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If you are one of those who carry valuables, this article will come in handy because we will review the best anti-theft backpacks available for immediate purchase. Backpacks are one of the most comfortable and widely used bags in the world because of the ease of use and the wide variety of items that can be stored in one. This makes them an easy target for the unwary. The solution that will give you the security you are looking for is the anti-theft backpack. The following buying guide is intended to show and explain what anti-theft backpacks are all about. We will go over the minimum details so that you can get to know this product from the basics; without leaving out the more technical details that will help you buy the best anti-theft backpack available on the market.

First of all, the most important things

  • An anti-theft backpack is a type of bag that protects your personal items from theft. It is ideal for tech items as the outside of the bag is tough and impossible to cut, while the inside is padded and soft. It has many compartments to strategically store your belongings.
  • It is very easy to confuse the anti-theft backpacks with a traditional backpack, as both are available in many similar designs and shapes. Moreover, both can carry the same things. The difference is that the anti-theft backpack protects your items from external agents while the traditional backpack is only concerned with containing your items.
  • If you can't yet understand the differences clearly, it will make it much easier for you to know what the essential factors are in an anti-theft backpack. These start with the security of its materials and accessories such as locks and secret compartments or technology to prevent bank fraud.

Best Anti Theft Backpack: Our Picks

Buying Guide

As promised, in this section of the buying guide we'll get right into the hard facts about anti-theft backpacks. What they are, where to buy them, how much they cost, and much more! You'll find many designs and styles of anti-theft backpacks. Get to know all their types, materials and choose the one that suits you best.

An anti-theft backpack has hidden fasteners so you'll know if someone wants to open it (Photo: Andriy Popov /

What is an anti-theft backpack and what are its advantages?

It is a type of bag made with anti-cut technology, which means that the fabric cannot be torn to get inside the backpack. On the other hand, the zips are hidden, so it cannot be opened easily or at least without the owner of the backpack noticing it. They are ideal for travelling on public transport. These backpacks, in turn, allow you to distribute the weight so that your back does not suffer the consequences of carrying weight. Their secret pockets allow easy access to the inside. They are ideal for carrying technological devices as they are water resistant and many incorporate ports for charging mobile phones or laptops.

  • Large capacity designs
  • Can't be cut with a knife
  • Waterproof and breathable technology
  • Ergonomic for carrying weight
  • High prices
  • Not suitable for bulky items
  • Number of compartments for tech devices only

Anti-theft or traditional backpacks - what should you look out for?

At first glance, backpacks appear to be more or less the same. They all serve to carry our personal belongings on our backs. However, we can group this variable of traditional backpacks into two types that are often confused. They can be very similar but contain small details that make the difference. Anti-theft backpack. In appearance they are very similar, however, this one is in charge of hiding and protecting your valuables. It does this by means of security fabric, hidden zips and secret compartments that are easy for you to access. They are ideal for storing technology and are ergonomic in weight distribution. Traditional backpack. Not so much concerned with external security and prevention, but rather with making sure that your items travel safely and that you can store everything you want depending on the size. They can also include waterproof and breathable technologies in case you want to use it outdoors all the time.

Anti-theft Traditional
Closures Hidden and resistant Easy to open and visible
Ports Jack for headphones and USB cables, chargers, extra batteries Jack for headphones, openings for cables
Fabric Anti-cut, water resistant, padded Microfibre, water resistant, polyester, etc.
Pockets Secret and difficult to access Easy to access and visible

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Anti-Theft Backpacks

Anti-theft backpacks are very easy to confuse with technology backpacks. This is because they are so secure against theft, making them ideal for carrying valuable items. However, we can tell them apart by the little details that will help us differentiate one model from another.

  • Security
  • Style
  • Materials
  • Comfort


This is the most important factor of these backpacks, as the name suggests. They are to prevent theft and if this backpack does not give you security, then it is not fulfilling its function properly. We recommend the user to look for the following details to know if an anti-theft backpack is secure enough. Fasteners. The fasteners on anti-theft backpacks should be strong enough to prevent them from opening easily. A second, almost obligatory, feature is that they should be concealed. This way you can travel on public transport without fear of a stranger finding them and opening them. RFID. This technology is very important and indispensable in case you are used to carry your credit or bank cards. It blocks radio frequency waves in case someone wants to steal your electronic information and carry out a fraud in your name or block your accounts.

Anti-theft backpacks are ideal for use on public transport and for outdoor activities. (Photo: Olena Kachmar/


Anti-theft backpacks are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit everyone. However, we can highlight that the minimalist style is the most popular as it is suitable for different types of situations. These are the two most popular styles in the world of anti-theft backpacks. Minimalist. Very popular as they can be used in formal, casual and travel situations. Generally they have one colour and straight lines. Its compartments are rather specific with the right size to store technological objects, documents and credit cards. It does not allow to carry large objects. Outdoor. The sporty designs usually have strong and colourful tones with the intention of avoiding the presence of mosquitoes or to achieve greater visibility in case of an emergency. They may include solar panels for charging mobile phones and for carrying bottles or thermoses. They tend to have more space as they are made for travel.

There are many different backpack designs to avoid recognising your anti-theft technology and go unnoticed (Photo: Free-Photos/


The fabric from which anti-theft backpacks are made must have two main properties. They have the ability to protect the objects we carry inside, by preventing external agents from getting inside the backpack. It is of utmost importance that this fabric has the following characteristics: Anti-cut. This fabric is made up of a number of superimposed layers. These are responsible for reinforcing the backpack in case of cuts. It is typical to use a knife or cutter to slit them and put your hand in; with this technology the fabric is hardened making it difficult to cut, it also gives you time to realise that something is happening. Waterproofing. An indispensable feature for both occasional and outdoor use. Even if it doesn't rain a lot if you're carrying tech gadgets, the worst that can happen is that they get wet. The waterproof material will protect your items from unwanted liquids.

Anti-theft backpacks have specific compartments for your delicate items (Photo : Smart/


Because anti-theft backpacks are ideal for carrying tech items, they can be very heavy and can even cause injury if you carry them for too long. That's why you should consider comfort an essential factor when choosing yours. This can be seen in the following details: Handles. Many backpacks include a handle to transform it into a bag or briefcase. These are interchangeable and you can decide whether to use it or not. This can help you when you feel more tired and want to carry it by hand. It also allows you to change the style and use it in other situations. Ergonomics. The best anti-theft backpack should be ergonomic for your back. This is achieved by a mixture of techniques that help distribute the weight directly on your back and prevent it from settling on your shoulders. In addition, they often include sponges on the back to reinforce the areas of the back where the weight is concentrated. (Featured image photo: Jacek Sopotnicki/

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