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Welcome. The little ones at home are the most important thing and we know that for you their comfort is the most essential, especially when it comes to their sleep, as they are of great importance for their growth, so in this new installment we will talk about the best baby blankets on the market.

Baby blankets are a garment to which we must pay close attention when purchasing, especially if it is the first time we buy such an article, as there are many models and variations of the same, which serve different functions.

There are many models and variations, which fulfil different functions. There are usually several questions before buying this type of product, so today we will give you the necessary information so that when you make your purchase you can be sure which one is ideal for your child.


  • It is a textile garment specifically designed to protect babies from the cold, especially to tuck them in while they sleep or are in places like the pram or in mum's arms. It is ideal for your little one to sleep warmly and comfortably.
  • There are many types of baby blankets, some will suit your baby better than others, so it is important to learn about each feature so you can choose the ideal piece for your little one
  • Although baby blankets are a great help for your little one to get to sleep, there are baby blankets that are mostly used to decorate their cot, which are made with a specific fabric.

The Best Baby Banket: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about baby blankets

Something of vital importance before purchasing any product is to know every aspect of it, because that will facilitate the time of purchase and will help us to know which is the one that suits us best; and we are not only talking about the materials with which they are made but also the most convenient price for our pockets.

Blankets help babies to fall asleep more effectively. (Photo: amveldman/

What is the difference between a baby blanket and a normal blanket?

A baby blanket is a textile garment specifically designed to protect babies from the cold; they are made from a variety of fabrics and there are also models for cots, prams and even to cover the baby while being held in your arms.

The most common fabrics used to make baby blankets are: cotton, silk and wool, although there are also models made with synthetic fleece. Each of these fabrics has characteristics that differentiate them from one another, from thickness, design, size and texture.

What are the advantages of a baby blanket?

Baby blankets usually have a lot of advantages depending on their type, so it is important to be aware of which one will be ideal for your little one to be comfortable at all times. The main use of baby blankets is to cover them during the cold, although you should know that there is a variety that are exclusively ornamental, usually to decorate the baby's cot; these designs are usually woven.

  • They facilitate the hours of sleep
  • they adapt easily to the cots
  • there are models that protect the baby from bacteria
  • Detergents developed for babies should be used when washing them
  • they should be washed constantly
  • softeners should not be added

Conventional or decorative baby blankets - what should you look out for?

Although they may have a similar construction, they have characteristics that differentiate them from each other; from their construction, to their size and weight, so it is important that you are well informed about this so that when you make your choice there is no doubt.

Conventional baby blanket: This garment is one of the most used, as there are many types of fabrics with which they are made and they always fulfil their function. There are baby blankets that are exclusively designed for different occasions.

These models have a specific type of fabric and size. For example: baby blankets for the cot are usually made of wool woven with tight stitches to keep your little one warm, while those for prams and those used while the baby is resting in the arms are made of cotton or synthetic fleece.

Cotton blankets are perfect for the little ones, as they provide the necessary warmth and are also very light. (Photo: Dmitry Kovalenko/

Decorative baby blankets: We have all had a beautiful baby blanket knitted by grandma, and yes, these types of baby blankets are mostly knitted, some have beautiful embroidery while others just have beautiful colour combinations.

They are usually made of wool or worsted. We know that there are knitted baby blankets that work perfectly to keep the little ones at home warm, however these are different from the decorative ones, as they have a much thinner thickness and the stitches are much wider, so they don't work to keep your baby warm.

Conventional baby blankets Decorative baby blankets
Weight From 400 to 550 grams From 300 to 400 grams
Materials Wool, silk, cotton fabric Wool or worsted
Designs woven or printed Fabrics
Sizes From 90 cm to 132 cm From 100 cm to 120 cm

A beautifully woven baby blanket that will make your little one's cot look amazing (Photo: Anastasiya Rutkovskaya/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of baby blankets

There are many characteristics of baby blankets that you may not be fully informed about, so in this issue we want you to be, as this is what will ensure that there are no regrets in your purchase.

Manufacturing materials

When purchasing a product we must be aware of the materials with which it is made, as there are materials that are less resistant than others or with better quality. We want you to be well informed and know the differences of each type of fabric with which the baby blankets are made.

  • Cotton fabric: It is made of a vegetable textile fibre that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant. This type of fabric is one of the most used when making blankets, as it is super comfortable, soft and warm. Ideal for pram rides as it gives warmth and freshness at the same time.
  • Silk fabric: This type of fabric is obtained from the thread that the silkworm secretes and is widely used in the textile industry; it is characterised by its shine, softness and fineness. This type of fabric is very soft to the baby's touch and is ideal for when the baby is in your arms.
  • Wool fabric: Wool is a natural fibre obtained from a variety of animals, such as sheep, rabbits, goats, llamas, among others. It is widely used in the textile industry and is mostly known for being very cosy and perfect for cold days.
  • Hypoallergenic fabric: This type of fabric is made with cotton, however it has characteristics that differentiate it from the others, as it helps to avoid allergies and bacteria that can harm your baby. Ideal for newborns, as they will protect them from any contaminants in the environment.

Beautiful blanket designs with wonderful comfort (Photo: Zhanna Tretiakova/


We know that this piece is very useful to cover us from the cold, however the way in which they are designed should also be taken into account, as there are a variety of styles that may be more convenient for your baby.

  • Plush: This type of blanket is mostly known for being incredibly comfortable, soft and warm. Due to their plushness they are not as light as other types of blankets, however their comfort is ideal for your baby to get the best hours of sleep. The fleece is usually made of wool.
  • Plain: These blankets are one of the most common, as they do not have extra accessories, however they still fulfil the function of being comfortable and warm, as well as being very light. They are usually made of cotton fabric. They are usually used while babies are held in their arms.
  • Hooded blankets: This type of blanket has become a great impact on the market, as it not only protects your baby's body, but also covers his head, as it has a comfortable hood, which will keep him super warm and comfortable. Warmth and comfort guaranteed for your little one.


When buying a blanket for your baby you should know that there are many sizes available. This aspect is extremely important as you will know which is the ideal blanket for the cot in which your baby will sleep.

The ideal measurements for a standard cot blanket are 90 cm wide and 132 cm long, while the measurements for a car blanket are approximately 76 cm wide and 88 cm long. It is recommended that before purchasing this type of product you ask about the measurements of the product to make sure it is the right one.


We know that there is a great variety of baby blankets as well as different fabrics with which they are made, some are more resistant than others; for example, cotton and wool fabrics are much more resistant, while silk fabrics require more care to maintain their warmth and durability.

The average time that cotton fabric can last is 1 to 2 years, since being a light fabric it is prone to tearing and discolouring with constant washing, the same happens with silk fabric, which has a duration of 1 to 3 years, while wool fabric being more resistant has a duration of 1 to 5 years.

Wool is also one of the favourite materials when making blankets, as it is extremely warm (Photo: Elena Shchipkova/

(Featured image photo: Md. Ehtesham Khaled/