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Welcome to Monederosmart! This time we will be letting you know which are the best baby bags available in the complex market of baby items.

It consists of a backpack that, unlike traditional backpacks, can be used both front and back. Instead of having a bag, it has a hollow space in which the infant is carried. It usually has 4 holes, corresponding to the baby's limbs.

At Monederosmart we are here to offer you the most complete information about the product you want. It is part of a collection, selection and ordering process made by us. This way we guarantee that, once you have finished reading, you will know enough to be able to make an intelligent decision.


  • A baby bags is a small bag equipped to carry an infant. It is used to provide greater security, and to keep the child under surveillance to avoid accidents or to keep him close to his parents.
  • There are 3 main variants. Those that can be disassembled, each component having a different use. Those with lumbar support, which distribute the weight better. And finally, the Mai Tai, cute baby carriers in the shape of a bag.
  • Some details to consider are: the colour, which can determine the sex of the user, and how many kilos the carrier can carry. Who the manufacturer is and what additional accessories it has are also aspects to consider.

The Best Baby Bag: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about baby slings

It is extremely important that you have a precise idea of what you want to buy. And the best way to find out is to make use of detailed information. With this in mind, we have compiled the following guide.

Slings are an easy way to carry your child in peace and quiet (Photo: kzenon /

What is a baby bag?

A sling, also called a baby bag, is a tool consisting of a kind of backpack, which is placed either on the front or on the back. An infant can be carried in it and, depending on the strength and dimensions of the product, can range from 6 months to 4 years of age. It is a safety item.

This is because it is not only designed to carry the child. It prevents the child from falling out when learning to walk. However, it also prevents the child from getting lost when he can run independently, keeping him close to his parents.

What are its advantages?

One of its greatest advantages is that it allows the infant to be cradled with it, without the need to use bottles and other tools that help to comfort him when he is crying. They also make breastfeeding more comfortable.

The baby bags becomes quite necessary during the first stages of your child's life, especially if you use public transport and need to protect your child. And even if you don't, there's nothing better to keep your child safe than a carrier that can be attached to the seat.

  • They are unisex if they have neutral colours
  • The reinforced fabric ones are long lasting
  • They are usually quite cheap
  • They are not difficult to get
  • Some can be taken apart and cradled in different ways
  • The baby grows and the product becomes useless
  • The soft fabric ones break easily
  • Some are expensive
  • The hardened fabric ones can hurt the little one
  • Some are difficult to wash

Mei Tai baby sling, removable or with lumbar support - what should you pay attention to?

There are a few variations to consider when making such a purchase. It is important to say that no one type of baby carrier is better than another. However, it is good to know that there are at least 3 very specific types.

Mei Tai baby bags. This is a form of these baby bags originating from Asia. They are also related to some of the baby carrying tools of various American tribes. It is a "bag" with straps to hold it, either from the front or from the back.

What makes it unique is that, unlike the vast majority of these tools, it does not have holes for hands and feet. The infant who is carried with it cannot remove its limbs, so after a certain age it can no longer "grow" with the equipment.

Detachable baby bags. This useful version of the baby carrier has the particularity that it can be disassembled. In such cases, each component can have a different use. For example, the lower area can be a support base that allows it to cradle on its own.

Waist belt with lumbar support. The so-called waist belt is a strap which, instead of running parallel to the vertical straps, is distributed horizontally. This allows an adjustment to the back as well. Thanks to this there is a better weight distribution. This makes it less heavy to carry.

Mei Tai Detachable Lumbar support
Strap extension 0,70 centimetres to 1,10 metres 0,90 centimetres to 1,10 metres 0,70 centimetres and upwards
Material Fabric Fabric and plastic Fabric and plastic
Usage ages 1 month - 1 year 1 month - 4 years 1 month - 4 years

The main disadvantage of the Mai Tai is that, as they have no holes, they are not suitable for children over 1 year old (Photo: Jozef Polc /

Purchasing criteria

Every product on the market has its own particularities. From relatively simple things to more complex ones, there are always a series of details that make the efficiency of the article relative to the customer's needs relative to the product. That is why it is good for you to know all these details.

In an attempt to respond in the best possible way to all the elements that can indirectly affect your expectations, we offer you a list. Here you will find the main aspects that can affect your wishes:


When talking about a children's product, it is always very important what colour it is. This is because the colour can decisively alter how the baby is perceived by the world. Only those with neutral shades have the virtue of being considered unisex.

Grey, white or black. These are ideal colourings because of their neutrality. Many manufacturers choose to make them this way because they reach a wider audience as a result. If the infant has a sister, or if you plan to have a girl or boy later on, it is wise to have one like this. This way it can be reused.

Pink or red. Typically feminine colours, which announce to the world that it is a little girl. Normally the creators of the baby bag have variants of this shade, whatever type of kangaroo it is.

Blue. Characteristically masculine colouring. If you use a baby bag in this shade, you are telling the world that it is a small one. This does not allow them to be reused later or to be used on a girl.

Those in dark shades can be used by boys regardless of their gender (Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd/


How much weight can the kangaroo carry? Manufacturers often include the average weight they are able to carry. This is all the more relevant because depending on this, the item will become unusable more quickly depending on how much the child grows.

Those that can correctly support 4-5 kilograms are considered ideal. They can carry children up to 3 and even 4 years of age without any problems. This extends the time you can keep them safe.


Of course, this is one of the products that has the most manufacturers on the market. For this reason, it is good to know some of the ones they design. This way you will have confidence when it comes to choosing one of them.

Manduca. It is a Spanish brand that manufactures backpacks in general. Among its production line are those specialised in carrying babies. Its efficiency and experience make it very reliable.

Lictin. A US-owned company. It is known because they are entirely dedicated to the creation of things for babies. Of course, kangaroos are no exception. They have a high performance.

Infantino. Brand of English origin. They have been on the market for about 10 years and so far they have given a lot to talk about thanks to their high competitiveness. It specialises only in the design of baby carriers.


Many of these baby carriers have useful things that can make them more mutable. Among them, the presence of storage things, or extra straps, which help the functionality of the product. Some of these additions are as follows:

Pockets. Many have these useful pockets on the front, or on the sides. Often, those made with thicker, stiffer fabric make use of them. They are extremely useful for storing bottles, dummies or towels inside.

Spare strap. One or more may be provided. It is an extra strap in case the others break or break. This adds confidence on the part of the buyer, as it extends the time of use of the baby carrier.

Clothing. Many include as part of their promotion some type of clothing, or towels. From shoes to shirts or outfits. Depending on the case, they can have some pretty good stuff.

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