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An armchair has long been part of cosy living room furnishings. Over the centuries, a wide variety of styles and uses have developed. Today, it is hard to imagine the office, garden or dining table without an armchair. A wide range of options in terms of design, colour and material means that everyone can find the right armchair.

Different additional functions can make the armchair more than just a kind of chair. In our guide, we show you the important differences and what you can look out for when buying. In this way, you will find exactly the right model for your needs.


  • Today, armchairs come in many different designs, colours and materials. So you have a wide choice to find the right armchair for you.
  • Armchairs are indispensable in living rooms, at dining tables, in reading corners, in the garden or in the office. There are suitable materials for them, such as leather, wood or rattan.
  • In addition, there are now many functions, such as the reclining function. Some models also have a massage function or a stand-up aid. So armchairs are versatile and useful.

The Best Armchair: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for armchairs

Here we have listed the most important buying criteria that you can use as a guide.

In the following, we explain what is important to consider.


Armchairs are available in a wide variety of materials. These depend on the use. Chairs for outdoor use need weatherproof textiles. Cosy armchairs for the living room are available in chic velvet or leather or in the easy-care and pet-friendly variety such as imitation leather or fabric. Some models do not have soft upholstery and are therefore ideal for the garden, such as rattan chairs. So there are big differences here, which is the first thing you can think about. Some models have wooden or metal frames, for example. Here, too, the visual appearance and the ease of cleaning are decisive.


There are now many different styles of armchairs. These are also strongly related to the type of use. The size and furnishings of the room can also be decisive for the choice of style. For example, there are modern elegant armchairs and also heavy-looking recliners. Retro or vintage armchairs are also very trendy. There is a wide range of colours and also shapes, from the classic wing chair to modern egg-shaped armchairs. When deciding on the style, you should also consider the use of the chair. For example, dining room chairs should be lighter and smaller than fixed large TV chairs.

Maximum weight load

Most armchairs have a set maximum weight load. This indicates how sturdy they are built and how much weight they can support. This value should definitely be taken into account when choosing the right armchair. After all, the chair should give you pleasure for a long time.

Seat height

There are different seat heights for armchairs. Before buying, it is particularly important to consider the type of person for whom the chair is intended. Children need a very low seat height. At the desk, it is pleasant if the height can be adjusted flexibly. For older people, it is easier to stand up if the seat height is not too low or if there is even a stand-up function. The seat height should also be compared with the height of the dining table or coffee table. And, of course, it should suit your own preferences.


Armchairs can be used in many ways. Your personal preferences are decisive here. What do you want to use the armchair for? Among other things, there are cosy recliners, lounge chairs, chairs for the desk or for the reading corner. For breastfeeding mothers or parents who accompany their toddlers to sleep, a swinging armchair is a good choice. A person who sits a lot and or already struggles with back pain should pay attention to the ergonomic shape of the backrest. There are electric chairs with massage, heat or stand-up functions. These are suitable for particularly comfortable rest breaks.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about armchairs answered in detail

This section deals with the most important questions that need to be answered when buying an armchair.

Who is an armchair suitable for?

Basically, an armchair is suitable for everyone. There is a wide range of uses and materials for this very purpose. There is something for every taste. In addition, armchairs complete the living room and can underline a certain style of furnishing with their appearance.


An armchair is suitable for the whole family. When the reading and coffee drinking is over, the seat is sometimes taken over directly. (Image source: Jexo/ Unplash)

What types of armchairs are there?

There are armchairs for a wide variety of uses. For example, there are outdoor chairs that are particularly weatherproof. There are swinging armchairs, which are particularly suitable for small children or babies. Electric recliners are particularly popular with older people who want to be supported by a stand-up or reclining function. There are also functional office or dining room chairs that focus not only on cosiness but also on ergonomic comfort. Which type you choose depends on how you want to use it. You are sure to find something suitable here.

How much does an armchair cost?

The price of an armchair depends on the material, the style and the brand.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (50 - 80€) Simple swing armchairs with wooden frames
Medium-priced (80 - 120€) Elegant armchairs for sitting at the table
High-priced (from 120€) High-quality armchairs with different uses

So even in the lower-priced categories there are chic practical armchairs. For the higher-priced categories, you can expect top quality and more uses.

How do you clean an armchair?

A distinction should be made here according to the material. Imitation leather, smooth leather and weatherproof textiles can easily be wiped down with water and cleaned. There are special sofa shampoos that can be used for armchairs with fabric covers. Or you can use tried and tested household remedies such as bicarbonate of soda or vinegar water. These work wonders against stains, odours and also house mites. It is especially important to consider, whether using shampoo or a natural stain remover, to test the cleaning on a small area in advance. Another option is to leave the cleaning to professionals who know all about the different materials.


You can spend your quiet evening hours in an armchair or dine comfortably at the dining table. They are available for a wide range of uses. Their design is just as varied, with different styles and different colours. So there is a suitable armchair for every taste and every room. In an armchair you can enjoy a rest, read, watch TV, drink coffee and also work. You can choose according to your individual preferences. You decide which armchair suits you and your needs.

(Cover photo: Di_An_h/ Unsplash)