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If mosquito bites are annoying to adults, imagine for a baby. That's why a baby mosquito net really is an essential item to protect your little one from these nasty insects. The best thing about these products, depending on the model, is that they are suitable both for a crib, stroller and other baby structures.

There really are so many items to consider when a baby arrives that it is completely normal not to think of a mosquito net. However during in the hot summer months you will find them very helpful. Here we have a complete guide to choosing and buying the best baby mosquito net, as well as a series of tips and things to consider.


  • Mosquito nets guarantee your baby's safety and comfort by keeping them away from mosquitoes and other insects while they sleep or head out with you in the pram.
  • There are universal models that adapt to any carrying structure, whether it's a baby's cot, stroller, pram, carrycot or bassinet.
  • Make sure that the mesh fabric of the mosquito net lets the air flow and provides clear visibility to keep an eye on your baby at all times.

The Best Baby Mosquito Nets: Our Picks

If you're thinking about buying a baby mosquito net in the near future, we encourage you to take a look at the following models. With any of them, your baby will be safe from mozzies and will be able to rest without insects buzzing around. So that mosquitoes don't keep your little tacker awake, check out some of these options we've found for you.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about Baby Mosquito Nets

Before buying a child mosquito net, it is very important to pay attention to several aspects. They are seriously useful accessories, but you must first know what your needs are. Figure out what situations you a going to need the mosquito net for and what size you are looking for. These are some of the factors to consider.

Thanks to the elastic rubber edges, there are mosquito nets that fit into virtually any structure.
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What material are baby mosquito nets made of?

Baby mosquito nets come in a variety of materials. One of the most common is polyester, since it is a good quality fabric with a resistant character. Another material that is used quite frequently is cotton. Generally speaking, the mesh should be soft and lightweight and allow air to circulate through freely. Depending on the model, it usually incorporates an elastic band at the edges, so that it can adapt to different sizes and surfaces.

Remember that it is important to make sure that this elastic edging does not deform easily.

How do you assemble a baby mosquito net?

There are many models of the universal baby mosquito nets on the market. Universal nets means that they are suitable for travel cots, prams, pushchairs or carrycots. Universal nets are usually the most sought after for their ease of installation.

It's super easy to cover the surface well with the help of the elastic band, but installing a fixed mosquito nets, such as those that include a canopy attached to the roof, are a little more complicated. For these kinds, you may need to whip out the toolkit so that the screen covers the entire crib. If you have any doubts, you can take a look at the following tutorial.

What types of baby mosquito nets are there?

There are several types of baby mosquito nets, but we will focus on the most common ones. There is the universal type that has a rubber band and is compatible with most cribs, strollers or prams. These are usually the easiest to attach and are perfect for taking from one place to another due to their ease of assembly and disassembly.

If you are looking for mosquito nets for your cot, that is to say, more of a fixed nature, a common model is the one with a canopy. It is usually hooked to the ceiling and falls gently to both sides of the cot. Baby mosquito nets with arches are also very convenient because they protect the baby and allow them to be incorporated into the cot without bumping into them.

Enjoy a pleasant walk with the baby without fear of mosquitoes and other insects.
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Can I wash a baby mosquito net in the washing machine?

Pretty much all baby mosquito nets on the market are machine washable. However, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer's instructions to be sure. As they are made of easily washable materials, such as polyester or cotton, they are usually suitable to be inserted directly into the washing machine.

Depending on the manufacturer's guidelines, many models can generally be machine washed at a temperature of up to 30°C. The fact that they are compatible with the washing machine makes maintenance and cleaning much easier. By keeping it clean, the mosquito net will always be in optimum condition for your little munchkin.

Dr. Oyinade AkinyedePediatrician at Christie Clinic
"Most bites don’t lead to diseases; however, ticks, mosquitoes, and flea bites can infect you with bacteria, viruses, or parasites they carry."

Shopping Criteria

If you're considering buying a baby mosquito net, there are a couple of things to consider. Each model will meet different needs, so you need to know what are your key needs and what things are less important. Here is the criteria to consider when buying a baby mosquito net.

Design and size

Both the design and the size are two aspects to keep in mind. From a design sense, it should be noted that mosquito nets are usually quite simple. Usually, it is a mesh with an elastic on the edges, so that it can adapt to different surfaces.

The design of the mesh prevents mosquitoes from getting close to the baby while at the same time allowing air to circulate freely. In terms of size, consider where you plan to install it. Measure the crib, stroller or structure you are planning to use it with to make sure the mosquito net can cover it completely.

Screen colour Advantages Disadvantages
White Excellent visibility Stains are more visible
Grey More aesthetic colour Visibility difficulties
Black Disguises stains better Not everyone likes this colour


The weight is another important factor that you must take into account. Especially if your idea is to always carry the mosquito net with you to use whenever needed. Ideally, the selected model should be lightweight and, once folded, barely occupy space in the baby's trolley bag.

Generally, mosquito nets don't weigh more than 200 grams, so weight shouldn't really be a problem. Make sure it can be folded well so that it fits where you want to store it. If the model has a metal structure for installation, it will be heavier and take up quite a bit more space.

Items that are in contact with the baby should always be in good condition.
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Manufacturing Materials

Another point to consider is the materials in which the baby mosquito net is made from. These products are generally made in fabrics that are durable to ensure they last a long time.

One of the most common manufacturing materials is polyester, which stands out for being robust and suitable for children's use. It is recommended that the fabric maintains a balance between lightness and durability. It should be a lightweight mesh, but also robust to stand the daily rigours. Try to find a model that is flexible but does not tear easily.

Remember that it is also important that the mesh allows parents optimal visibility to keep an eye on the baby at all times.


A simple installation is desirable when choosing a baby mosquito net. This means a net with minimal effort for placement, especially in the case of models that are removable. Those that incorporate an elastic material on the edges make things super easy, which is why they are generally the best option.

There are also other models that incorporate hooks to support the edges to the structure. Others will come with the different necessary supports to attach them to the crib or stroller. Whatever the system, make sure it's not cumbersome or complicated. It is just as important to choose an effective mosquito net as one that it is easy to use.

Mosquitoes are the transmitters of several diseases.
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Ease of maintenance

Finally, maintenance should definitely not be forgotten. Items that are in direct contact with the baby should always be in the best condition. For this reason, nets that they are washable (if possible, in a washing machine) make things so much easier, so that dirt and possible stains can be easily removed.

There are a number of models of mosquito nets that are suitable for the washing machine. This means that you only have to wait a couple of hours until it is clean again. If the screen incorporates a metal or plastic structure, it might not be machine washable. Be sure to check the product cleaning recommendations.


Perhaps a mosquito net is not the first item that comes to mind when expecting a new baby. However, especially in the hot summer months or for outings, they are extremely useful.

The great benefit of these products is that they not only keep mosquitoes away, they also keep away other annoying insects such as bees, wasps, ants or spiders from your baby. This way, the little one will be able to enjoy an afternoon nap or a mid-morning stroll without fear of getting bitten.

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