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Whether you are a professional triathlete or a novice swimmer, swimming goggles protect your eyes when swimming outdoors or in the pool and make it easier to see underwater. Arena swimming goggles are known for their quality and colourful look.

With our big Arena swimming goggles test 2022 we want to help you find the right swimming goggles for you. Whether they should be a leisure, training or competition model depends on how you want to use them. We have compared all types and listed the advantages and disadvantages of some models so that you can find the ideal Arena swimming goggles for you.


  • Swimming goggles are generally used to protect your eyes from impurities in the water and to provide you with ideal vision underwater. Arena swimming goggles also offer a wide field of vision due to the special shaping of the lenses.
  • Arena sells different types of swimming goggles for different uses. There are swimming goggles for leisure use, for training and special swimming goggles for competition.
  • Through years of research, the company is a pioneer and role model for today's technology in swimming accessories. Through collaboration with scientists and athletes, only the best materials are used for the swimming goggles.

The Best Arena Swimming Goggles: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Arena swimming goggles

Generally speaking, swimming goggles protect your eyes from chlorine and other impurities in swimming pools, and protect you from small animals and impurities in open water. In addition, a good pair of goggles will provide you with sufficient visibility and comfort.

Arena Schwimmbrille-1

Arena is one of the leading swimwear manufacturers. They are also sponsors for many great swimming athletes.

What is the price range of Arena swimming goggles?

Arena swimming goggles are in different price ranges depending on which model you choose. It has to be said that the higher-priced models also pay for the quality and workmanship of the material developed and used by Arena.

However, it doesn't make sense to buy your child Arena competition goggles for swimming lessons at school, as the choice of model should also depend on the respective use and purpose.

type price
leisure swimming goggles 10-20€
training swimming goggles 15-35€
competition swimming goggles 20-80€

What makes Arena swimming goggles different from other manufacturers?

Arena are one of the leading companies in the development of swimwear and accessories. With their competition swimming goggles, they are both a pioneer and a showcase for other suppliers.

Especially in professional swimming it is all about ergonomic design and practical handling.

Arena manages to turn this into reality with their swimming goggles. In the beginner as well as in the professional area, the most modern techniques and developments are used to stand out from the competition.

Technologies are not only tested on a trial basis, but are also researched and improved directly in contact between scientists and swimmers. Furthermore, Arena takes care to keep the products PVC free and sells the products in a price range that makes it possible for every budget to purchase Arena swimming goggles.

Where can I buy Arena swimming goggles?

The swimming goggles whether for training use or just for swimming at the lake can be purchased in most major shops for swimming supplies. You can also buy Arena swimming goggles in some swimming pools.

You can also have the swimming accessories delivered to your home via the Internet. It is possible to buy the swimming goggles on the official website of Arena or to order them via the retailer Amazon.

Which type of Arena swimming goggles is right for me?

In principle, the Arena company distinguishes between three types of swimming goggles:

  • Leisure swimming goggles
  • Training swimming goggles
  • Competition swimming goggles

The right type can simply be determined by the way they are used. In our comparison, we list the individual advantages and disadvantages of different Arena swimming goggles and which ones are suitable for which purpose.

Once you have found the right type of Arena swimming goggles, it is only a challenge to find the right colour for your own goggles. Of the same range of different swimming goggles, they are in fact also offered in colours.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Arena swimming goggles?

Arena has long been a top brand for swimming accessories sales. Through years of research with athletes and scientists alike, both the materials and technologies used are at the peak of development.

  • Many years of optimisation of technologies
  • Cooperation with athletes and scientists
  • Great price-performance ratio
  • On many models, the nose board is not individually adjustable

In addition to many advantages, Arena swim goggles also offer a disadvantage in that the nose bridge is not individually adjustable on many models. This results in the problem for some swimmers that the goggles do not offer the ideal fit. Nevertheless, the company scores points for the reliable price-performance ratio of the goggles.

What alternatives are there to Arena swimming goggles?

In the field of swimming accessories, there are other large companies that manufacture similar products. When buying, you should therefore take your own preferences into account, for example with regard to wearing comfort.

It is a very individual thing and not every pair of swimming goggles fits everyone in the same way, so other suppliers offer swimming goggles with an adjustable nose bridge.

Decision: What types of Arena swimming goggles are there and which is right for you?

Leisure swimming goggles

Arena's leisure swimming goggles are ideal for swimming holidays, swimming beginners and on-and-off use. These goggles offer optimal comfort and good grip under water for swimming beginners and swim holidaymakers.

  • Entry-level models
  • Great comfort feel
  • Affordable prices
  • No ergonomic design
  • most models do not have an adjustable nose bridge

However, Arena leisure swimming goggles are not suitable for competitions and frequent training use as they do not have an ergonomic design.

Training swimming goggles

Training swimming goggles are suitable for those who practice swimming as a cardio sport or regular swimming sessions. These Arena goggles are designed to be used frequently and regularly.

  • Robust and for everyday use
  • Various colours
  • Not suitable for competition
  • Nose board not customisable

Unfortunately, even in training swim goggle models, the nose board is rarely customisable and therefore the goggles don't adapt well to every head shape.

Competition swimming goggles

In the field of competition swimming goggles, the Cobra model range is a prime example of ergonomic design and comfortable wearing. Arena's competition swimming goggles have been perfected to the point that even respected professional athletes wear the models for the Olympics and other major competitions.

Arena is the official partner of the US-American National Swimming Team.

Materials and ergonomic design were carefully tested for these goggles. This was done with the advice of scientists as well as feedback from athletes. The technologies make this range suitable for both triathletes and time trial swimmers.

  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Perfect fit
  • Not suitable for everyday use

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate arena swimming goggles

In addition to the factors of your own budget, an affinity for a particular swimming goggle design and the choice of which type of swimming goggles you need, it is definitely advisable to include other aspects in your purchase decision.

Tint of the lenses

It is also important to protect the eyes from UV light under water.

The tint of the lenses has an effect on your vision under water. For one thing, tinting can change your perspective underwater, making distances appear further away than they actually are.

It also makes sense to buy a UV tint that protects your eyes from the UV rays that are strongly refracted by the sun in the water and can damage your eyes.

Wearing comfort

The wearing comfort of your Arena swimming goggles is important regardless of whether you want to wear leisure swimming goggles or competition swimming goggles. This is an individual assessment on your part and it is therefore worth trying out the goggles when buying them.

You can check if there is any discomfort around the nose or eyes. Most Arena swimming goggles can be adjusted to the size of your head with elastic straps.


Who hasn't experienced that when wearing goggles for a longer period of time, they suddenly fog up under water. But the good old trick of spitting into the lenses is now a thing of the past, because thanks to modern technologies Arena has developed an anti-fog coating, which makes it possible that the goggles promise clear vision even after prolonged wearing.

With Arena Swipe technology, you can reactivate the coating by simply wiping your fingers clean under water.

Arena Schwimmbrille-2

It is particularly important to have an effective anti-fog coating in open water, as it is not possible to swim to the edge of the pool to remove the goggles.


Especially if you have sporting ambitions, swimming goggles can also become a trademark. Arena swimming goggles are available in many different colours. The materials around the lenses are produced in different colours, as are the lenses themselves in different mirror coatings.

Distinctive colours can help you stand out as an athlete and be recognised among many swimmers. So it can also make sense to pay attention to the choice of colour when buying. This also offers the advantage that you will always recognise your own glasses.

Facts worth knowing about Arena swimming goggles

When was the Arena company founded?

Arena uses high-performance materials for swimming costumes and swimming goggles.

The sporting goods manufacturer Arena was founded in 1973 by Horst Drassler, the son of the founder of the well-known sports brand Adidas.

Since its foundation, the company has been working with scientists and top athletes to develop swimwear and swimming accessories.

How are Arena products developed?

The technology behind the products and swimming goggles is researched by a team of scientists and athletes together with Arena. The company is always striving to improve and refine materials and products so that the sport of swimming benefits worldwide. Technologies and new swimming accessories are taught.

What other products does Arena offer?

Besides Arena swimming goggles, the company offers a wide range of swimwear for women, men and children. But also a large assortment of swimming accessories. Apart from swimming goggles, this also includes swimming caps, bathing shoes and bathing towels.

Other products, such as anti-fog solutions for swimming goggles, have also been developed. In addition to these products, new technologies are constantly being researched in order to constantly improve the swimming experience.

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