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A fireplace in winter brings real cosiness into the room. Cosy warmth, a relaxing time with family and friends on cold, gloomy winter days in front of the fireplace recharge our batteries.

Unfortunately, regular cleaning of the stove is not so romantic. Ash residues cannot simply be removed. An ash vacuum cleaner can help here.


  • Ash vacuum cleaners make cleaning the stove very easy and uncomplicated where a conventional hoover is not suitable for this purpose.
  • A distinction is made between ash vacuum cleaners with and without a motor and a self-cleaning ash vacuum cleaner as well as the characteristics and their functionalities.
  • Ash vacuum cleaners without a motor are intended for sporadic suitability, the other two variants can also be used daily and are also characterised by their strong suction power.

The Best Ash Vacuum Cleaner: Our Choices

There are many ash vacuum cleaners to choose from. But not all of them are convincing in terms of quality and durability. We have selected the best products below to help you make your choice.

Ash Vacuum Cleaner: Buying and Evaluation Criteria

In the following, we give you an overview of the factors you can use to compare and evaluate ash vacuum cleaners. This selection guide should make it easier for you to find a suitable appliance. You should consider the following criteria:

In the following paragraphs, we explain what is important in the individual purchase criteria.


The power is an important reason for buying, because the higher the power, the better the suction power and the better the suction power, the more effectively the ash and soot particles are sucked in.

Of course, there is also the question of frequency of use.

If used several times a week, appliances without a motor are not necessarily suitable.

In this case, ash vacuum cleaners with a motor and possibly even self-cleaning ash vacuum cleaners are more suitable, as they are easier to clean.

Hopper volume

The container volume is also important, because it depends on the quantities of ash and soot particles you want to vacuum up. The container volumes start at 6 litres and can even have a volume of 17 to 21 litres.

However, ash vacuum cleaners with a very large container may become too heavy when the container is full. For this reason, there is also the option of purchasing units with castors.

Operating radius

The length of the power cable and the suction hose should also be taken into account. For indoor use, a short power cable is usually sufficient because a socket is usually located near the stove.

For outdoor use, the ash vacuum cleaner should have a longer cable or you can use an extension cable.

The suction hose comes in different sizes, so you should pay attention to handling and easy storage.

Ash vacuum cleaners usually have a suction hose with a suction tube and this can be up to two metres long. The length of the hose should be chosen according to the stove. A long hose is suitable for sucking up all residues without much effort, a short hose is more flexible and therefore very suitable for small stoves.

Total weight

Ash vacuum cleaners have a very low dead weight, usually between 3 and 7 kg. However, it should be noted here that the filling quantity of the container is added as a weight.

Therefore, if an ash vacuum cleaner with a large container volume is used, it can be a problem if it becomes too heavy. There is also the option of castors.

Ease of cleaning

There are significant differences in the effort required for cleaning. Ash vacuum cleaners without a motor dust easily when opened, so you should empty the container outside. The filter must be tapped regularly, otherwise blockages will occur.

It is similar for ash vacuum cleaners with a motor, here the cleaning process is the same as for the device without a motor.

However, the situation is different with self-cleaning ash vacuum cleaners. It cleans itself with a powerful turbine, which prevents blockages and means that the filter does not have to be replaced so often. Only the container has to be emptied manually.


Every ash vacuum cleaner has a filter. However, there are differences in quality. Most devices are equipped with a paper filter, which clogs more easily. Washable filter systems are more practical. However, these are also only durable to a limited extent.

A high-quality filter is a centrifugal filter. The rotation technology prevents residues from getting stuck in the filter in the first place. Such filters are mainly found in self-cleaning devices. Of course, they cost a little more.

Ash Vacuum Cleaner: Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Here we answer the most important questions about ash vacuum cleaners. We have selected and answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

What is an ash vacuum cleaner?

An ash vacuum cleaner is a special vacuum cleaner that sucks impurities into a large metal collection container.

A special feature is the special filter (HEPA filter), which is supposed to ensure particularly fine filtration, because conventional hoovers also suck up ash, but distribute it almost completely in the room, because the ash is not filtered properly.

Normally, an ash vacuum cleaner also has a special suction nozzle, usually made of aluminium, which ensures that the vacuum cleaner is not damaged during suction.

What types of ash vacuum cleaners are there?

If you want to buy an ash vacuum cleaner, there are three alternatives, which we present in the following table:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Ash hoover without motor Low price Can only be used in combination with hoover, not suitable for hot ash, low suction power, highly flammable filter system
Ash vacuum cleaner with motor Single unit, hot ash can be vacuumed, strong suction power, different filter systems High price, high power consumption, loudness
Self-cleaning ash vacuum cleaner Single unit, hot ash can be vacuumed, strong suction power, self-cleaning, less clogging High price, high power consumption, loudness

Most ash vacuum cleaners also have an integrated blowing function that can be used to remove the last ash residues from crevices that are difficult to vacuum. Care should be taken that you never blow into a large pile of ash, otherwise it will spread throughout the room.

How much does an ash vacuum cleaner cost?

Here, too, there are different price classes. An ash vacuum cleaner without a motor tends to be a cheap product, devices with a motor and self-cleaning function cost a little more because they are of better quality.

Units without a motor are relatively simple, so they cost around 10 to 30 euros.

Ash vacuum cleaners with a motor contain a high-quality filter system, where a price of 30 to 80 euros can be expected, and self-cleaning ash vacuum cleaners are available from 50 euros, with prices varying according to manufacturer and model.

Model price range
Ash vacuum cleaner without motor approx. 10-30€
Ash vacuum cleaner with motor approx. 30-80€
Self-cleaning ash vacuum cleaner from approx. 50€

Since the models differ greatly in their operation and features, you should consider in advance what you need the ash vacuum cleaner for and how often you will use it.

What are the alternatives to an ash vacuum cleaner?

There are many models of ash vacuum cleaners. It usually takes a little more time to get an idea, and each model has its advantages and disadvantages. In the following section, we will give you a brief overview of the alternatives to buying an ash vacuum cleaner.

Type Description
Rent an ash vacuum cleaner To avoid buying the wrong model for yourself, specialist dealers usually offer a rental service for ash vacuum cleaners. In this way, different models can be tested.
Wet vacuum cleaner A wet vacuum cleaner is not intended for this purpose, but there are wet vacuum cleaners that are also suitable for vacuuming ashes. It is essential to ensure that an ash filter is used with this appliance so that it can be vacuumed without damage. The ash must also be cooled down, otherwise it can cause a fire.

Each vacuum cleaner has its advantages, of course. Nevertheless, an ash vacuum cleaner seems to be the best choice for cleaning the fireplace. It is not for nothing that these appliances have a special filter that is only designed for vacuuming ash.

Can I also vacuum up ashes with a normal hoover?

A normal hoover could be damaged very quickly by heat or even become completely unusable. The hoover is also not dense enough to retain the vacuumed material, so the ashes would spread throughout the room.


Unfortunately, as cosy as a fireplace is, cleaning it with the wrong tools is not. (Image source: Niklas Tidbury / unsplash)

Filter systems of hoovers are not suitable for ashes, you could probably suck up ashes once with it, but afterwards the filter has to be cleaned directly to be able to continue vacuuming at all.

Can I build an ash vacuum cleaner myself?

You can get a new filter at the DIY store. If it doesn't fit your model, you can temporarily build a threaded rod by bending it twice for 90 degrees.

This will then serve as a holder for the filter. This way it can be attached to the tank again. Here the question really arises as to whether it would even be possible to make one yourself at an even lower price.

How do I clean an ash vacuum cleaner properly?

It is best to clean it outdoors and wait until the absorbed ash has settled. Remove the filter and free it from coarse impurities by tapping it.


With the right ash vacuum model, cleaning the stove is quick and easy. (Image source: enriquelopezgarre / pixabay)

For a stronger cleaning, the filter can also be blown out. Then reinsert the filter into the ash vacuum cleaner and make sure that it is firmly seated, including the seal.


An ash vacuum cleaner is worthwhile in every household where there is a fireplace or where ashes need to be vacuumed up. However, to find the best model for you, you should take some time to compare, possibly even borrow and try it out.

In order to pay special attention to these things, it is a good idea to use a kind of checklist to evaluate different products. In this way, you can easily and quickly determine which ash vacuum cleaner is most suitable or which comes closest to the selected criteria.

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