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Popular with young and old, apples are eaten raw and are also an indispensable snack. There are many ways to eat them raw: cored, peeled, sliced, in spirals - the eye is simply with you.

For enjoyable preparation, an apple peeler is often used as an important kitchen utensil. Our individual product favourites are compared in the following guide. Individual purchase criteria are also mentioned to make it easier to decide which product to buy.


  • An apple peeler makes it possible to remove the skin from the apple quickly, economically and evenly instead of using a conventional peeling knife to remove the apple from the skin unevenly and in smaller sections.
  • On the product market, apple peelers are divided into economy peelers, spiral peelers, 3-in-1 peelers and electric peelers. The purchase decision depends on the use of the apple peeler.
  • The uncomplicated use of all products makes life easier in the kitchen and cuts vegetables and fruit into tasty morsels. Even children can use the apple peelers and are thus introduced to healthy eating at an early age.

The best Apple Peeler: Our Picks

Apple Peeler: Buying and review criteria

We have listed the most important buying criteria below to make it easier for you to decide which product to buy:

It is important to consider whether the purchase of a multifunctional apple peeler is worthwhile or whether only the peel is to be removed.


All models are easy to operate. The hand apple peeler is placed on the apple and the peel is removed with light pressure. Make sure that the peeler lies comfortably in your hand.

With all other models, the apple peeler is placed on a flat surface with its suction cups, which are additionally secured by means of a locking button.

The apple is impaled in the holder provided, the locking hook of the blade is released and attached to the apple. By operating the manual crank, the blade slides through the apple, peels it or, depending on the model, creates additional spirals. The sharp blades require caution. It is therefore advisable to supervise children during use.


Care should be taken with hand apple peelers, crank apple peelers and electric apple peelers to ensure good workmanship. When peeling, pressure is applied and the blade is brought into action. If the workmanship is poor, the tool can break and cause injuries.


Most apple peelers are made of stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron or plastic. Non-rusting materials are especially recommended when used for food processing. However, the choice of material depends on your own preferences.

Slip resistance

When buying multifunctional devices, it should be decided whether the apple peeler is to be fastened by feet, suction cups or by a screw clamp, whereby all three types of fastening are suitable. Care should be taken to ensure that the household helpers are attached to a level surface and that the suction cups can also be secured by a locking button.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about apple peelers answered

In the following, we answer the most important questions about apple peelers. In this way, we want to help you decide on the right product according to your own preferences.

What types of apple peelers are there?

Different types of apple peelers determine the product range. We have formed 4 categories that are suitable for apples, but also for other fruits and vegetables.

  • Economy peeler: The most conventional apple peeler is the economy peeler. It has a handle and a movable blade. This allows the apple to be peeled thinly, hence the name peeler.
  • Spiral peeler: With this apple peeler, the apple is placed on a device. The blade attaches to the peel and by electrically or manually moving the crank attached to the peeler, the peel is removed by the twists and spirals of the blade.
  • 3-in-1 peeler: This apple peeler also removes the skin of the apple in spirals. In addition, it also cores and cuts the apple into apple rings. This product is available in various manual versions and is particularly popular with families.
  • Electric peeler: This is often referred to as an apple peeling machine. These are available as electric, multifunctional devices for cutting, coring and peeling - into spirals or rings. These are usually battery-operated.


In contrast to apple peelers, the conventional economy peeler has the advantage of being small and handy (Image source: unsplash / Maria Petersson)

How often do I have to replace the blade of an apple peeler?

The wear of the blades depends on how often you use them. Before buying, you should find out whether replacement blades are available at all. If this is the case, you should consider whether it is worth replacing the blades or whether it makes more sense to buy a new one, as is the case with most economy peelers.

What do the different apple peelers cost?

The different types of apple peelers are available in different price ranges. The following table provides an overview of the price ranges of the individual categories. The different price ranges depend on the material and functionality of the individual products.

Type Price range
Economy peeler 5,00 - 20,00 Euro
Spiral peeler 12,00 - 40,00 Euro
3-in-1 peeler 9,00 - 50,00 Euro
Electric peeler 15,00 - 80,00 Euro

The different price ranges are due to the differences in the product materials and the functionality of the individual products.

What is the best way to clean the apple peeler?

As a rule, apple peelers are easy to clean with water and possibly a little washing-up liquid and a cloth. In some cases, the apple peelers can be disassembled into individual parts that can either be cleaned separately or even in the dishwasher. Before buying, make sure that the apple peeler is made of stainless materials so that the product can come into contact with water during cleaning.


An apple peeler or an apple peeling machine is a great household helper to free the Germans' favourite fruit from its skin. Instead of working laboriously and unevenly with a conventional peeling knife, the apple peeler facilitates immensely and quickly. Even children can be introduced to eating apples with the peeler.

Depending on whether the apple is only to be peeled or also cored and cut, you can use an economy peeler or a multifunctional device. These are available in the low to medium price segment. The advantage of the apple peeler is that the peels are removed sparingly and can also be processed further, depending on preference.

Image source: Gary Fultz / Unsplash