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A bagless hoover is a practical alternative to a conventional hoover. Instead of a bag, dirt, dust and pet hair are collected in a container that is easily emptied. By not using expensive dust bags, you not only save a lot of money in the long run, but also do the environment a favour.

Bagless hoovers are available as floor hoovers, stick hoovers or hand hoovers. They are characterised by strong suction power and are uncomplicated to use. Battery-operated vacuum cleaners in particular are very easy to use in the home thanks to their low weight and flexibility.


  • Bagless hoovers are similar to conventional models in terms of use. Instead of a bag, a bagless hoover has a collection container that can be emptied.
  • By using a bagless hoover, you can save money in the long run because you no longer need to buy dust bags. This is environmentally conscious because you create less waste and save resources.
  • A good quality bagless hoover can make cleaning your floors much easier. For one thing, different nozzles and brushes are often included. On the other hand, some devices can be equipped with additional filters that significantly improve the result.

The Best Bagless Hoover: Our Choices

Buying and review criteria for bagless hoovers

To find out which bagless hoover is best for you, you will find the most important criteria below.

A short description of the criteria will make it easier for you to compare and decide which vacuum cleaner to buy.


Depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, you will need a bagless hoover with a small or large collection container. You should also bear in mind that more people and animals also cause more dirt. The capacity of bagless hoovers varies from about 1.5 to 3 litres.

Suction power

To ensure the shortest possible suction time, pay attention to the power of the appliance. A hoover has a maximum of 900 watts. The suction power also depends on the quality of the nozzles and the filtering, as well as the power of the motor.


For comfortable cleaning, a hoover should have a flexible steering system with wheels and several handles. Especially if you move the hoover between different floors, a light weight is an advantage. For large areas, you should make sure you have enough power, and the cord length must also be adequate.

Noise level

Vacuuming is noisy. Especially in a multi-person household and apartment building, consideration must be given to the noise level. The decibel level is the decisive factor. Bagless hoover models such as monocyclones cause slightly less noise than multicyclones.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bagless hoovers answered in detail

Below you will find relevant questions about bagless hoovers. We answer these questions with the most important details to give you the best possible overview.

What is a bagless hoover?

A bagless hoover is a modern alternative to a hoover with a bag. By not using expensive dust bags, you not only save a lot of money in the long run, but you also do the environment a favour. A bagless hoover works with the so-called cyclone technology.

The air that is sucked in and the dirt it contains is strongly swirled. The centrifugal force then carries the dirt to the edge of the hoover container, where it then simply falls down into a collection bin.

What types of bagless hoovers are there?

There are three different types of hoovers on the market, all of which work without a bag. Depending on the area of application, they bring different advantages. Most bagless hoovers have an integrated HEPA filter that keeps the air in the room clean.


Some bagless hoovers come with extra brushes. This is especially handy if your floors are different. (Image source: Jarmoluk / Unsplash)

The bagless hoover has a particularly strong suction power and a high capacity. With various additional nozzles and brushes, e.g. against pet hair, the hoover can be perfectly adapted to every household.

The bagless hand hoover is particularly practical due to its low weight. All the technology is combined in a small housing, which makes the size of the household appliance very space-saving. The hand hoover is powered by a rechargeable battery, so it can be used very easily even on tables or in the car.

The bagless stick hoover is very comfortable to use due to its design, as the suction tube and handle are combined in one component. This has a positive effect on the suction process, as your back is protected. The stick hoover is battery-operated and can therefore be moved flexibly, even over several floors if necessary.

How much does a bagless hoover cost?

The price of bagless hoovers is generally higher than that of bagged hoovers. This is due to the more complex and efficient technology of these household appliances. However, in the long run you save money because you don't need to buy dust bags.

The cost of a good bagless hoover ranges from 50 to 600 euros. The following table gives you an overview of the different price ranges.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (50 - 150 €) Simple filter systems, weaker suction power, high noise level
High-priced (from 250 €) Mostly including additional parts, very light despite high container volume, complex (and more hygienic) filter systems, low noise level

Our ranking shows that more expensive products with very good quality are mainly characterised by the fact that they fulfil the purchase criteria in an outstanding way. In addition, these products often contain several additional parts or functions, which are naturally reflected in the price.

How do I empty a bagless hoover and how often should I do this?

Most hoover containers are transparent and have a mark on them. When the marked filling quantity is reached, the collection container must be emptied. Depending on the capacity, this may be quicker or take a while.

For emptying, the container is detached from the appliance and preferably dumped outdoors so that the dust does not swirl back into the living space. With most bagless hoovers, the container can also be wiped out with a wet cloth. This way it does not start to stink and remains hygienic.


A bagless hoover is an upgrade for every household. It cleans the living space efficiently and is convenient to use. The choice of bagless hoovers is huge, so households with a wide range of needs will find what they are looking for. The weight, the capacity, the noise level and the handling have to be taken into special consideration.

Certain filters not only make the vacuuming process more hygienic, but also benefit allergy sufferers. Particularly noteworthy are the long-term savings that result from not using hoover bags. An environmentally friendly behaviour, which causes less waste and saves precious resources.

Picture: The Creative Exchange / unsplash

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