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The right Ariel detergent is essential so you can hang your clothes back in your wardrobe clean and smelling great after a wash. Whether it's liquid detergent, powder detergent or detergent pods, Ariel detergent will help you achieve your desired cleaning results and keep your clothes clean, stain-free and smelling great.

With our Ariel detergent test 2021 we would like to help you find the right Ariel detergent for your application. We have compared the different types of Ariel detergent and listed their advantages and disadvantages. This will make your decision to buy Ariel detergent easier.

The most important facts

  • Ariel detergent is strongly represented on the European market in the area of cleaning agents for textiles. The Ariel brand can thus be found on the shelves of almost every drugstore alongside manufacturers such as Persil or Frosch.
  • It is available in the form of liquid detergent, washing powder and detergent pods. The different Ariel detergent product lines ensure freshness, bright colours, brilliant whites and stain-free laundry.
  • Ariel detergent is also suitable for allergy sufferers with sensitive skin. The anti-allergic substances ensure that no allergic reactions, such as skin redness and itching, are caused by the ingredients.

The Best Ariel Detergent: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Ariel detergent

What is Ariel detergent?

Ariel is a brand of detergent and is one of the best-selling detergents on the European market, alongside manufacturers such as Persil and Frosch.

It is available in the form of liquid detergent, washing powder and detergent pods. While you simply put the pods into the drum of your washing machine together with the dirty laundry, it is best to fill the liquid detergent and powder into the compartment provided in the detergent drawer using a dosage aid.

During the wash cycle, the Ariel detergent mixes into the laundry, leaving it sparkling clean and smelling great at the end of the wash.

How much does Ariel detergent cost?

The price of detergent varies from product to product. The price depends on the type of product, the amount of detergent used and the ingredients used.

The following table gives you an overview of the approximate prices depending on the product type.

Product type Wash load Price
Liquid detergent 20 - 120 5 € - 40 €
Wash powder 15 - 140 7 € - 48 €
Detergent pods 22 - 50 7 € - 50 €

It is particularly beneficial to look out for mega-packs when buying. These usually get 2-3 detergents for the same use, but are much cheaper in quantity.

What can I use Ariel detergent for?

You can use Ariel detergent for a variety of purposes. Depending on the application, there are different ingredients that allow you to treat your laundry in a specific way.

The areas of application are:

  • Stain removal
  • Fresh
  • Whites
  • Colours

The following paragraphs give you an overview of the different areas of application for Ariel laundry detergent.

Stain removal

Stains are our daily companion. Whether they are caused by fruit, soil, sweat or oils, you can remove them carefully with the right Ariel detergent. For particularly stubborn stains, it is recommended that you specifically use Ariel's stain remover to get your clothes clean and looking like new again.

The surfactants in the detergent remove all stains and food residues during the wash cycle.


If you're a big fan of great smelling laundry, use Ariel detergent with a built-in fabric freshener. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh, which you can enjoy every time you open your wardrobe.


To keep your clothes sparkling white for longer, we recommend using Ariel Whitening Detergent. Not only will it keep your clothes stain-free, it will also ensure that your whites don't suddenly turn yellow or greyish after frequent washing.

Ariel Waschmittel-1

Ariel detergents, which are specially designed for white laundry and light colours, contain substances that provide a brightening effect and make your laundry shine.
(Image source: JillWellington /


In the long run, colours can become much paler after many washes. To avoid this, it is best to use a colour detergent. This ensures that stains are removed and that your garments shine in their colourful splendour for a long time.

Decision: What types of Ariel laundry detergent are available and which one is right for you

The Ariel brand offers detergents in different types. As a rule, a distinction is made between the following:

  • Ariel Liquid Detergent
  • Ariel Washing Powder
  • Ariel Detergent Pods

In the following paragraphs, we will introduce you to the different product types and show you their advantages and disadvantages.

What is Ariel liquid detergent and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Ariel liquid detergent is simply detergent in liquid, gel form. Ariel's dosing aid makes it particularly easy to dispense and ensures that no residue remains on your clothes as it contains no bleach. As a result, the colours of your laundry remain bright and dark textiles do not fade.

Did you know that liquid detergents contain preservatives?

These are added to make the detergent last longer. However, these artificial substances can cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin.

Nevertheless, Ariel liquid detergent also comes with its disadvantages, because the lack of bleaching agents causes white laundry to turn grey over time. To counteract this, however, Ariel has a product line for white laundry. The lack of bleach in the detergent also ensures that stains are only more stubborn to remove.

Liquid detergents contain surfactants to take over this function. To make the Ariel liquid detergent durable, it contains preservatives. However, these artificial substances are very harmful to the environment and can also cause allergic reactions in you.

  • No detergent residue
  • Easy to dispense
  • Colours are preserved
  • Stubborn stain removal
  • Great environmental impact
  • Preservatives often cause allergic reactions

What is Ariel Washing Powder and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Ariel Washing Powder has the same function as liquid detergent. It makes sure your laundry is clean and sparkling. Unlike liquid detergent, Ariel Washing Powder comes in powdered form. You can use a dosage guide to find out how much detergent powder you need for a wash load.

The bleaching agents in the powder also help to keep your clothes bright white and successfully remove stains. If you have sensitive skin, it's a good idea to use powdered detergent because it doesn't contain preservatives, which can cause allergic reactions in many people. Washing powder is also more environmentally friendly than liquid detergent.

Ariel Waschmittel-2

Washing powder consists of various particles that ensure that stains are removed from the textile fibres and at the same time give off an excellent scent. It is worth noting that washing powder contains no preservatives and is therefore kinder to the skin.
(Image source: karuasanghvi /

However, it must be said that washing powder can increase bleaching of the colours of your clothes because of the bleaching agents it contains, which can be quite annoying. If you overdose on Ariel detergent powder, you may end up with detergent residue on your clothes. However, to remove this, you can run the washing machine for another rinse cycle to remove the residue completely.

  • Bleach for bright white laundry
  • No preservatives
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Colour fading
  • Possible detergent residue if overdosed

What are Ariel Detergent Pods and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Ariel detergent pods, also called wash capsules, are small gel pads filled with liquid detergent. The detergent is contained in a small pouch made of dissolvable film. Like liquid detergent and washing powder, they contain surfactants and other washing-active substances that clean your laundry and make it smell good.

Ariel detergent pods can be placed directly into the washing drum with your laundry. They dissolve by themselves during the wash cycle.

However, it is not possible to dose this detergent individually, as a capsule already contains a fixed amount of detergent. For example, if you only want to wash a small pile of laundry, the detergent contained in the capsule may be too much and you may waste some of it.

Pay attention to the wash load to avoid overdosing.

This is not only bad for the environment, but also for your wallet, as Ariel detergent capsules are more expensive than liquid and powder detergent. If you are washing a large load, it is best to use two capsules to ensure that the laundry comes out clean and fragrant.

If you want to work on a spot of dirt on your garment before washing, this is not possible when using these Ariel Washing Capsules and you will still need to use a liquid or powder detergent.

Make sure you keep the bucket containing the capsules out of the reach of children. This will prevent them from mistaking the small colourful pods for sweets and putting them in their mouths, which can be very dangerous.

  • No dosing necessary
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Expensive purchase
  • No premature stain treatment possible
  • Waste of detergent with low wash loads

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate Ariel detergents

Type of laundry

When washing, the type and texture of your laundry is most important. Distinguish between coloured, white or black, as well as fine or woolly laundry to achieve the best cleaning result.

Ariel offers specific products for different colours and textiles.

If you have a lot of light-coloured laundry, you should use the appropriate detergent. The same applies to dark, black and coloured clothes. You should not only pay attention to the colour, but also to the type of fabric. For woolly items, it's best to use wool detergent. For sensitive textiles, such as linen, it is best to use a mild detergent. You can use a heavy-duty detergent to wash not only clothes but also bed linen, carpets and blankets.

Wash load and yield

The number of wash loads you want to do also plays a role when buying Ariel detergent. If you want to do a lot of loads, you should buy a large amount of detergent. But it's not just the amount that matters, it's also how much detergent you use.

As a general rule, you should use a lot of detergent with a high yield for many wash loads.

This will save you money and the environment will thank you for using less detergent.

Temperature range

Not all detergents are suitable for every laundry item or temperature. Before buying Ariel detergent, check the temperature rating on the label of your laundry. For many white garments, a temperature of 30 degrees will be enough to get them clean. Shirts and coloured T-shirts are best washed at 40 degrees and duvet covers at 60 or 90 degrees.

Ariel heavy-duty detergent, for example, is suitable for all temperature ranges and can therefore be used universally. Ariel Regular detergent, whether in liquid or powder form, ensures a brilliant wash result at low temperatures such as 30 degrees.

Temperature Textiles
30 °C Whites and fine linens
40 °C Shirts, jeans and coloured linens
60 - 90 °C Duvet covers


Ariel detergent contains fragrances that leave your laundry smelling great after every wash. It is available in a variety of fragrances. Simply choose the fragrance you like when you buy it.

However, if you have sensitive skin, make sure you choose a detergent that is suitable for it, as if you are allergic to fragrances, Ariel detergent can cause skin allergies.


Not all detergents contain sustainable substances to clean your laundry. Frequent washing is quite harmful to the environment, as synthetic substances are released into the water and thus into nature. Even with Ariel detergent, some of these harmful ingredients cannot be avoided.

Nevertheless, Ariel is committed to sustainability and strives to achieve this by increasing the yield and therefore the efficiency of a detergent. Increased yield means that you can clean your laundry with less detergent.

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