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Welcome to Monederosmart! We know that a good decoration is one of our greatest satisfactions, and that many times it comes from the simplest details. That is why today we are going to talk about an item that will fill your events and special occasions with joy: balloons.

More than just a decorative element, balloons have become the embellishing soul of a party, the one that carries the bastion of the colours and the celebration. Nowadays we can find them in all the shapes and patterns you can imagine, which is why the decision to buy them can become more and more complicated.

But no more, because here we will show you a complete guide about the characteristics that the perfect balloon should have, the qualities that enhance its quality and durability, and of course, the selection of the best balloons you will get in the market. Read on to be captivated by their splendour.

The most important things

  • Balloons are decorative items or toys that require a filling of air or gases such as helium to inflate. They usually form a sphere, but there are more modern options whose shapes and figures can vary.
  • If you classify them by their material, you can find 2 types of balloons: those made of latex and those made of microfoil. Each of them will have different characteristics in terms of durability, filling, behaviour, cost and more.
  • Before deciding to buy a pack of balloons for your celebration, you should take into account the type of balloon you will need, the colour that best suits the situation, the number of pieces you need, the occasion you are celebrating and the diameter of the balloons.

The Best Balloons: Our Picks

It's not just about buying the first ones you see, there is an incredible variety of colours, shapes, materials and much more that will make you think if that option you thought of in the first place is really the one that will make the difference in your party. Get to know the most outstanding options.

Buying guide: What you need to know about balloons

We've already seen some amazing balloon models, but how do you know when to choose one option over another? To know this, it is important to know the basic details about balloons, their characteristics, types and more. Join us in the following lines to show you more information.

You can find round balloons or balloons with specific shapes, depending on your needs (Photo: StockSnap /

What are balloons and what are their advantages?

Balloons are a sphere of flexible material that we fill with air or gases such as helium to increase its size and use it as a decorative element or toy. Balloons are often used as the most popular decorative item at celebrations, parties and special events.

Thanks to their characteristics, balloons not only help to decorate, but often end up being the protagonist of the personalisation of a specific event. Below we will tell you a little more about the benefits you will find when using them.

  • They decorate spaces
  • They have a variety of colours
  • They come in different shapes
  • They are inexpensive
  • Depending on their quality, they can break quickly
  • They can cause suffocation in children
  • They deflate over time

Latex or microfoil balloons - what should you pay attention to?

We have probably seen these 2 types of balloons at some point: the traditional latex balloons and the metallic microfoil balloons. Each of them has very specific characteristics that we will tell you about below.

Latex. This is the most common option when it comes to balloons, as well as the most economical. If the material is good, it will last for a whole celebration, but its appearance will fade after 24 hours. If it is inflated with helium, it is important that it has a diameter greater than 25 centimetres, to ensure that it can rise.

After a few days it will lose its filling through filtration and its size will gradually decrease. These balloons are usually sealed with a knot at the tip and, in some cases, they have personalisation elements such as prints, different colours, figures and similar.

Microfoil. You may have noticed some balloons made of a material other than latex and metallised, well, here they are. This option may be more expensive, but it all comes down to durability and strength. After being filled, it can last for years inflated thanks to its self-closing or heat seal that prevents air from escaping.

This option also allows for a wide range of customisation possibilities, such as colours, prints and shapes that would not be possible with latex balloons. When filled with helium, your microfoil balloon can last for years while retaining its original appearance, depending on care.

Latex Latex Microfoil
Durability Less durable More durable
Helium filled Can last for days Can last for years
Customisation Some customisation options Many customisation options
Seal Knot at balloon tip Heat seal or self-seal
Cost Inexpensive More expensive

What can balloons be filled with?

When we want to fill our balloons, there are basically 2 options available to us: air and helium. Below we show you the basic characteristics of each of them so that you can choose the best option for your event.

Air. This is the cheapest option and even free of charge, as you can fill them yourself or look for an air machine to help you. This resource allows you to keep the shape for some time, depending on the type of balloon you use, but it will not rise.

Helium. Helium can be expensive, but it will be the ideal option if you need your balloons to stay elevated for some time, thanks to the fact that its density is much lower than that of air. For this, microfoil or latex balloons are used, but the latter is only recommended for balloons with a diameter of more than 25 centimetres.

Air-filled balloons will not float, but are the ideal choice for small balloons. (Photo: Nietjuh /

Balloons can be the main piece of our decoration, regardless of whether it is for indoor or outdoor events. (Photo: rMeghann /

Buying criteria

Before choosing the balloon you want for your occasion, there are 5 aspects that you should take into account so that your selection is ideal. Below we talk about each of them and which type of balloon is best for you.

  • Type
  • Occasion
  • Number of pieces
  • Colours
  • Diameter


There are many ways to differentiate the types of balloons, but if we want to do it according to their shape, there are two types: round balloons and balloons with figures. Each of them will send a very specific message and we are going to tell you about it.

Round. This is the most traditional, cheapest and easiest option to find. These are balloons (usually latex) that you can easily inflate and put in place. They do not require other balloons to do their job. Use them for formal celebrations in sober colours and last minute celebrations.

You can find them in various colours, but they will usually have the same solid colour and you are likely to find packs that include many of them, from sets of 12 to sets of 100 or 500, as they tend to be the most manufactured of all. It's a good option to keep in stock at home.

Figures. We can see that the number of figures that we can recreate with balloons is countless. It is difficult to keep balloons of this type stored at home as each shape will point to a very specific event. The latex options will have simple shapes, such as hearts, numbers, drops, long strips (to make shapes) and the like.

If you prefer microfoil balloons, the number of shapes you'll find is endless thanks to their ability to adapt. These options are ideal for children's birthdays, announcements (as there are letters of all sizes and shapes), graduations, surprises, theme parties and anything else you can imagine and create.

When it comes to shapes, balloons can take the form of animals, objects, letters, numbers and more, as long as the material allows it. (Photo: Mandy von Stahl /


The occasion will largely determine the type of balloon you need. If you do the exercise of imagining balloons at a bachelorette party, they will certainly not be the same as those you might find at a birth celebration. Pay attention to the most frequent celebrations and the balloons that are best suited to them.

Birthdays. Birthdays can be the most multifaceted type of celebration of all, as it will depend to a large extent on the taste of the recipient. The infallible option will always be the multicoloured latex balloons, but if you want to emphasize some motif or taste of the birthday boy or girl, you can find different figures in the microfoil balloons.

Graduations. Graduations have the following characteristics: a person has reached an academic goal, family and friends celebrate, a new career path is opened. For this reason, microfoil balloons with personalised messages can be the best option of all.

If you want to include latex balloons to complement the decoration, opt for colours related to the profession being celebrated. For example, yellow shades are an international reference to careers related to medicine and health.

Weddings. Weddings need to be treated differently from other celebrations, as it is an elegant, distinguished and sober moment. For this reason, translucent latex balloons are the best option. You can even use large balloons with smaller, cream-coloured balloons inside.

You can use them with air filling, in case you want to decorate the wall behind the wedding cake with them; or with helium, in case you want to place your balloons in the corner or perform a ritual releasing them outdoors.

Openings. Inaugurations are events in which pride, success, achievements and the birth of a new project are shown. For this reason, you can place balloons with the predominant colours of the company or brand. Latex balloons with metallic colours will give you a touch of elegance and distinction.

Holidays. Regardless of the holiday, such as Christmas, Independence Day, Day of the Dead and others; there will always be symbols, colours and icons that identify them. If you want to have the best celebration of all, opt for microfoil balloons with figures and shapes, or decorate a wall with lots of latex balloons.

Number of pieces

It is important to take into account the type of celebration you are having and the size of it before choosing the amount of balloons you will need. If you want to give it as a gift or for an intimate event, opt for a set of no more than 12 pieces, or even a large single microfoil balloon.

But if you prefer a big party full of colours and a decoration never to be forgotten, there are sets of 20, 40, 60 and up to 500 pieces, in different materials, sizes, colours and styles. You will always find a package with the perfect amount for your event.

There are sets of balloons that include different models with different shapes, materials and colours so that your decoration is harmonious and varied. (Photo: freepic.diller /


One of the main functions of balloons is to bring a touch of colour and harmony to your celebrations. Therefore, the colour will determine to a large extent what type of event it is suitable for. We show you the options that you will find most frequently.

Solid. These are the most common models and you can find them when the material is latex. Nowadays you will not only see the most common bright colours, but you will be able to find practically any colour of the palette you propose, thanks to the new models that are in vogue, so they will serve for almost any eventuality.

Transparent. There are transparent or translucent latex versions with coloured features. They can contain paper balloons, confetti or even smaller balloons so that they can be seen from the outside. This option is ideal for more formal events such as weddings, 15th birthday parties and openings.

Metallic. Microfoil balloons are metallic in nature, which gives them a touch of elegance. However, there are latex balloons whose tonality is very similar to the metallic of the microfoil, but maintaining its original texture. They are good choices for theme parties, teenage parties, New Year's parties and the like.

Patterns. Although latex balloons can have a simple print, the result is not very good due to the texture of the print. If you want a quality print with vivid and distinguished colours, microfoil balloons will always be the best option. These are the favourite models for children's and theme parties.


The diameter of the balloon will determine 2 things: firstly, its size, which should be adapted to what you need; secondly, the possibility of floating if you apply helium to it. Here we explain a little more about it.

Less than 25 centimetres. You can find balloons from 4 or 5 centimetres in diameter after inflation, and they are usually made of latex. There are also microfoil options ranging from the smallest; however, these models are not suitable to be filled with helium, as they may not contain enough gas to rise.

Larger than 25 centimetres. There are balloons that can measure metres in diameter, but basically they need to have a diameter of more than 25 centimetres in order to be able to float with helium. Choose this option if you want to release balloons into the air or simply to keep them aloft for some time.

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