipes at home.

In the appliance you can fry all kinds of food: from the classic crisp, to a juicy steak picanha.

When it comes to baking, cheese bread, meat and other small meals are super welcome in the airfryer, just set the temperature and timer in the right way.

It is a product that works in a very practical way and does not require much from the cook. You just put the food you want to prepare in the basket of the air fryer and wait for it to be ready.

Besides the whole issue of healthier eating, another advantage of the fryer without oil is that it does not release smoke or smell, which ensures your kitchen an environment with a more pleasant aspect, free of any odor that refers to fat.

With regard to cleaning, the whole process also becomes simpler, because besides not having the oil itself splashing, the airfryers are closed and the baskets are usually very easy to clean, and some are even made with non-stick material.

Many people wonder if only the steam leaves, in fact, the food with the same crunchiness and flavor that it would have if it were fried in the conventional way, and the answer is yes! If your fryer is of good quality, your food will not suffer any damage.

In general, this product offers many positive points to the buyer, and one of the only disadvantages is that frying food without oil implies that it takes a little longer to be ready, but this should not be a problem amid so many advantages, right?

  • Healthier eating
  • Easy to clean
  • No smoke or smells
  • Takes longer to get ready

Which is better: airfryer or grill?

The airfryer is not the first appliance invented to make life easier in the kitchen and reduce the use of frying. Before it came the grill, which has some similar features, but in practice, it ends up being quite different from the air fryer.

The grill is also free from the use of oil, and is a great choice for grilling food, whether meat, vegetables or sandwiches, but it is not able to fry them.

In the fryer, on the other hand, you can grill, bake and fry. Everything depends on the heating chosen by you at the time of preparation. You can even make a delicious barbecue, check out this homemade video channel Do It Yourself:

Both appliances have good functions and are very useful in a kitchen routine, but the most complete of them is undoubtedly the fryer without oil.

The grill, being less powerful, has the advantage of saving more energy, but if your goal is to stop frying food in the pan in the conventional way, it can not help you, since its function is only grilling and heating food.

Oil-free fryer Grill
Function Fry and grill Only grill
Consumption Higher energy consumption Lower energy expenditure

How to clean the airfryer?

If you are thinking about buying an airfryer you may already be wondering how to clean this robust product. The process is quite simple and we want to help you with a step by step guide.

  1. The first thing to do, of course, is to unplug the airfryer. Cleaning any appliance should always start with this step.
  2. Remove the basket from the airfryer, and using the yellow side of the sponge and mild detergent, wash it thoroughly and rinse under running water.
  3. If the grease doesn't come out, you can fill your sink with hot water and soak the object with neutral detergent, bicarbonate and vinegar for about 10 minutes. After that, just scrub it again.
  4. In the place where the basket occupies, wipe the inside with a damp cloth to remove the grease. Then wipe it with a dry cloth.
  5. Repeat this process on the outside of the airfryer.
  6. Dry the basket and put it back in place.

That's it, it's ready to use again. This process should be done every time you use the device.

How much does it cost?

The prices of fryers without oil vary widely, and are usually well tied to the brand and model of each of them. Although some have a little high value, it is possible to find good fryers for good prices out there.

Most electric fryers cost between $ 300 and $ 600, but you will notice that some of them exceed $ 1000, because these fryers are more modern and have more technology involved.

Here, what you should take into consideration, is that this is a product that you will probably use a lot and that is worth the investment, provided that conscious.

Buying Criteria: Factors to compare airfryer models

Most electric air fryers have similar features, but, even so, the best of them have differentials that you should keep an eye on so that you do not make any kind of mistake in your choice, they are:

  • Capacity
  • Timer
  • Material
  • Power
  • Design

Below, we will explain all about each of these points so that you do not have any kind of doubt when buying your own air fryer.


The capacity of your ideal airfryer will depend a lot on the size of your family or the number of people who frequent your home during meals.

On average, capacities range between 2 and 5 litres. You will hardly find an air fryer without oil that runs away from this standard, because the 5L supplies well the largest groups, with no need for a larger compartment.

So, analyse the daily routine of your family to choose the one with the ideal capacity for everyone in the house.


It is essential that the timer of your airfryer is in full operation so that your recipe goes well.

In most of them, the timers have the possibility to reach up to 60 minutes of cooking, but you can also find air fryers with reduced timers, of only 40 or 30 minutes.

Of course, the timer has only 30 minutes does not mean that you can not do recipes that require more time, but it means you need to readjust it again when it reaches its time limit.

Because of this situation, we recommend that you give preference to those electric fryers in which the timers reach up to 60 minutes, to avoid any kind of mishap in time to cook.

Another interesting fact is to find out if the timer of the chosen fryer has a sound warning. This facilitates your dynamic in the kitchen and you will not forget to check when your dish is ready to be consumed.


The material is an essential issue when we are dealing with products that reach high temperatures. The durability of your electric fryer will depend directly on it.

Among all the possibilities, the most recommended material is stainless steel. It is very resistant to heat and does not break.

Be careful when choosing an airfryer with many plastic parts or other sensitive materials, because they can end up spoiling or even melting with frequent use. As we always say here, always put the quality of the product first.


The speed at which your meal will be ready will depend on the power of your air fryer, so think carefully if this is an important factor for you before buying yours.

The powers usually vary between 1,400 watts to 2,000 watts, and this average usually meet most people's needs very well.

In cases of fryers without oil that have turbo system, you will notice that the power can be even higher than 2,000 watts. These are usually the most expensive and sophisticated fryers, and consequently, the ones that consume the most electricity.

Some airfryers have a power of less than 1,400 watts, which is not a huge problem if you are not in a hurry, but if you value a result with impeccable crispness, you should exclude this option and prioritize other possibilities.

Imagem mostra batatas preparadas na airfryer.

The airfryer leaves food with an impeccable crispness. (Source: Wow_Pho / Pixabay)


Finally, the design! Who says it's not important that the appliances in your kitchen are in full harmony? It's interesting to look at colour and model issues, and notice what goes best with your room decor.

Some fryers have touch screen, bright colours and modern design, which contributes to leave the place more stripped and even jovial, if it is of your interest.

(Source of the highlighted image: Wilawan Khasawong / 123RF)

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