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Avocado oil is a liquid extracted directly from the avocado pulp, known for its many health-promoting properties thanks to its dozens of regenerative fatty acids. This has made it highly sought after in cosmetics, dermatology and other areas of health and wellness.

We want to help you make the best choice of a given item by providing you with timely and well tabulated information about it. By informing you well about what you want to buy you will avoid surprises after purchasing the merchandise.


  • Avocado oil is a liquid produced from the avocado pulp. Its anti-irritant, regenerative and capillary properties have made it very popular, yet it is largely unknown to the general public. It is a natural, chemical-free product.
  • There are several ways of acquiring this product, with various components. One of the main ones is panthenol. Because avocado oxidises, this is a decisive element when assessing the quality and durability of avocado oil.
  • Bottles are critical details in determining whether or not it will perform. Smaller bottles tend to encourage the customer to use more of it unnecessarily. This is something to be aware of before making such a purchase.

The Best Avocado Oil: Our Picks

Buying guide

Being a very specific product, this is one of the products that require the most knowledge and scrutiny from the customer. This is why it is necessary to explore properly before deciding on a specific product.

Avocado is good for the stomach and avocado oil is excellent for the skin. (Photo: puhhha /

What is avocado oil and what are its benefits?

It is the water that oozes from the flesh of the avocado when it is crushed or mashed. This fruit is internationally known thanks to its many health-promoting properties, given the amount of fatty acids, nutrients, proteins and moisturisers it contains, which help with regeneration.

Most of the elements of the cosmetic industry that are used for skin or hair treatment have, on the other hand, the fact of having a great variety of chemical additives that have not been properly scientifically explored. Many of them may be harmful to long-term health

This is why things derived from natural areas such as avocado end up making a huge comeback in body care sectors, because the risk is minimal. These skin and hair care products are known to have no adverse effects after years of use.

  • Aids dermal health
  • Contributes to hair health
  • Regenerates skin
  • Provides volume to hair
  • Moisturises scalp
  • May perform poorly
  • Most are disadvantageously packaged
  • Can be costly

Avocado oil with panthenol, without panthenol or culinary - what should you pay attention to?

Although it may not be obvious at first glance, there are many points that affect the efficiency and performance of this type of product. In addition, it also depends on what you want to use it for, as there are various things you can use it for at home or on the body.

Avocado oil with panthenol. Known as provitamin B5, this is a highly coveted ingredient used in the cosmetic fields. This stems from the moisturising and regeneration-boosting properties of this element. Among its virtues are wound healing, burn correction, among many other things.

Avocado oil without panthenol. The absence of the vitamin does not make it of lower quality, as the moisturising properties of avocado itself are numerous and easy to acquire. However, it may require more time to use.

Culinary avocado oil. Another of the great virtues of this fruit is as a cooking element. It is not only the avocado pulp that can be used for cooking, as the oil is also rich in nutrients that also strengthen the skin and scalp when ingested.

With panthenol Without panthenol Culinary
Long lasting Yes No Yes
Multipurpose No Yes Yes
Abundant No No Yes

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of avocado oil

Before you rush out to buy a container of avocado oil, finish checking this article so that you can take all the necessary criteria into account. Don't underestimate them, as these aspects completely affect the quality profile of the product you buy.

  • Smell
  • Colour
  • Packaging
  • Purity


This is decisive, as this juice must have a certain avocado smell. Although perfumes added to make it more pleasant will hinder the possibility of determining with certainty this kind of thing, it is unquestionable that its aroma is one of the most important objects of exploration to certify quality.


The appearance of the liquid should be yellow or yellowish, since the pulp of the fruit from which it was extracted is of this colour. Although the intensity of the colour gradually fades during processing, it prevails and the transparency should be of that colour. If not, it is likely to have been chemically treated.

And we do not recommend that you buy an oil that has been altered by chemicals, as they tend to cause skin irritation and are easily finished.


The type of bottle in which the oil is contained is very important because it is largely responsible for its administration. And this contributes to spending or getting more out of what you have. Therefore, choosing a bottle with a dropper will ensure that it lasts.

On the other hand, those with only a cap tend to be short-lived. This is because it can be difficult to calculate the dosage. A quantity of 50 milligrams may last longer than a quantity of 120 milligrams if it is used correctly and used wisely enough and without excess.

Remember to buy an oil whose container contains a dropper, as this will make it last for a long time. (Photo: Silviarita /


If it looks a different colour to the one described above, it may have been treated with dyes or other chemical additives that compromise the naturalness of the liquid, so it is something to consider for those who are looking for something devoid of potentially harmful factors.

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