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You are at the Wellness Guide, your review site on the internet. Today we will assist you in finding an accessory that adds to the look and many do not dispense: the Armani watch.

But we're not talking about just any model. We're talking about a renowned brand, which has models from analog to digital, even including smartwatch models. To learn more about it, follow the reading.


  • Armani watches are produced by two subdivisions of Giorgio Armani: Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange.
  • Armani watches work with a quartz mechanism, making them more precise than the mechanical models themselves.
  • Some models cost less than GBP£ 91, while others exceed the GBP£ 0,40 thousand barrier.

The best Armani Watches: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The Armani watch is an object of consumption. The brand is highly regarded and also produces quality products and its watches are no exception.

In this Shopping Guide, we tell you a little about the history of the brand, how the mechanism of the Armani watch works, where it is manufactured, how much it costs, among other relevant information for you who want a piece.

Um relógio Emporio Armani de armação prateada e fundo da tela azul está com a pulseira fechada e deitado em cima de uma mesa.

Armani watches are compared to brands such as Hugo Boss, Guess and Diesel. (Source: Dimitri Houtteman/

What is the Armani watch?

Armani watches have both men's and women's models, having the mechanism made from quartz.

The watches are mainly made through Emporio Armani, which is a subdivision of Giorgio Armani more focused on accessories.
Italian Giorgio Armani's namesake company was born in 1975, while Emporio Armani came in the early 1980s.

Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani are the only two brands mostly designed by Giorgio himself, having a spotlight at Milan Fashion Week every year, unlike other subdivisions of the brand, such as Armani Jeans and Armani Exchange.

Emporio Armani is the only subdivision of the brand that also has its own boutique and official website.

Armani Exchange produces some models, which are also for sale in Brazil.

Giorgio Armani employs over 7,300 people and has an annual revenue of €2.9 billion (figure based on 2016 data).

What is a quartz mechanism?

From wristwatches to wall clocks, there are several models that have the quartz mechanism, existing since the 20th century.

Watches with this type of mechanism are more accurate than the mechanical ones themselves. Quartz is the second most common mineral on earth.

The watches rely on a quartz crystal that works like a battery. When it vibrates, it transmits the movement to an electronic circuit which in turn causes the gears of the hands to move.

The crystal always oscillates precisely and regularly, always 32,678 times per second. This frequency is used to determine the passage of time.

The first quartz watch was created at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1927 in the USA.

The first actual wristwatch with the mechanism was made in 1969 by the Japanese company Seiko. The first version, curiously, cost the equivalent of a new car.

In the 1970s, the technology became more popular and watches became cheaper, causing the winding models to be almost completely replaced in the market by the quartz mechanism.

Um relógio Emporio Armani está prateado e com fundo do visor preto está em close num fundo preto.

Giorgio Armani has an annual revenue of 2.9 billion euros. (Source: Jonathan Petersson/

For what occasions is the Armani watch ideal?

Armani watches are sophisticated, but at the same time they are equally modern. There are dozens of different models on the market and some marry more with certain occasions than others.

In general, Armani watches are ideal for casual situations and also for work environment use.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a model of the brand.

  • Casual and work use
  • Time accuracy due to the quartz mechanism
  • It has male and female models
  • It may contain multiple functions
  • Its bracelets are made of various materials, such as silicone and steel
  • Very high prices
  • There are few digital options
  • It is resistant, but not fully waterproof

Is the Armani watch waterproof?

The Armani watch is resistant, but not totally waterproof. The current models on the market have a resistance of 3 ATM, 5 ATM and 10 ATM (30 meters, 50 meters and 100 meters).

This allows you to wash your hands and receive rain splashes, according to the description of the products. However, it is not recommended to get into the swimming pool, the sea or bathing in the water while wearing your Armani watch.

Where is the Armani watch manufactured?

The Fossil Group is one of the companies responsible for the manufacture and distribution of Armani watches. Although the company is American, its manufacture is carried out in southern China.

In Brazil, since 2013, Technos da Amazônia Indústria e Comércio S/A is responsible for the distribution of Armani watches and also for the manufacture of some models.

Which Armani watch is compared to other models?

Armani watches are usually compared to models from brands such as Hugo Boss and even Gucci - although the options of this brand are much more expensive than Armani.

Armani watches are also compared with models from brands such as Guess, Diesel and Michael Kors - the latter two also manufactured by the Fossil Group.

Um relógio Emporio Armani está fotografado de lado, estando em um expositor, sob uma luz azulada.

Technos da Amazônia Indústria e Comércio S/A distributes and manufactures Armani watches in Brazil. (Source: Aixklusiv/

Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying an Armani watch

Are you interested in the Armani watch options? Well, there's not much left for you to be 100% prepared to make a conscious choice. To get it right, we have listed some items that should be analysed as well.

Based on these items, we will now detail them for you to better understand what they mean.

Analogue or digital

Most Armani watch models today are analogue. These are classic and match in any situation.

However, options with a digital dial also go down well, especially in a more casual context and a more stripped-down look. Smartwatches are good examples of digital and on-the-go models.


The bracelets of Armani watches can be quite different from each other. The reason for this is that each piece has its own characteristics that make it unique.

From the design to the colours, the bracelets/bands are a big draw of the watches. The material also varies according to the piece, but it boils down to three types: steel, silicone, leather and nylon.

Multiple functions

There are Armani watch models that will offer you exactly what watches were originally designed to do: show the time.

However, with the advance of technology, watches are now doing much more than simply pointing out the time of that exact moment when you looked at the screen.

Some Armani watches also offer even relatively simpler functions, such as chronograph, calendar, alarm, and even more elaborate smartwatch functions, including touchscreen, music, messages, among others.

Alguns modelos de relógio Emporio Armani estão em exposição em uma loja.

Some Armani watch models easily surpass the GBP£ 3 thousand barrier. (Source: Oleksandr Lutsenko/ 123RF)

Battery life

The quartz mechanism battery lasts approximately two years. However, this period will depend on the functions of the watch.

The simplest models, which only show the time, naturally use less battery power. On the other hand, those with multiple functions, such as a calendar, alarms and lights, end up lasting less.

When it comes to smartwatches, for example, battery life is much shorter. If you use it frequently, it's normal to have to charge it once a day.

(Featured image source: Disclosure/ Emporio Armani)