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Are you looking for an energy-saving, powerful and functional dishwasher? Then an Amica dishwasher is the right choice for you. Amica dishwashers are equipped with many different washing programmes. In addition, Amica offers a good price-performance ratio and is environmentally conscious. With our Amica dishwasher test 2021 we want to help you find the most suitable Amica dishwasher for you. You can weigh up which model you should finally choose based on our pros and cons. There are some criteria you should consider when buying an Amica dishwasher. But we want to find these out here and make your purchase decision easier.

First of all, the most important things

  • Amica dishwashers have energy classes of up to A+++, which indicates very energy-efficient use. This not only saves you money, but also protects the environment.
  • Basically, you have the choice between an Amica built-in dishwasher, an Amica freestanding dishwasher and an Amica tabletop dishwasher, which is very suitable when space is at a premium.
  • An Amica dishwasher offers you various effective washing programmes that clean your dishes efficiently and cleanly. If you are in a hurry, there are also excellent short wash programmes.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying an Amica dishwasher

What distinguishes an Amica dishwasher from other manufacturers?

The Amica company has been around since 1945. With many years of experience and a good price-performance ratio, Amica dishwashers are convincing and stand out from the competition. They convince with design and user-friendliness to offer customers the best possible and thus make their everyday life easier. The environmental concept also plays an important role at Amica, as they create environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving dishwashers with new technical solutions.

What washing programmes are available on Amica dishwashers?

There are various washing programmes for Amica dishwashers. Below we list the most common and popular programmes:
Programme Temperature Duration Description Energy consumption
Intensive 50-70 °C approx. 120-150 min Very dirty High
Normal 50-70 °C approx. 145-160 min Normal soiling Normal
Eco 45-60 °C approx. 100-165 min Normal soiling Low
Glass 40 °C approx. 130 min Light soiling Low
Short 40-45 °C approx. 20-30 min Light soiling Very low

For heavily soiled dishes, even with stubborn dried-on food residues, the intensive programme is recommended, which removes all deposits at up to 70 °C. If you have lightly soiled dishes, the short programme is suitable and there is a glass programme at 40 °C especially for glasses. The glasses are cleaned gently and then dried clean.

Decision: What types of Amica dishwashers are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy an Amica dishwasher, there are three alternatives to choose from:

  • Amica built-in dishwasher
  • Amica freestanding dishwashers
  • Amica table dishwasher

What are the features of an Amica built-in dishwasher and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

An Amica built-in dishwasher can be easily integrated into the kitchen, creating a beautiful overall look. The Amica dishwasher can be clad to match the kitchen front. This saves space and makes it ideal for installation in the kitchen to make your life easier every day.

  • Kitchen integration
  • Beautiful front panelling
  • Harmonious overall appearance
  • Space-saving
  • Expensive purchase price
  • Inflexible

What distinguishes an Amica freestanding dishwasher and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

An Amica freestanding dishwasher can be placed flexibly anywhere in the kitchen. If the Amica dishwasher should ever be defective, it can be replaced more easily than an Amica built-in dishwasher. It is also a little cheaper than an Amica built-in dishwasher.

  • Flexible
  • Easy to replace
  • Cheaper than built-in dishwasher
  • Space required
  • Overall appearance not as nice as built-in dishwasher

What distinguishes an Amica tabletop dishwasher and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Because the Amica tabletop dishwasher is very practical and flexible, it can find a place anywhere. With its compact size, it can also be easily accommodated in a caravan. It is fairly inexpensive to buy and well suited for a single household. This Amica tabletop dishwasher can accommodate up to 6 place settings. Another advantage is that you don't have to bend down when you have the Amica table dishwasher on the kitchen counter. Also highly recommended for older people.

  • Space-saving
  • Compact
  • Practical
  • Inexpensive
  • For singles
  • Easy on the back
  • Not much space for dishes
  • Not for large families

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate Amica dishwashers

Dishwashers from Amica are available in a wide variety of models. The individual product variants can be distinguished according to the following criteria:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what the individual criteria are.


Amica dishwashers are available in various sizes. There are smaller Amica dishwashers such as the Amica tabletop dishwashers, which usually have a height of 45 cm and a width of 55 - 60 cm. There are also Amica built-in and freestanding dishwashers, which are either 45 cm or 60 cm wide and approx. 82 cm high.


Another important point is the subject of the Maßgedeck. The measured rack was defined to give an indication of how many dishes can be placed in a dishwasher. Thus, 1 Maßgedeck consists of the following components:

  • 1 dinner plate
  • 1 soup plate
  • 1 dessert plate
  • 1 saucer
  • 1 cup
  • 1 drinking glass
  • 1 knife
  • 1 fork
  • 1 soup spoon
  • 1 teaspoon
  • 1 dessert spoon

The Amica dishwasher offers space for 6 to 14 place settings. Most Amica dishwashers have a capacity of 8, 10 or 14 place settings.

Energy efficiency class

The energy class indicates how energy-efficient an Amica dishwasher is

Amica dishwashers have an energy efficiency class of A+ to A+++. An Amica dishwasher in class A+++ will save you the most money, as it is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Annual water consumption

Annual water consumption is also a crucial factor. Amica dishwashers use between 1800 and 3100 litres of water per year. Water consumption depends on the size of the Amica dishwasher, of course, but also on the energy efficiency class. If you have a small Amica tabletop dishwasher, it will not use as much water as a larger dishwasher. With Amica dishwashers that offer more space, the energy class is decisive for water consumption. You will save more water with a higher energy class than with a lower class.

Noise level

Another important aspect is the noise level of an Amica dishwasher. The quieter a dishwasher is, the more pleasant it is.

Amica makes dishwashers that have a noise level of 42 to 49 dB.

Most Amica dishwashers run after 8 p.m., as even more electricity can be saved after this time. To avoid disturbing the neighbours or your own sleep, dishwashers should not be too loud.

Did you know that 40 - 65 dB is considered quiet? A normal conversation and soft radio music at approx. 40 dB and Amica dishwashers at 42 - 49 dB are therefore considered quiet and pleasant.


Amica dishwashers offer you various functions and features, but you will receive more detailed information about these after the video. In the following video you can get a brief overview of how an Amica dishwasher is constructed and equipped. Aqua-Stop function: Aqua-Stop is a water protection system that prevents water damage in the event of a defect in the Amica dishwasher. Control systems: With the Amica dishwashers, there is the option of a Start time preselection. This means that the Amica dishwasher can be pre-programmed. In this way, the Amica dishwasher can be programmed in the morning to start in the evening. In addition, the control systems include the Indicator for salt and rinse aid. The indicator lights light up as soon as salt or rinse aid is missing. So you know exactly when these two things need to be refilled. Flex cutlery drawer: The flex cutlery drawer has its place at the top as the third compartment. It can be pulled out and the cutlery can be nicely sorted. This makes it easier to clean the cutlery and minimises the risk of injury, as the cutlery is stored horizontally. There is more space for pans or pots on the lower shelf because the cutlery is above. Cutlery basket: The cutlery basket can be put away quickly. After the wash cycle, it can be removed and placed next to the cutlery drawer to take care of the cutlery. In addition, the cutlery basket can also be removed completely from the Amica dishwasher to make room for larger pans.

Amica Geschirrspüler-3

The cutlery basket of Amica dishwashers offers space for various cutlery and can be flexibly removed from the machine.
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Interesting facts about Amica dishwashers

How do I clean an Amica dishwasher?

The Amica dishwasher is very easy to clean. Below we explain 5 steps for a thorough cleaning.

  1. Remove strainer insert at the bottom Clean and descale
  2. Clean drainage area
  3. Check spray arms for permeability and clean if necessary
  4. Clean the rubber seals with vinegar
  5. Start cleaning cycle

The cleaning process in step 5 can be carried out with various household remedies, but also with special descaling products. Citric acid, vinegar cleaner or table vinegar as well as baking soda or baking powder have proven to be effective for cleaning. Pour the vinegar essence into the dishwasher tabs compartment (completely filled) and spread 1-3 tablespoons of baking soda on the bottom of the Amica dishwasher. Then start a programme at a higher temperature and without pre-rinsing. The Amica dishwasher should be free of any cutlery. After the cleaning cycle, your Amica dishwasher will be sparkling clean and free of limescale.

What other products does Amica offer?

In addition to dishwashers, Amica also offers a variety of other great appliances:

  • Ovens, microwaves or hobs
  • Refrigerators & freezers, freezers or wine refrigerators
  • Washing machines or dryers
  • Cooker bonnets

Are spare parts and accessories for Amica dishwashers available?

Of course, spare parts and accessories for Amica dishwashers are available. If something should break on your Amica dishwasher, there are numerous spare parts available.

Always look for spare parts before buying a new Amica dishwasher.

For example, cutlery baskets, dish racks, spray arms, dispensers, seals and water stop hoses can be easily replaced. Special cleaners and descalers for the dishwasher are available as accessories, as are Amica salt funnels for cleverly filling up with dishwasher salt.

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