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There is no doubt that cars are among the greatest national passions. And there is no age to start or finish! That is why the autorama has been much more than a toy for many decades.

If you are in doubt about buying an autorama for your child - or yourself! but are not sure that this is the best choice, you will find answers in this article. From now on, we'll tell you everything we know about this family pastime.


  • An autorama is a toy that simulates a car circuit. Among the most common models are the modular ones, which come with wired control and have two racing tracks.
  • One of the greatest challenges for those who play with an autorama is to control the cars on curves without losing speed and stability.
  • According to the age of those who are going to play, there are the most suitable models. For children under 4 years old, for example, the best is that the autorama has large parts to avoid accidents.

The Best Best Autorama: Our Picks

Buying guide: all you need to know about the autorama

It's hard to find anyone who isn't excited by an autorama. But because it's such an old toy, you might think it's outdated. In this section, we show you that it's still a fun experience to play with family and friends. Follow along with us!


The autorama is a toy that simulates a car circuit. Among the most common models are the modular ones, which come with wired control and have two racing tracks. Source: Kitchner Bain /

What is an autorama?

An autorama is a toy consisting of a miniature racing track developed with specific tracks to receive miniature toy cars. Most models have cars that imitate Formula 1 cars.

The autorama track is, in general, composed of small separable plates. Therefore, it is possible to assemble several different circuits by changing the position of these modules.

Each time you build your autorama, you can create new routes to make the challenge even more exciting

What are the types of autorama?

Although it can vary a lot between models and track layouts, there is also another way to differentiate the types of autorama: the way you handle the toy and control the cars. From this point of view, we have as main types of autorama. They are:

  • Wired: The speed controls of the cars are powered by batteries, but send the commands through a cable connected to the track;
  • Wireless: the controls send commands remotely to set the speed of the cars;
  • Via Bluetooth: modern and sophisticated models that can be controlled by smartphone or tablet applications.

How does the autorama work?

In an autorama game, there is no way to define the direction in which the cars are heading. This is because they travel along the track guided by narrow gaps. These ensure that all the cars in a competition are driven in the same direction.

For this to happen, the control sends the command to each trolley. Attached to these slots, also called "slots", it moves at the given speed until it reaches the finish line.


One of the biggest challenges in the autorama race is to be able to control the cars through the turns without losing speed. Source: Jiri Vaclavek /

What are the advantages of having an autorama at home?

Allowing family and friends to gather around a playful fun is one of the advantages of having an autorama at home. But it can also be considered an educational toy, given the benefits it usually brings.

To illustrate this, we have prepared a list of pros and cons that you may encounter when choosing an autorama:

  • It can stimulate concentration and reflexes
  • It helps develop motor coordination
  • It allows you to organize championships, creating the ability to work in teams
  • It teaches physical principles, such as acceleration and mechanics
  • It is an economical hobby and a great game to do at home
  • They may be considered old-fashioned
  • The larger and more sophisticated models are usually the most expensive

How do you control the autorama cars?

To start a race with your cars in an autorama, you just need to position them on the track and press the button that determines the speed. The principle seems very simple. That's right, we said "seems", because it is not quite like that.

That's because it's no easy challenge to get the car to stay correctly in the slot on the track. Anyone who has played with an autorama knows that the biggest difficulty is to make the turns without slowing down. Therefore, we leave below some tips:

  1. Make sure that the trolleys are well fitted into the slots;
  2. Promote some testlaps for all participants;
  3. Slightly reduce the speed of the trolley a few centimetres before the turns;
  4. Resume acceleration just before exiting the corner;
  5. Keep an eye on the other driver's strategies to know how to behave in each competition.

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when choosing an autorama

If you were one of those children who have always been enchanted with autoramas and now you are thinking of buying one to play with your children, this is the time. But first we would like to highlight some points that can make a difference in time to play and interact with family or friends.


Who will play with the ride-on? If you want an autorama for your very young children, it may be better to opt for simpler models. For older ones, you can start thinking about tracks with a higher level of difficulty, for example.

To help you choose, we have prepared some indications according to the age of who will play:

Age Indication
Over 3 years Models made of non-toxic plastic and with larger parts to avoid accidents
4 to 5 years Larger tracks that simulate challenges and real situations, with high resistance materials
Over 6 years As the child already has more physical and motor skills, the track can have more elaborate layout, with common and inclined curves and even looping


Before buying your autorama, it is worth bearing in mind what you consider to be most comfortable for playtime. As we said, this toy has basically two types, according to the control.

So, for those who want more freedom of movement around the track, the models with wireless control are the most appropriate, although the most classic still bring the wired control.


According to the age of those who will play, there are the most suitable models. For children under 4 years old, for example, the ideal is that the autorama has large pieces. Source: Kitchner Bain /

Size of the track

When talking about the most suitable model, the size of the track is also relevant and needs to be chosen according to some basic points. The main one is the space available to set up your autorama.

So, before buying, check the size that the toy can reach once assembled and make sure you have a suitable place for installation. This way, you and your family can get the most out of the toy.

Number of participants

In autorama, just like in games like Twister, the more people who get to play, the better! The most common models usually have two tracks, but you can find those with up to four cars running at the same time.

If you choose a model with fewer tracks, you can organize the participants into championships, so that everyone can play, regardless of the size of the autorama. The important thing is to always have fun!


In addition to paying attention to the manufacturer's guidelines for safe use of the autorama, it is important to check whether the toy has certifications to ensure their safety, such as the Inmetro seal, for example.

Before buying, make sure that the autorama has parts in high quality material and with perfect fits, to ensure the safety of all who will use the toy, especially if it is a gift for children


A childhood dream that can be the star of family fun. The autorama allows the passion for racing cars to live on from generation to generation. Here, we show how it works and what the advantages of this toy are. We talk about the challenges of controlling the cars and give tips on how to choose the ideal model.

We hope you have enjoyed this content. Take the opportunity to leave us a comment about your passion for autorama and already challenge your friends to a challenge. Thank you very much, see you soon!

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