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Apple cider vinegar is a versatile food. Integrated into the diet, it can support weight loss and help with heartburn, cystitis, high blood sugar levels and other problems. If you want to find out more about apple cider vinegar and its benefits, you've come to the right place! In our apple cider vinegar test 2022 we present you with detailed background information about apple cider vinegar. We present various forms of apple cider vinegar products in more detail and answer the most important questions. You will also find explanations of some criteria that you should pay attention to when buying.


  • Apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight because it boosts metabolism, inhibits water retention in the tissues and reduces appetite.
  • Although apple cider vinegar tastes sour, it regulates the acid-base balance in our body. The acids it contains have a base-forming effect and can balance out any over-acidity.
  • A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before or during a meal helps you with heartburn. This is because apple cider vinegar has an antibacterial effect in the stomach, which makes it easier for the stomach to close. This prevents the contents of the stomach from running back into the oesophagus and causing heartburn.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying apple cider vinegar

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is an edible vinegar used as a seasoning in cooking, as a preservative for poultry and fish and as a natural healing product. Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apple cider and has a high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These substances give it its positive properties. In order to benefit from these properties, the apple cider vinegar must not have been refined, i.e. heated. This is because a large part of the ingredients is lost through refining.
Did you know that apple cider vinegar can also be used as a natural cleaning agent? Due to its disinfecting effect, apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural cleaning agent. This is especially good for limescale residues.

Why is apple cider vinegar healthy?

Apple cider vinegar has a balancing effect on the acid-base balance. The potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium contained in it help the body to form alkaline substances that balance the pH value in the body and thus counteract hyperacidity. Because of its antibacterial effect, apple cider vinegar can also help with heartburn, bad breath, sore throat, bladder infections and wound healing. Applied externally, it also helps with perspiration and athlete's foot, for example. Apple cider vinegar inhibits the rise in blood sugar levels and boosts our metabolism. A boosted metabolism means that our body burns nutrients such as fat more quickly, but also that it can absorb substances such as minerals in food better and more easily.

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Apple cider vinegar brings the PH value in the body into an alkaline range and helps with hyperacidity. (Photo: stevepb /

Apple cider vinegar is very healthy because of the nutritional values it contains. The following table gives an overview:

Nutritional value Per 100 grams of apple cider vinegar
Calories 22
Fat content and protein 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 5mg
Potassium 73mg
Carbohydrates 0.9g (of which 0.4g sugar)
Calcium 7mg
Iron 0.2mg
Magnesium 5mg

Who is apple cider vinegar suitable for?

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product and is basically suitable for everyone. Because of its tangy taste, it is often used in the kitchen for salads, fish and poultry. If you don't want to use apple cider vinegar for culinary reasons, there are many other areas of application in which it is worthwhile using apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can provide relief for people with diabetes, heartburn, bad breath, athlete's foot, sunburn, a dormant metabolism, inflammations of all kinds, digestive problems, hyperacidity, high cholesterol and weight problems. Even if you don't have any health problems but want to help your body stay fit and healthy, apple cider vinegar is a good solution. It also has a preventive effect against the aforementioned ailments.

Can I lose weight with apple cider vinegar and what is an apple cider vinegar diet?

If you want to lose weight, you need a good and active metabolism, because the metabolism is responsible for our body burning the food we eat and absorbing the important nutrients. If you have a fast metabolism, you also have a high basal metabolic rate. This means you can eat more without gaining weight or lose weight faster than someone with a slow metabolism. Apple cider vinegar not only boosts the metabolism, but also reduces appetite and the retention of water in the tissues. These are all things that lead to weight loss and are supportive of dieting. During an apple cider vinegar diet, take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted with a glass of water before each meal. Although apple cider vinegar supports and promotes weight loss, it is not a free pass for unhealthy eating. If you want to lose weight, you still need to achieve a calorie deficit. The best way to achieve this is through regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

Drinking apple cider vinegar - What is the best way to use apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is quite acidic and does not taste too good pure and undiluted. In addition, the acid can attack tooth enamel. To prevent this and to make the taste more bearable, it is best to dilute a teaspoon of vinegar with half a glass of water. Drink this mixture before each meal. This dosage applies if you want to lose weight as well as for heartburn and all other complaints. For external use, put a few drops of apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad and dab the area to be treated with it.

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Apple cider vinegar is not a substitute for a healthy diet, but it does support a diet (Photo: dbreen /

Are there side effects to taking apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product and is freely available everywhere. There are no known negative side effects. However, you should always dilute the vinegar when taking it. Otherwise, the acetic acid is too aggressive for teeth and mucous membranes. Of course, you should not drink too much apple vinegar at once for this reason. If you already use it in cooking, you don't need to drink more. Two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day would be optimal.
Did you know that apple cider vinegar is a good home remedy during pregnancy? Pregnant women have to take good care of themselves and their baby, medicines are usually not allowed. The positive effects of apple cider vinegar (antibacterial, good against heartburn) can be very helpful during pregnancy. The amount to be consumed should be discussed with the doctor, but in general apple cider vinegar is a good home remedy also during pregnancy.

It is important that you buy organic apple cider vinegar that is naturally cloudy and unrefined. Unrefined means that the vinegar has not been heated during the production process, so you can be sure that all the important minerals and nutrients are contained in the vinegar. If you can't find apple vinegar like this in the supermarket, you're sure to find it in a health food store.

How much does apple vinegar cost?

The price of apple cider vinegar varies, of course, depending on the quality and production. The price for a litre ranges from 90 cents to 36 euros. You can find good quality, naturally cloudy organic apple cider vinegar for about 3 euros per litre. It is often the case that you will find cheaper offers on the internet than in the shop, despite shipping costs, so a little research could be worthwhile.

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Apple cider vinegar should always be kept closed so that it does not lose its flavour and attract fruit flies. (Photo: Tim Mossholder /

What is the shelf life of apple vinegar and how can I store it?

Apple cider vinegar has a very long shelf life, which is why it can also be used as a preservative. Homemade vinegar stays good for about two years, whereas store-bought vinegar can stay good for up to ten years. You should keep the vinegar sealed, cool and in the dark or in a dark bottle. The vitamins in the vinegar remain longer in the dark. You should store it in a cool place because of the vinegar bacteria, which love warmth and form a so-called vinegar mother when it is warm. This is a bile-like mass that looks quite unsightly. Despite its strange appearance, the vinegar mother is harmless. So if one forms in your vinegar, you can still consume it. It is important to keep the vinegar sealed because otherwise it loses its aroma and flavour. It is also susceptible to contamination when open and attracts fruit flies because of its smell. If your apple cider vinegar smells spoiled, is mouldy, has a layer on the surface or tickles when you eat it, it is spoiled and you should not use it any more.

Homemade apple cider vinegar has a shelf life of about two years, bought apple cider vinegar stays good for about ten years.

What alternatives are there to apple cider vinegar?

There are various alternatives to apple cider vinegar, depending on what you use it for. For cooking, for example, you can of course use any kind of vinegar you like. Other types of vinegar also help you lose weight, as acetic acid generally has a good effect on the metabolism. However, apple cider vinegar contains catechins and chlorogenic acid that also help you lose weight. If you can't stand the taste of acetic acid, apple cider vinegar capsules might be a good alternative for you. They are made of concentrated apple cider vinegar and contain the same nutrients as the liquid version, but are neutral in taste and smell.

Decision: What types of apple cider vinegar are there and which is the right one for you?

Apple cider vinegar is a healthy natural product that can be used in many ways. Among other things, it helps with weight loss, heartburn and hyperacidity of the body. Both types have many health benefits, but they differ mainly in terms of versatility and intake. Basically, you can distinguish between two types of apple cider vinegar:

  • Liquid apple vinegar
  • Apple cider vinegar capsules

We would like to help you find out which type of apple cider vinegar suits you best and is right for you. In the following section, we will introduce you to the two types and show you their respective advantages and disadvantages.

What distinguishes liquid apple cider vinegar and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Liquid apple cider vinegar is the conventional and better-known variety of apple cider vinegar. It is easily available in practically every supermarket and health food store. You can use it for cooking, cleaning, losing weight or for health problems such as heartburn, digestive problems or diabetes. It can be stored for several years and is available in good quality from around 3 euros per litre.

  • Available everywhere
  • Versatile
  • Long shelf life
  • Many health benefits
  • Strong taste and smell
  • Acid attacks mucous membranes and teeth

However, apple cider vinegar has a rather strong smell and taste. It is therefore best to hold your breath when taking it. Because of its acidity of about 5%, you should only take apple vinegar in diluted form, as it is otherwise too aggressive for your teeth and mucous membranes. For this reason, you should only consume it in small quantities. 2-3 tablespoons per day are optimal.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of apple cider vinegar capsules?

Apple cider vinegar capsules are capsules that contain concentrated apple cider vinegar. They contain the same nutrients as liquid apple vinegar and are therefore just as healthy. Unlike the liquid version, apple cider vinegar capsules are odourless and tasteless. They can be swallowed easily with a little water and are practical to carry. The capsules only decompose in the stomach and are therefore harmless to your teeth and mucous membranes.

  • Tasteless
  • Easy to take
  • Gentle on teeth
  • Not available everywhere
  • Not versatile
  • More expensive than normal apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar capsules are not as common as liquid apple cider vinegar. You will probably find them first in health food shops or on the internet, but they are not available in most supermarkets. In addition, the capsules are naturally less versatile, as they are only suitable for ingestion. The capsules are generally a little more expensive than normal vinegar, although the price-performance ratio varies greatly depending on the supplier.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate apple cider vinegar

In the following section we would like to show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate the different types of apple vinegar. This will make it easy for you to assess whether a particular product is suitable for you or not. The following criteria are important for your purchase decision:

  • Quality
  • Organic quality
  • Aroma
  • Price - performance ratio
  • Packaging
  • Origin


It is important that your apple cider vinegar is of good quality, especially if you want to use it for more than just cleaning. Make sure your apple cider vinegar is organic, unrefined and naturally cloudy. Unrefined or unrefined means that the cider vinegar has not been heated during the production process. This has the advantage that all the important and healthy nutrients are preserved. Refined apple cider vinegar, on the other hand, contains only 20% of the original nutrients. The vinegar should be naturally cloudy because the particles that cloud the vinegar also contain important nutrients and vitamins. If the vinegar is filtered, it provides much less of the important substances and therefore contributes less to your health.

Organic quality

Organic, or Bio for short, means that no synthetic chemical fertilisers or pesticides were used in the cultivation of the product's ingredients. This is not only good for nature and our environment, but also for you. You can be sure that you are not ingesting any harmful pesticides when you drink apple cider vinegar. Organic also guarantees an environmentally friendly production of the respective products as well as a fair treatment of the workers and farmers involved in the production. It is precisely because apple cider vinegar is so healthy that it is worth investing in organic quality. It would be a shame if the healthy effect of apple cider vinegar were diminished by harmful chemicals.

No synthetic chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used in the cultivation of organic products.


The aroma of apple cider vinegar may take a little getting used to, depending on your personal taste. Since it is vinegar, it is very sour and strong. However, there are varieties that have a slightly sweet taste despite the acidity. This may be due to the addition of honey or other sweeteners. Before buying, look at the list of ingredients and make sure that only healthy ingredients have been used. A little honey, for example, is harmless, but sugar would be bad.

Price-performance ratio

In principle, the price-performance ratio decides whether a product is worth buying or not. With apple cider vinegar, it is important not to buy only the cheapest. Pay attention to the quality you get for the price. Poor quality apple cider vinegar is not worth buying, even if it is cheap, because it contains almost no nutrients and the aroma is often worse. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on apple cider vinegar. The most expensive vinegar is not necessarily the best. You can usually find good-quality apple vinegar for as little as 3 euros per litre.


The most important points to consider when packing apple cider vinegar are the following:

  • Opaque
  • Reclosable

The packaging should be opaque so that the vitamins and minerals in the vinegar are preserved and the packaging should be resealable so that the apple vinegar is protected and the strong smell does not attract insects If the cider vinegar is in a glass bottle, you are also sure that no toxic substances from the packaging will get into your vinegar. Plastic bottles are lighter and easier to transport, but the plastic is harmful to the environment and the chemicals in the plastic can have a negative impact on your health.

Opaque packaging protects the vitamins and minerals in the cider vinegar.


Apples are common and readily available in our latitudes. Therefore, if possible, it would be good to buy regional apple cider vinegar. Supporting regional products not only helps local farmers, but also contributes to a healthier environment. Since transport distances are much shorter with regional products, much less fuel is used for transport, which is much more environmentally friendly. Our nature would thank you.

Facts worth knowing about apple cider vinegar

Why is apple cider vinegar good for the skin?

Apple cider vinegar is not only good for our health, but also good for our skin. As early as the Middle Ages, this all-rounder was also used for skin needs. In addition to regulating the acid-base balance in our body, apple cider vinegar also neutralises the pH value of our skin. As a result, our skin is less dry and feels better. Applied externally, the acid lightly exfoliates our skin, so to speak, by gently ridding the skin of dead skin cells. In addition, vinegar closes the skin pores, which on the one hand leads to a finer skin texture and on the other hand prevents dirt from getting into our pores and impurities from forming. You can also use apple vinegar as a natural and inexpensive face toner. Mix equal parts of mineral water and apple vinegar. This mixture not only prevents oily skin, but is also revitalising and refreshing.

What is an apple cider vinegar cure?

You can compare an apple cider vinegar cure with a detox cure or a therapeutic fast. During the cure, you abstain from solid food for several days so that your body does not have to worry about digestion so much and can concentrate on healing itself. In this way you give your body the time and strength to detoxify and purify itself. If you drink two to three teaspoons of diluted apple cider vinegar per day during this time, it will also help your body to detoxify and positively support the fast. The pectin contained in apple cider vinegar binds toxins in the stomach and intestines, which can then be easily excreted by the body. The sulphur, which is also contained in apple vinegar, stimulates liver activity. This has the advantage that toxins can be processed and eliminated faster and better by your body.

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