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You have probably heard of the famous "gold of the desert" that offers wonderful benefits; yes, we are talking about Argan oil. Thanks to its properties and the effects it has on the whole body, it has been the star ingredient in many cosmetic products in recent decades.

In addition to providing benefits for your skin and hair, Argan oil is an excellent food that also nourishes the body to give us health and wellbeing from the inside. It is a very complete organic product that you can find in different presentations.

To know and understand a little more about it, we want to give you all the necessary information. In this article we explain what Argan oil is, what properties it has, the different benefits it provides, as well as how much it costs and where you can buy it. We hope you like it!

The most important thing

  • Argan oil is the product obtained from the first extraction of the fruit of the Argan tree. The extraction process is different depending on whether its use is cosmetic or edible, as well as its colour, aroma and flavour.
  • There are two types of use for Argan oil, cosmetic and edible, and although both have immense benefits, each has different characteristics. We explain each of them in more detail.
  • To buy the right Argan oil you need to identify your needs and the parts of your body you want to treat with this wonderful product. There are specific benefits for your skin or hair, for example. This way, the benefits it provides will have a better effect.

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Buying Guide: What you need to know about argan oil

It seems easy to choose any type of argan oil, thinking that its effectiveness will be the same. Since there is no certain way to identify a 100% pure oil, other than through laboratory testing, you need to be as informed as possible in order to make an effective and safe purchase.

Who would think that a seed would have so many powers? (Photo: Juana María González Santos/

What is Argan oil and what are its benefits?

Argan oil is obtained from the fruit of the Argan tree, a tree native to Morocco that only grows in some of its regions. It is left to dry in the sun and once dried, the seed is extracted by hand, which slows down the process a little. To date, it has not been possible to mechanise this part of the process without affecting the purity of the oil.

The oil is then extracted using the pressing technique. Depending on the purpose and use of the oil, this last step in the process varies, as the oil can be used for cosmetic or culinary purposes.

Unlike other oils, this one is not photosensitive, i.e. it does not cause a reaction on the skin that could lead to stains if you use it and then expose yourself to the sun. However, it is advisable to use it as a treatment at night.

  • It is a natural moisturiser
  • It helps to regenerate hair fibres
  • It can be used all over the body
  • High antioxidant content
  • Good source of essential fatty acids
  • It can cause eye irritation
  • Its misuse can cause erythema
  • It is not economical

Cosmetic or edible argan oil - what should you look out for?

Argan oil has only two uses, cosmetic and edible. Depending on the latter, the oil extraction process is different and so is the presentation in which you can find it. Below we explain these two variables in more detail.

Cosmetic. For this use, the process of extraction of the Argan oil is cold and with totally raw almonds. Due to this process, the colour of the oil is light golden, translucent and its smell is hardly perceptible.

Because of its high concentration of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, pure Argan oil can be used directly on the skin as part of a moisturising and regenerating treatment.

You can also find it in different pharmaceutical products such as creams, shampoos, conditioners, serums, scrubs, cosmetics, among others.

This organic product can be applied to all skin types, whether dry, combination or oily, and there is no age restriction for its use, making it an excellent source of hydration and care for babies' skin.

Edible. Argan oil for food use is processed in a different way than for cosmetic use. For edible use, a roasting process is carried out prior to extraction. Like the oil for cosmetic use, only the product of the first extraction is used.

Due to the aforementioned process, the colour of this oil is similar to that of honey, a little more amber. Its flavour is stronger, somewhat fruity and like a mixture of hazelnuts, walnuts and sesame, and its aroma is described as exotic.

Cosmetic Edible
Use Cosmetic only Edible and cosmetic
Colour Light golden Amber
Aroma Light, almost imperceptible Strong
Benefits In skin, hair and nails Digestion, cholesterol regulator, heart problems, anti-inflammatory, in liver

How much does Argan oil cost?

Argan oil is the most expensive oil in the world because of all the process involved in its extraction, which is done entirely by hand. It is also the oil with the most properties and health benefits.

The cosmetic presentations can be found in prices between 470 MXN and 4,600 MXN. These presentations do not exceed 200 ml. You can also find 20 lt presentations for around 15,000 MXN.

Edible oil is very difficult to find and its price is around 500 MXN for a 250 ml presentation. If we were to buy it with the same amount of olive oil, the latter would cost 50 MXN.

Purchasing criteria

It would seem that as a product with so many health-promoting features, it is easy to choose. However, you must be very conscious of the benefits you wish to obtain and what specific area you wish to focus on. Here are the different factors you should take into account before your purchase.

Skin benefits

It is recommended to use pure Argan oil on the skin, as the effects and results are greater. However, there are treatments that include it as a main ingredient and that also work efficiently. This oil works in different ways when applied on the skin, we explain how.

Nourishing. Due to its high vitamin E content, the oil regenerates the skin, as well as being an excellent body moisturiser. The skin has the ability to absorb it quickly without feeling greasy. So you can use it whether your skin is dry, combination or oily. In addition to pure argan oil you can find this ingredient in body creams and masks.

Anti-wrinkle agent. Its high concentration of natural antioxidants work as an anti-wrinkle agent, blurring existing wrinkles and helping to give the skin a fresher, brighter and more radiant appearance while protecting, softening, softening and slowing the signs of ageing. The most common presentations in which you find Argan oil for this type of treatment is in facial creams, as well as pure oil.

Healing. Due to its components, it is also an excellent healing agent. It helps to treat wounds and burns on the skin as well as to fade and prevent stretch marks. Finally, it is a good antiseptic and antifungal, i.e. it helps to prevent the formation and accumulation of fungus on the skin. Using the pure oil is most effective, but you can also use it in a body or face cream.

Hair benefits

Again, using pure Argan oil directly on the hair provides noticeable benefits in a short time. However, there are many cosmetic products such as shampoos, conditioners or serums that offer this oil in their formulas and are specifically designed to potentiate its effects on the hair.

Regardless of hair type, it moisturises, softens, shines and adds shine. It helps repair damaged hair fibres so it is excellent for treating split ends. It is also good at combating the symptoms of dandruff, as it deeply moisturises the scalp. It also helps to control frizz.

Revive the shine and strength of your hair with just 2 drops. (Cheangchai Noojuntuk /

Nail benefits

If you have brittle and fragile nails, you're probably looking for a treatment that really works. There is no better treatment than using a few drops of Argan oil on clean nails and cuticles.

Massaging your nails for a few minutes in a circular motion helps them regenerate and look better. The fatty acids and lupeol contained in Argan oil act directly on the surface layers of the nails. In this way you will achieve stronger nails with less breakage.

Benefits of using it

It has the same culinary use as other types of oil so it can be used for cooking, frying or as a dressing. The essential fatty acids and antioxidants have many health benefits for the body so consuming pure Argan oil is very good.

  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.
  • It aids digestion.
  • It reduces and levels blood cholesterol. It is used for cardiovascular and rheumatic treatments.
  • Helps to improve liver function.

It is considered better than most edible oils for its nutritional properties. For example, extra virgin olive oil, one of the healthiest edible oils, contains 7.5% linoleic acid and 320 mg/kg of vitamin E, while Argan oil contains 37% linoleic acid and 620 mg/kg of vitamin E.

Take care of your body with the most complete oil there is. ( vainillaychile /

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