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Hello! Welcome. In today's article we are going to help you choose an item widely used by sportsmen and mountaineers: the Anorak jacket. Extremely resistant and durable, the Anorak jacket is waterproof and has windproof technology. It is ideal for travelling or everyday use in cold or rainy places and for practising sports under extreme conditions, such as mountaineering, climbing, rafting, among others. Follow us in this reading and check out the best options of the product, as well as the features that you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of Anorak jacket.


  • Anorak jackets can be versatile, and cater for many different physical activities. However, each model will offer a type and level of protection, which may be more or less suitable for your purposes.
  • Characteristics such as resistance, quality, adjustments and malleability should be analysed to define the ideal jacket.
  • The price of an Anorak jacket may vary a lot according to the brand, model and material of the piece. It is possible to find models with values between £ 80 and more than £ 1.000.

The best Anorak Jacket: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Only nice jackets in the Ranking, isn't it? But before you click on your favourite, check our Buying Guide. After all, not always the best and most expensive jacket in the market will be the ideal one to provide the necessary level of protection to you and your activities. Therefore, in this section you will have access to the most relevant information about the Anorak jackets: models and indications for use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc. We will also present you topics with the fundamental characteristics to help you choose your Anorak.

 Rapaz usa jaqueta Anorak enquanto contempla rochas montanhosas

Very appreciated by mountaineers, the Anorak jacket is mandatory in some official competitions. (Source: Simon Migaj/

What is the Anorak jacket?

The Anorak jacket is a jacket with a windbreak function, that is, it does not allow the wind to penetrate the fabric, keeping the wearer's body temperature stable. Made of resistant materials, this type of jacket may or may not have a front zip opening. They are also waterproof, that is, resistant to rain, snow and humidity in general. The name comes from the French word for jacket. Anorak jackets are the most suitable model of windproof jacket for extreme weather conditions. For this reason it is often used by practitioners of outdoor sports such as climbing, mountaineering and even water sports such as rafting, canoeing or kayaking.

What are the advantages of the Anorak jacket?

Besides its great versatility: protection against rain, humidity and wind in mild or cold temperatures, the Anorak jacket is a very practical item and ideal to have always handy for outings, trips, or during expeditions, fishing or physical activities in general. Available in low weight and low volume versions, they can be easily fitted into bags, backpacks and suitcases, ensuring protection always at hand in case of sudden weather changes, without weighing you down or taking up too much space in your luggage. Check the table for some more advantages and disadvantages of investing in an Anorak jacket:

  • There are very light and compact versions
  • Waterproof, it is versatile and efficient against wind and rain
  • It can be used on a daily basis or for sports
  • Some models receive waterproofing treatment with materials that pollute the environment
  • Some models can be heavy and bulky

What is the difference between an Anorak jacket and a windproof jacket?

Choosing an Anorak jacket may not be one of the simplest tasks. There are several variables that can turn an inattentive purchase into a disaster. The first step to correctly choose the jacket is to define its purpose. There are special types for each function, and other models of jackets, as the windbreaker for example, that are very similar to the Anorak, and they can end up confusing the consumer at the moment of purchase. For official trail and mountaineering competitions, for example, the Anorak jacket is considered mandatory equipment.

Therefore the wrong choice may have great consequences in these cases, such as the lack of protection needed by the athlete and even disqualification from the race. Another important detail is the size of the jacket. Buying a product above or below the ideal size may impair its effectiveness and even its safety. A jacket that is too tight can hinder movements, and not allow the overlapping of pieces that is necessary in cold climates. A jacket that is too large will not provide the necessary protection because it can leave gaps and spaces in the collar and cuffs, where rain and moisture can get around the garment and hit the wearer. Compare in the table some differences between the Anorak jacket and the windproof jacket:

Anorak Windbreaker
Uses Water sports, mountaineering and exposure to wet winds or rain Asphalt sports, protection in winds without rain or moisture
Differentials It is waterproof, has adjustments at the sleeve, waist and collar Thin and light, may have internal felt
Durability High, but some models may require reinforcement of the waterproof layer High
Negative points Needs to be combined with other garments to protect from cold No protection against rain and moisture

How to use the Anorak jacket?

As we said before, the Anorak jacket is versatile, and can be used both for sports and when travelling to cold or rainy climates, where humidity and strong or icy wind can cause discomfort. Because it is lightweight, the Anorak adapts well to many different occasions. Some accessories, however, can increase the possible uses of your Anorak even further, turning it into an item that will be useful for many years, and on the most varied occasions. In low temperatures, for example, the jacket can be combined with other layers of clothing - a second skin and a fleece jacket - to ensure that the wearer stays warm. So, besides cutting the wind and keeping you dry in case of rain, drizzle or snow, your Anorak will also be able to keep you just as warm.

How much does it cost?

The prices of the Anorak jackets can vary a lot according to the model, material and brand of the product. It is possible to find simpler versions starting from £ 80, but more sophisticated models or with famous brands signatures can have much higher prices.

Where to buy?

You can buy your Anorak jacket in shops specialized in sporting goods, where the salesmen will be able to help you in the most appropriate choice for your objectives. Big chains like Decathlon and Centauro Esportes are a good option, and they usually offer a wide variety of brands and models of the product. If you prefer to buy online, sites like Amazon, Americanas and Netshoes also offer an even wider range of options of domestic and imported products, with the convenience that e-commerce offers to choose and buy without leaving home.

Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Anorak Jacket Models

Now that you know a little more about the Anorak jacket, we will present the buying criteria. We will bring you jacket characteristics that you need to be aware of to recognise a good product. After defining your needs, consider the following aspects to choose the product that will best suit you:

So that there are no doubts, we will detail each of these characteristics in the following:


The degree of impermeability of the Anorak jackets is indicated by the manufacturer in the measurement of mm of water column. This is because resistance is measured from a hydrostatic pressure test, which determines how much the fabric can withstand before the water passes through it. The higher the millimetre measurement per water column, the greater the product's resistance. According to international standards, to be considered totally waterproof, a fabric must have resistance to at least 1500 mm of water column. Below this value the jackets will be able to stop weak or fine rains, but for short periods.


While the purpose of the Anorak jacket is to keep you dry and protected from the wind and cold, it is important that the material is also breathable. This prevents sweat and humidity from accumulating inside the jacket, especially when it is used for physical activities. Some brands have their own and exclusive technologies to guarantee the breathability of the Anorak jacket fabric. Others, however, may use the GSM millimetre pattern to express the breathability of their pieces.

Rapaz usando jaqueta Anorak sob a neve

In low temperatures the jacket can be combined with other layers of clothing to keep the user dry and warm. (Source: Tommaso Altamura/


Some models of Anorak jacket have various adjustment options on the extremities: cuffs, hood, waist, pockets, etc. These adjustments can be made by means of Velcro, cords or laces, zips or buckles, depending on the model. Adjustments are important to enable the jacket to adhere perfectly to the wearer's body, reducing the possibility of the garment leaving gaps where wind, water or humidity can enter.

Rapaz usando jaqueta Anorak comtempla vista do alto de montanha

Anorak jacket is ideal to have always handy for walks, trips, expeditions, fishing or physical activities. (Source: Simon Migaj/


The malleability of the Anorak jacket is an extremely important feature, especially if the item is used for sports that require frequent or extensive movement of the upper limbs. The level of malleability of the jackets varies according to the material and type of waterproofing treatment used in their manufacture. The more malleable the jacket, the more comfortable it will be to wear, and the greater freedom of movement it will provide to the user.

(Image source: Simon Migaj/