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One of the most special human experiences is the arrival of a baby. Undoubtedly, all the details are prepared to welcome it with joy. On this occasion, we want to help you in your search for one of the most popular textile pieces on the market: baby rompers.

This garment is perfect to keep babies warm, as it will cover their little feet; including gloves and hats in some models. Whether you are preparing for the arrival of your child or you are looking for the ideal gift for a babyshower,

Stay with us to get to know this wonderful product!

The most important facts

  • A romper suit is the ideal gift for a baby because it is a unique piece made of cotton, velvet or fleece. It will ensure the comfort of both newborns and 12-month-old babies. At the same time, it has a wide range of designs and colours that will adapt to any climate and need.
  • In the market you will find many baby sleepsuits, these will be differentiated by whether or not they include a hat. We are referring to that crucial accessory when it comes to protecting the baby's head when out and about. However, it will not be necessary at home.
  • It seems a simple purchase but remember that it is a garment that should be comfortable enough for a baby to wear. That is why we will evaluate some relevant factors: which fabric to choose, should I buy accessories separately, how to know the size according to measurements, among others.

The best baby rompers: Our picks

Buying Guide: what you need to know about baby rompers

Still haven't found the perfect onesie? Don't worry, because we've just started this guide where you'll learn everything you need to know to make a successful purchase. We want your baby, nephew or godchild to be happy and comfortable with their gift. To do this, we will explain all the details step by step.

A onesie is great for going outdoors as a family, as it will protect your baby's skin. (Photo: Natalia Deriabina /

What is a baby romper?

A romper, baby romper, romper suit or romper, are some of the names that have been assigned to a one-piece garment. It is usually made of very soft fabrics such as organic cotton, polar fleece and velvet. However, we can also find waterproof and woven models.

Yes, it is one of the most comfortable garments for babies and could be combined with mittens, socks, hats and booties. Now, you may wonder how practical it is when putting it on and changing nappies. Generally it's super easy, as the design includes everything from zips to press studs.

Did you know that there are "smart" onesies. These include sensors that record your baby's vital signs via an app. However, paediatricians do not recommend them for healthy babies

Baby rompers with or without a hat - what to look out for?

You will be surprised to see how baby rompers have evolved in terms of design. If we were to classify them according to their infinite characteristics, it would be quite a mess. And because we want to make your shopping life easier, we have decided to divide them according to a very common accessory.

With a hat. This group includes all the rompers that have a hat or hood sewn to the whole piece. They are usually those with animal designs, so babies look super adorable with bunny ears, teddy bears, raccoons, etc. Waterproof onesies are also included in this category.

Without a hat. These are usually bought from birth to nine months, as they cover completely from the feet to the neck and wrists, perfect for being at home and sleeping. At the same time, they are very versatile when combined with different accessories that you think are convenient.

With hat Without hat
Fabrics Waterproof nylon, velour, plush cotton Cotton, fleece, velour or wool.
Sizes 0-12 months 0-12 months
Extra accessories Mittens, socks and booties Mittens, and hats in cotton, fleece or wool.
Design No hand or foot cover No hand cover.

Which baby onesie is ideal when it's cold?

If you have been thinking about buying a romper suit to protect babies from the cold, there are two possible situations. Firstly, for a warm night's sleep, especially in winter, the ideal ones are those made of fleece, complemented with socks.

On the other hand, if it's a family outing in the middle of winter, you could opt for a waterproof jumpsuit with a hood. In fact, we recommend that you layer underneath it, as well as socks, mittens and a beanie, all in fleece.

How to choose a baby onesie if I don't know the gender yet?

Babies will look beautiful in any colour. The main thing is that they feel comfortable with the fabric and size. If you are still in doubt, we advise you to buy rompers in neutral colours such as light blue, mint green, animal designs, etc. In fact, choosing non-gender rompers is a great option when you have twins!

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of baby onesies

I'm sure you already have a good idea of what you're looking for. Now, before you make your final decision, we'll give you a few final tips to help you compare the products you've reviewed so far. It is important that the romper suit is comfortable in texture and size, allowing the baby to move around. Let's take a closer look!

  • Textile
  • Designs
  • Sizes
  • Accessories


The fabric is the most important thing, as it is in contact with the baby's skin

The fabric of the baby rompers is the main factor you should take into account before buying it. Remember that it will be in contact with very sensitive skin. It is also a garment that will surely get dirty quickly, so we will also talk about washing.

Organic cotton. This is the fabric that we recommend as the best in terms of skin care, reducing the possibility of contact dermatitis. We will get rompers with many designs made from it. And if that wasn't enough, you can machine wash it and dry it in the sun.

Fleece. This fibre is super warm, perfect for bedtime. It is also suitable for the autumn and winter season. It is also suitable for the autumn and winter season, and it can be used to design funny hats, from pigs to dinosaurs. When washing it, it is advisable to machine dry it.

Fabrics This is a very delicate textile, which will not be suitable for all skins. The best way to keep it in perfect condition is not to wear it every day. We recommend washing it by hand and leaving it to dry on a flat surface, such as a table, without wringing it out.


The occasion where the romper suit will be used is one of the points to consider when choosing between the different designs: from simple one-colour cotton pieces to a great grizzly bear romper suit, there are models for all times and places!

Welcoming the baby. Undoubtedly the most magical moment. It is advisable to cover the baby well, so a romper with snap buttons will be ideal. Of course, adding a fleece hat, mittens and socks. We recommend buying at least one pair for this occasion: one in cotton and one in fleece.

Birthday. The first birthday has arrived and there's nothing better than celebrating it dressed as your favourite animal. This is the perfect time to opt for a jumpsuit with a characterised hood. Also, remember that these don't cover the feet, so baby could wear some cute little slippers.

Specials. Here we are referring to Christmas Eve where a reindeer onesie would be a real show-stopper. Or family trips to cold places, where a waterproof onesie is a must. Yes, some of these garments are for special uses, but they are worth having in the wardrobe.


One of the main concerns when buying baby clothes is size selection. Yes, we know that they go by months, but not everyone grows in the same way. That is why it is always convenient to consider the height and weight of the baby, as well as to try on a small number of pieces.

Height Weight
0 - 3 months 50 - 56 cm 3,4 kg - 6,2 kg
4 - 6 months 62 cm 6, 2kg - 8 kg
7 - 9 months 68 cm 8 kg- 9, 2 kg
8 - 12 months 74 - 80 cm 9,2 kg - 12, 2 kg


Finally, one of the tips we give you when choosing the perfect onesie is to consider whether you prefer it in its minimalist form or with accessories included. If it is a first purchase, we suggest the first option, as it will give you the opportunity to purchase accessories with a variety of designs.

Bow headbands and turbans - have you ever seen a baby wearing these accessories? They look adorable. They are bows in elastic fabric, as well as colourful cotton turbans that will keep her head warm. You can buy these products on Amazon from 50 MXN up to 500 MXN.

Fleece booties. A pair of warm booties with non-slip soles is a must if your baby is taking his first steps. Remember that otherwise they could slip on the fabric of the onesie. They are affordable and really useful; you will find them for the price of 200 MXN and 900 MXN.

Animal hats. There are two variables in this category. First, there are the fleece hats that only cover the head; ideal for newborns. Then, you will find hats that include a collar, designed for winter. Either way, the common feature is the animal design: from dinosaurs to koalas.

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