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Welcome to our Aminonda cat food test! For many years, Animonda has taken the hunger pangs of cats to heart and has always created innovative and high-quality products. The range of products is impressively large and will also offer the right food for your beloved cat. For cat owners, the well-being of the animal comes first. And just as everyone recognises quality in food, this is also the case with our animal best friends.

The wide range of products that Aminonda offers is impressive. So that you don't lose track of this extensive range, we will be taking a very close look at Aminonda cat food in the following lines. Taste, quality and health are particularly important to us. We also take into account cats with diseases such as diabetes. So you will have no problem finding the right product for your four-legged friend.


  • Nutrition is at least as important for animals as it is for humans. Healthy products are therefore absolutely relevant and this in combination with great taste.
  • Animonda has been offering a wide range of cat food for many years. The company has already been able to respond to many objections and wishes of customers and now has a great assortment.
  • To prevent diabetes and overweight in cats, there are many types of pet food. In this case, healthy products can still be purchased at a reasonable price.

The Best Animonda Cat Food: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Animonda cat food

What distinguishes Animonda cat food from other manufacturers?

Animonda has been a respected cat food supplier for several years and has already applied numerous adaptations and innovations to their products. As a result, the variety is uniquely detailed and offers the culinary solution for every cat. In every age group.

Animonda has set itself the goal of offering cats the right feast in every conceivable life situation. For example, kittens need different nutrients than cats of advanced age. Of course, the taste does not fall by the wayside.

Animonda impresses with its wide variety on the market!

This really inexpensive variety also contains only the best meat ingredients. Colourings and preservatives of all kinds as well as flavour enhancers or cereals are completely avoided. The usual delicious taste does not diminish. Soya and sugar are also absent.

Animonda Katzenfutter-1

On average, about 35 million cats are kept as pets in Germany.
(Source: / Mikhail Vasilyev)

Animonda offers only the best proteins for their pets in their cat food. The meat is guaranteed fresh. This keeps the cat healthy and with the right dosage also normal weight, which is also a very relevant factor for the health of the animal.

What is the difference between dry and wet Animonda cat food?

There are surprisingly many advantages and disadvantages on the side of dry and wet food. Therefore, it may sometimes not be so easy to keep track and realise which type of food suits your pet best. Basically, wet food is closer to what cats are used to by nature. Nevertheless, dry food also has some positive aspects on its side.

Let's take a closer look:

Wet food

  • Can be eaten more often as fewer calories
  • Most of the daily moisture requirement is met
  • Easier to digest for old cats
  • Does not look nice after a few minutes and changes smell to the negative

Dry food

  • More energetic than wet food
  • Can stand for a long time even at high temperatures and stays fresh
  • Cleans teeth
  • Only difficult to digest for old cats and indoor cats
  • The cat gains weight faster

Once again it can be seen that the right mix makes a big difference. But it also shows that cats with digestive problems or overweight should prefer the wet food. Cats often tend to lack moisture anyway. Therefore, this is also a big advantage for the wet food. However, teeth cleaning is also often neglected, as is the risk of the food losing its substance too quickly.

What are the risks of cat food?

Since cats are anything but rare in German households, there are accordingly many companies offering cat food. There are certainly many manufacturers who mean well for the animals and produce high-quality products.

However, cats are too often used as a means to an end for financial gain. This is also the case here. Harmful cat food can really affect the health of the animal.

Did you know that there are also street cats in Germany? Unfortunately, a considerable part of everyday life. Often the cats we see wandering the streets are sick and without a master. The number in Germany is already in the millions.

Cats originally come from desert regions and are carnivorous predators. Substances such as maize or cereals with a high value of carbohydrates can hardly be digested and do not actually belong to the original diet of a carnivore. Diarrhoea occurs because the cat can only digest carbohydrates with difficulty. It gets worse when sugar is added to the food. Sugar can hardly or not at all be digested. Nevertheless, it is more often present in commercial food than expected.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate cat food from Animonda

Product overview

The wide variety of Animonda cat food on the market is amazing and offers many positive aspects. However, many customers tend to get lost in the huge range. Once the question of dry or wet food has been clarified,

Animonda Katzenfutter-2

High-quality food has been produced in Germany since the 1950s.
( / Crepessuzette)

At this point, we would like to give you a general overview and then briefly look at the most popular products in detail.

Product Special feature
Carny wet food Healthy complete food, species-appropriate and grain-free
Vom Feinsten wet and dry food High-quality materials and wide variety, use of the best raw materials
Integra wet and dry food complete food, for cats with nutritional problems, part of health treatments
Rafiné wet and dry food High-quality ingredients, including selected combinations of active ingredients
Milkies Snacks Milk snacks for cats as a reward, without additives and easily digestible

So consideration is given to cats with nutritional problems. But likewise, the focus remains completely on taste and even toppings in the form of snacks are available. The majority of the product types are divided into wet and dry food. So Animonda once again plays it safe to provide the desired culinary solution for every pet.

Type of meat

Cats are by nature predators from the desert. This is another reason why they like to rotate the type of meat they eat. The following types of meat are popular in Animonda cat food:

  • Beef
  • Calf
  • Chicken
  • Guinea fowl
  • Ostrich
  • Rabbit

These varieties then vary and are offered in the most diverse constellations. For older animals, for example, liver is often used. If you prefer seafood: Shrimps and salmon are also offered in combination. The so-called multi-meat cocktail then contains a large mix of the types of meat already listed.


Free from soya, sugar and cereals. This will put any cat at ease at first. These substances are the most common cause of diarrhoea in cats.

Animonda guarantees fresh products and therefore fulfils the most relevant aspect!

Depending on which meat the cat prefers, you can choose from the really large selection. Rare types of meat such as kangaroo can be found or also special body parts of animals. Liver or hearts are very suitable as food.

Did you know that one third of our food ends up in the rubbish? The figures say it's 18 million tonnes a year.Hotels and restaurants in particular throw a considerable amount of food into the rubbish every year. Not excluding pet food.

But there are also other interesting ingredients in cat food. Potatoes are often used as a supplement. Or even cranberries. Here, every cat becomes a real gourmet. Parsley roots as a somewhat exotic side dish. In addition, there are certain forms of cheese and various types of fish.

Special features

Animonda cat food has some special features that make its products particularly suitable for sick and old cats. The Integra range, for example, offers the maintenance of a strong blood sugar level.

In addition, there are numerous proteins that strengthen the muscles. And all this without carbohydrates, which would be difficult to digest. In addition, there are articles that work specifically in certain areas of the body. Animonda focuses on the following problem areas:

  • Diabetes
  • Kidneys
  • Urinary stones
  • Intestinal

So specific and common weaknesses in the cat's body are focused on and the core problems are attacked. This applies not only to sick animals, but also to cats of advanced age. Digestion will also deteriorate over time. For this reason, some products are specially marked with the Senior seal. On a gluten-free basis from fewer ingredients combat problems such as intestinal resorption disorders or acute vomiting. The Animonda Carny cat food consists entirely of fresh meat and offers the following 3 subdivisions.

Life stage of the dog Content Number of varieties
Kitten Extra for baby cats, nutritional requirements are fully covered 4
Adult For the adult cat, meal for everyday life 8
Senior For cats over 7 years, Contains suitable nutrients, easy to digest 2

Interesting facts about Animonda cat food

What to do when the cat food is empty?

Normal household products are carefully selected and in small amounts are not harmful to the animal. However, under no circumstances should this condition become a habit. In an individual case, however, not too dramatic. Again, however, attention should be paid to the eating habits of the cats.

Cats need dry and wet food. Cats also like to eat meat. From the information already mentioned above, it is certainly possible to find an emergency solution. You are sure to have these foods at home and can easily prepare a rescue meal for your cat:

Food Example product
Meat poultry, beef
Fish Tuna
Vegetables beetroot, tomato, carrot
Fruit pear, peach

There's bound to be something for you and your animal friend!

Is there a kind of "taster pack" to get you started?

Yes! The numerous mixes and packages that Animonda has in its cat food range also include a taster pack. In this case, it's a wet food package, where many different types of products are available and your cat can get an idea of Animonda's large selection for itself.

The big advantage is that the cat's taste can be closely examined. It is therefore also helpful for the future and Animonda cat food is always without fault in terms of quality anyway.

What does diabetes look like in cats?

Diabetes in cats differs in some relevant aspects from the disease in humans, but it is all the more dangerous. If regular treatment and therapy are not carried out, coma and, in extreme cases, death are not uncommon consequences. Often a disease can be recognised by the fact that hunger and thirst increase significantly and thus also the excesses take on an unusually high level. This in combination with weight loss gives the first signs.

Animonda Katzenfutter-3

An adult cat eats about 200 to 250 grams a day.
( / Florian Bollmann)

Especially in overweight cats, it is anything but rare for diabetes to develop in them during their lifetime. Life expectancy can be minimised as a result. Especially when calculated in cat years, it is nevertheless more than worth the effort. Insulin is added at regular intervals to allow sugar to pass from the blood into the tissues. In the rarer and worse type 1 diabetes, for example, where the pancreas is slowly destroyed, insulin must be given for life.

In cats, the basic rule is also that the smaller the animal, the shorter the effect of long-term insulin. You can expect a duration of about 12 hours in cats. For comparison: In children, this value is already more than twice as long. Do the eating habits of cats and tomcats differ? Yes they do. Food intake differs because the male cat needs more liquids and food than cats to meet his daily nutritional requirements.

Male Cat
250 to 300 grams of food 200 to 250 grams of food

Drinking behaviour adapts to the consumption of wet food. Cats could only survive a few days without hydration, so a supplement of 50 ml per kilogram daily is quite important. Further intake of water is through wet food, which usually has an 80 per cent liquid content.

If for some reason your cat does not drink enough, you can add foods such as cat milk or vegetable broth to the water. Many cats will find the water more appealing. However, this should remain an exception for the time being, as normal water consumption is essential.

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