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Nobody likes to talk about it, but everyone has it: earwax. The secretion protects the human ear from dust, invading substances or insects, and repels bacteria. But if the earwax gets out of hand, it has to be removed manually. However, cotton swabs are not recommended because they push the wax further into the ear canal instead of out. The solution?

Audispray is a natural remedy for ear hygiene. In our big audio spray test 2022 we show you what you need to know about audio spray, what types there are and what you should look out for to make your decision as easy as possible.


  • Audispray is an ear spray for hygiene and natural cleaning of earwax. It uses the positive effect of seawater on the ear and a microbiologically controlled solution to dissolve earwax so that it can move out of the ear canal naturally.
  • There are four different Audispray products. Three of them target different age groups, namely Audispray Adult, Audispray Junior and Audibaby. The fourth type of product, Audispray Ultra, is used when a plug of earwax has already formed.
  • Cotton swabs should not be used for ear hygiene. Audispray offers an inexpensive and practical alternative here: the daily application works very simply, the earwax dissolves and only needs to be wiped off with a dry cloth.

The Best Audispray: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Audispray

What is Audispray used for?

Earwax is an important secretion in the human body that protects the ear against drying out, dust, bacteria and insects. Wearing headphones or hearing aids, or through natural predisposition, causes the body to produce more earwax that can no longer be removed naturally.

Earwax fulfils important tasks for the body - but if your voice gets too loud in your ears, it might be time for audio spray. (Image source: / Thomas Wolter)

That's why the company Laboratories has developed Diepharmex Audispray. These are sprays for ear hygiene. This is because treatment with the spray helps to remove earwax from the ear canal in a natural way, so that no plugs can form. These are not only painful, but can also affect hearing by preventing the eardrum from vibrating freely.

What are the ingredients in Audispray?

Audispray contains a hypertonic, microbiologically controlled sea salt solution that dissolves earwax. Special products also contain glycerine or a combination of different surfactants to tackle particularly stubborn earwax plugs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Audispray?

Audispray combines several advantages. First of all, it is very easy to use. The spray head atomises the seawater so finely that it is not unpleasant in the ear itself.

The use of the controlled sea salt solution also stands out from homemade saline solutions, as the former has an antibacterial effect and also shows a better result.

In addition, the Audispray packs are very economical: Audispray Adult gives about 180 sprays, which means that it will last for about two months if used 2 times a day. Audispray junior contains 140 sprays and is therefore sufficient for use twice a week for just over four months.

The disadvantages of Audispray are, on the one hand, the effort involved, since it should be used every day and this takes a few minutes. On the other hand, the effect is ideal for normal earwax production, but in extreme cases it may not be sufficient. In any case, treatment with Audispray does not replace professional ear rinsing.

We have summarised the advantages and disadvantages here:

  • Fast and effective
  • Antibacterial
  • Economical vial
  • Effort
  • Too little in extreme cases
  • Sprays take some getting used to at first

What alternatives are there to Audispray?

You can use various methods of ear cleaning as an alternative to Audispray.

The most popular form of ear hygiene is still the cotton bud.

However, cotton swabs are generally not recommended because they push the earwax further into the ear canal instead of getting it out.

Other alternatives are oil-based ear spray or professional ear cleaning, which is done in specialist practices. You can also clean your ears with homemade saline solution and an ear shower.

Decision: What types of audispray are there and which is right for you?

There are four different Audispray products that vary in their area of application:

  • Audispray Adult
  • Audispray Ultra
  • Audispray Junior
  • Audibaby

In the following paragraphs, we will show you exactly what they are and what differentiates these products.

What is Audispray Adult and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Audispray Adult is an ear spray for daily use for adults and adolescents aged 12 and over. It is a spray made from hypertonic, microbiologically controlled sea salt solution. Two sprays daily are recommended for use.

Audispray does not contain any preservatives.

The advantages of Audispray Adult are obvious: On the one hand, it is a natural product and does not contain any harmful substances, propellants or preservatives. On the other hand, regular use prevents the formation of earwax plugs.

In addition, Audispray Adult is inexpensive and long-lasting, as one bottle is sufficient for a few euros for up to two months.

As mentioned above, however, it is quite time-consuming to treat the ears with Audispray every day. In addition, it can be an unfamiliar feeling when you spray the cold liquid into your ears. The remedy here is to warm the vials a little before treatment.

Since Audispray does not contain any preservatives, it does not have a very long shelf life after opening the bottle.

Here we have listed the advantages and disadvantages again:

  • Antibacterial
  • No preservatives
  • Low-cost vial
  • Effort
  • Sprays take some getting used to at first
  • Not long-lasting after opening

What is Audispray Ultra and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

If earwax has already formed, Audispray Ultra can help. This is a special product from Audispray that was developed especially for cases of hardship.

Audispray Ultra supplements the ingredients of Audispray with two additional active ingredients:

  • Docusate sodium breaks down the components of the earwax plug
  • Ethoxydiglycol dissolves the lipids, i.e. fatty components in the earwax plug

These two ingredients make Audispray Ultra a gentle treatment for the quite painful plug. The plug is dissolved and then transported out of the ear canal naturally and can simply be wiped off with dry cloths.

The ear canal is quite short and the eardrum must be able to vibrate freely. If a plug forms in front of it, it is painful and hearing performance can be affected. (Image source: / Reimund Bertrams)

Basically, Audispray Ultra has very similar advantages and disadvantages as Audispray Adult. Audispray Ultra is also free of preservatives and should therefore be used up quickly after opening. The treatment is unfamiliar at first, so it is a good idea to warm the bottle in your hand or on the radiator before use.

What are the children's alternatives to Audispray and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

In addition to Audispray Adult and Audispray Ultra, there is also Audispray Junior and Audibaby. As the name suggests, these alternatives are for children and babies as they have more sensitive ear canals. Therefore, additional, special active ingredients are needed to make the products suitable for children and babies.

Audispray Junior is enriched with glycerine in addition to seawater. This makes the skin of the ear canal supple and additionally moisturises the delicate skin so that the child always has clean ears. The application is recommended twice a week.

Gentle ear cleaning is especially important for the delicate skin of children. (Image source: / Freestocks Photos)

Audispray Junior is suitable for children aged 3 to 12. For younger children, there is Audibaby: These are single-use pipettes with pure sea salt solution. Since cleaning the ears of babies often involves a lot of effort and is often difficult, Audibaby is perfect for preparing them for a medical examination.

The effect of Audibaby has been tested in a study: Prof. Bernard Salle tested 27 babies with Audibaby at the Hospital Edouard Herriot in Lyon for tolerance and earwax quantity. It was found that infants not only tolerated Audibaby very well, but the amount of earwax in the treated ear was significantly less than in the non-treated ear.

Did you know that infants in particular are often affected by middle ear infections?

On average, every second European child gets it during the first year of life. In this case, you should refrain from using audio spray.

There are hardly any disadvantages of Audispray Junior and Audibaby - at least none that cannot also be found for Audispray Adult or Audispray Ultra. It is important to bear in mind that both do not contain any preservatives and therefore have a limited shelf life. This is less relevant for Audibaby, as it is a single dose anyway.

You should also warm up Audispray Junior and Audibaby before use so that it is as pleasant as possible for your baby or child.

Here we have listed the advantages and disadvantages again:

  • Antibacterial
  • No preservatives
  • Pleasant for babies and children
  • Sprays take some getting used to with cold bottles
  • Not long-lasting after opening

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Audispray

You have decided to say goodbye to cotton buds and to use ear sprays instead?

Then we've listed some criteria you can look out for if you're not sure which product is right for you. Our categories are:

In the following, we explain these factors in more detail.

Area of application

Depending on what you want to use Audispray for, there are different products:

  • Do you simply want an ear spray for daily cleaning and hygiene, and to prevent a plug of earwax from forming? Then Audispray Adult is for you.
  • Do you struggle with earwax plugs, but they are not so severe that you need to visit a specialist? Then you can fight the plug with Audispray Ultra.
  • Do you need ear spray for your child under 12 to give them gentle, optimal ear hygiene too? Then Audispray Junior is the right choice.
  • Do you also want to give your baby under 3 years of age a gentle, earwax-dissolving cleaning, for example for hygiene or before a medical examination? Then we recommend Audibaby.


All Audispray products use a hypertonic, microbiologically controlled sea salt solution that does not contain preservatives or propellants. In the case of Audispray Adult and Audibaby, this is also the only ingredient used, which means that the quality of the products is not dependent on any number of factors, but is always available in high quality.

Kerstin LammFachärztin für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde
Do you know this? You're swimming in the sea, water gets into your ear. You shake it out - but the feeling of a "full", blocked ear remains?

If water has got into your ear and a feeling of fullness remains even after it has been removed, this is due to swollen earwax, says Prof. Kerstin Lamm, an ENT doctor. If this feeling persists, you should definitely visit a specialist practice, because this earwax needs to be professionally rinsed off. (Source:

Audispray Ultra and Audispray Junior have other active ingredients that fulfil certain functions.

In Audispray Ultra, it is a combination of two ingredients, docusate sodium and ethoxadiglycol, which is used in addition to the sea salt solution. This breaks down earwax plugs and dissolves them into their individual parts, allowing them to be easily excreted from the ear canal.

Audispray Junior also uses glycerine in addition to the sea salt solution, which is gentle on children's skin and also makes treatment with Audispray all the more pleasant.

For children

If you need Audispray not (only) for yourself, but also for your children, then it is important to pay attention to their age. For this purpose, we have prepared a table showing which product is suitable for which age:

Product Age
Audibaby 0 to 3 years
Audispray Junior 3 to 12 years
Audispray Ultra 3 years and older
Audispray Adult 12 years and older

Interesting facts about the topic of audispray

How do I use Audispray?

Audispray Adult is recommended to be used daily with one to two sprays in each ear, but can also be used only two to three times a week.

The Audispray spray head is adapted to the anatomy of the human ear for optimal insertion.

Audispray Ultra is applied twice a day with two sprays into the affected ear canal. For children, twice a week is usually sufficient.

Did you know that cotton swabs are not suitable for cleaning ears?

They can damage the eardrum and push earwax further into the ear canal instead of removing it. This can cause plugs to form, which can affect hearing performance.

If the earwax does not drain out on its own after the soaking time, you can also perform an earwash. This involves injecting water into the ear with a syringe. This will rinse out the earwax.

Can I use Audispray if I wear a hearing aid?

In principle, yes - but of course not while you are wearing the hearing aid. It is recommended that you spray one or two sprays into the ear canal every evening after removing the hearing aid. To avoid damaging the hearing aid, you should not wear it immediately after using Audispray.

Is there a case where I should not use Audispray?

Audispray should not be used in case of otitis media, perforation of the eardrum or in general if you have a medical history such as dizziness, medical or surgical procedures or similar.

If pregnancy is present, Audispray can be used without hesitation.

How was Audispray developed?

The benefits and effect of seawater on earwax were discovered when the ears of deep-sea divers were studied. Seawater contains ions and trace elements that break down and decompose components of earwax such as fat, cholesterol and skin flakes.

This is why Audispray was developed over 20 years ago. The product has constantly evolved and the formula has been constantly improved.

Picture source: Jovan Mandic/