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Hey, welcome to Monederosmart! A laptop is often more than just a laptop, it's a work desk, a small entertainment space or a mobile digital workshop. If we're going to use one of these devices for full-time work or play, we should choose the best, an Asus laptop.

To help you choose your future Asus laptop, we bring you this comprehensive buying guide where we not only look at which Asus laptops are the most competitive on the market, we also tell you why. We'll also give you some interesting facts about Asus laptops, including where to buy them and how much to buy them for.


  • Asus brand laptops are notebooks that feature high performance, attractive designs and multiple applications designed to enhance the user experience. The Taiwan-based company is a leading manufacturer of such devices, which is why they tend to be among the best in their class.
  • There are two types of Asus laptops for sale, notebooks and Chromebooks. Notebooks are the classic notebooks we all know, with powerful processors and large storage, paired with the Windows operating system. A Chromebook is a lower-priced, lower-performance model that comes with Google's operating system.
  • These laptops are made to fit two things, your expectations and your budget. If your budget isn't that high, or if you're not going to demand much from your Asus computer, look for a Chromebook. Otherwise, look at processor power, Ram memory and storage capacity, as these are the most important components.

The Best Asus Laptops: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about ASUS laptops

Don't know much about Asus laptops? No problem! In this section we'll guide you through everything you need to know about this brand's laptops. This way you'll find out how different their regular models and Chromebooks are, as well as the best places to buy them and, as a bonus, a few interesting facts.

Finished your work with time to spare, it's time to play with your ZenBook! (Photo: gstockstudio /

What is the difference between Asus laptops and other brands?

The main difference between Asus laptops is that their line of laptops is mostly aimed at the high-end market. Rarely will you find models that are only suitable for less demanding tasks, such as checking Facebook and watching YouTube videos, as they are designed to satisfy the most demanding uses by their users.

One of the Asus brand's biggest competitors is Dell, who tend to have very close ratings when it comes to performance rankings for their laptops. Asus stands out over Dell because Dell often uses components from other models in their laptops, making them less reliable.

Asus Dell
Design approach High performance laptops Aim to cover all budgets
Component reliability Reliable, they are the same between laptops of the same model Use different components in the same laptops
Target audience Gamers, professionals, designers Professionals, designers
Cost-efficiency High Fair

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an Asus laptop?

There are many advantages to using Asus laptops, as not only are they incredibly efficient in terms of performance, they are also incredibly efficient on your wallet. Many of the laptops from this brand are excellent value for money, as you will hardly find models of similar performance at a better price.

Their wide range of gaming models ensures that everyone will be able to find an Asus laptop for gaming, safe in the knowledge that it will suit their pocket. And for those who want to use it for tasks such as graphic or web design, or even programming, these laptops are powerful and very versatile.

  • Very convenient prices
  • Wide range of models available
  • Very efficient budget range
  • Good customer service
  • Excellent factory applications
  • Original chargers hard to get
  • Certain designs can be overkill
  • Some can get too hot

What you didn't know about Asus laptops

If you'd like to know a bit more about these laptops, here's some interesting information about the models released by Asus. This will help you make a better decision, as it will give you the confidence that you are making the right purchase.

How do I get technical service and spare parts for Asus laptops?

In all electronics, especially components and parts, brand does matter. If you need a repair service for your Asus laptop from an official centre, look for the branches of A Plus (Monterrey, Nuevo León and Col del Valle, CDMX), Sinteg (Zapopan, Jalisco and Doctores, Cuauhtémoc) or Reset Norte (Boulevares, Naucalpan).

Asus laptops are laptops with high performance, attractive designs and multiple applications designed to enhance the user experience.
(Photo: Wildbore/

Are there Asus laptops for gamers?

For many people with no knowledge of electronics, it is very difficult to know when something is "good for gaming". Asus solved this problem by launching laptops for gamers under its Republic of Gamers series. They are perfect to buy if you can't tell the difference between gaming laptops and regular laptops.

Where are Asus laptops made?

Many Asus components are made in Taiwan, China, Mexico and the Czech Republic, which allows them to have low costs and excellent quality controls, which in turn translates into better quality at a lower price. As an additional curiosity, many computers and laptops from other brands have been assembled in Asus factories.

Buying criteria

It really is very easy to decide how good these laptops are, you just have to start by looking at their components or the line for which they have been released. In this section we are going to show you how to identify Asus laptops, as well as their components and factory applications.


Asus offers multiple series of laptops designed to work best for a certain group of people. Knowing them will help you know which models you would get along best with, or which ones you should start looking for in the first place. Whether you're a professional or a full-time gamer, there's an Asus for you.

Republic of Gamers and TUF: These are series dedicated to gamers. RoG is intended for gamers who spare no expense and want high-performance models. TUF aims to give access to those with more modest budgets, bringing gaming laptops at affordable prices.

VivoBook: These are less specialised laptops, designed to meet the budget and expectations of those who are not planning to buy a single-purpose computer. They can range from models with powerful 4K displays to more modest versions for surfing the web.

ZenBook: These are "ultrabook" models, i.e. laptops with slim designs. These laptops are intended to appeal to buyers who expect flashy computers, as their sleek appearance does not affect their performance. They often lack certain features, such as Ethernet inputs or graphics cards.

ASUSPRO: These are similar to the ZenBooks, but these are a bit more focused on professionals. They have long battery life, low-profile designs, and high-performance components. They are ideal for those who tend to carry their laptops with them everywhere they go, as they are light in weight and high in performance.

An Asus laptop will allow you to access your work or relaxation studio from anywhere (Photo: Antonio Guillem /

Chromebook vs Notebook

Asus offers two categories of laptops, the lower-performance models intended for working with the internet at all times, and those that don't need to be connected at all to work at 100%.

Chromebook: These are laptops with low internal memory and low processing power that use Chrome OS, intended to work with the internet continuously. They have low prices and the reason for their low memory is that they are designed to store everything in the cloud. They are ideal if you plan to use your laptop only for web browsing.

Notebook: These are regular models with a Windows operating system. They are usually more expensive than notebooks, but have good processing power and large storage. They will serve you to the fullest regardless of whether they are connected to the internet or not. They are the best laptops for freelancers, professionals and gamers.

Applications and Software

Asus includes software in many of its laptops that aims to improve the user experience for those who buy them. These can improve their graphics, sound or even completely change the way they are operated. Here you will find the most common ones and their functions.

Application or program Asus Audio Wizard Asus Eye Care ASUS Tru2Life Technology ASUS SMART Gesture Technology
Function Sound Control Avoid eye strain Improve image quality Gesture Computer Control


As well as software, Asus includes its own technology that increases the performance of its notebooks. This affects things like battery life and key presses. In this box we will show you what this brand usually includes in their laptops to make them more efficient.

Technology Included IceCool Asus Ergonomic Keyboard Design ASUS SuperBatt Technology Asus Super Hybird Engine II
Function Reduces laptop temperature Improves keyboard feel Batteries last up to 2.5 times longer Reliable sleep and auto-save

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