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Hello! Welcome! Today's subject is quite relaxed and musical: band t-shirts. You must have already had at least one in your life, right?

Every music lover, especially rock lovers, knows that band t-shirts are much more than a garment, they represent a passion.

Going to a concert dressed with your favorite band says a lot about you and it ends up being a very creative way to express yourself. If you don't have a band t-shirt in your wardrobe yet, but want to buy one, our guide can be of great help. Check it out!


  • Band T-shirts are nothing more than T-shirts with a common cut, and prints with logo or images that make reference to a specific band.
  • Although they are great choices for concerts and nightclub events, these garments can be worn casually on a daily basis, even at work.
  • It is important that you keep an eye on the quality of the prints, since some may fade or even peel off after a few washes.

The best Band T-Shirts: Our Picks

We know that if you want to wear a T-shirt with the logo or name of a band, you need to identify with it. However, there are some designs that go beyond that and represent style.

In the Guide below, we'll introduce you to t-shirts that are super worth buying, especially if you're a passionate fan of one of the bands.

Buying Guide

The way you dress says a lot about you, and band t-shirts are not only a garment for concerts, they go beyond. They are stylish, full of personality and almost always, good choices for various everyday situations.

With that in mind, we have gathered the best information in this guide so that you know how to choose yours!

Foto escura que mostra um palco enevoado, com uma banda tocando, e várias pessoas assistindo. Algumas pessoas seguram o celular para filmar ou fotografar.

Band t-shirts are great choices for concerts and other daily occasions. (Source: Dom Gould / Pexels)

What are band t-shirts?

Band T-shirts are a form of expression. They translate not only a passion for music, but also the whole style and personality of who wears them.

As the name implies, a band T-shirt is nothing more than a regular T-shirt with a logo or image of a band printed on it.

They became famous at the end of the 60s, when rock music gained strength and spread all over the world. Since then, young and old alike have been wearing them, especially at concerts and nightclubs.

Entrada do show do Guns N Roses.

The band T-shirt is worn a lot by those who like rock music. (Source: Marco Rodrigues/ 123RF)

What are the advantages of wearing band t-shirts?

These pieces transmit style and daring, and can also be used to brighten up a look. Nowadays, many versions are more elaborate, with well-made prints, and less direct images, which relate to the band, but don't represent an exclusive piece for fans.

A great advantage of this piece is that it tends to be comfortable and have good fit, however, one must be very attentive to the quality of your print, since some do not last more than two washes.

In general, it is a young, cool, informal piece, but that can grow a lot a stripped look, and that certainly accepts many other occasions besides the rock concert.

  • It is stylish and conveys personality
  • It can be worn in other situations besides concerts
  • It usually has a good fit and is comfortable
  • Some prints fade easily

Where and how to wear band T-shirts?

First of all, we must emphasize that these are unisex pieces, which can be explored without fear by men and women, however, there are some cool tips on how to use them:

  • In a show environment, you can bet on a heavier composition, with jackets, boots and other black pieces.
  • On a daily basis, try to balance the shirts with lighter pieces, especially if they are dark.
  • Jeans are universal and talk very well with band t-shirts.
  • If your work environment is relaxed, it's OK to wear a T-shirt of your favourite band, as long as your print is not too heavy.
  • Don't wear band t-shirts to formal events or situations.
  • If you are a woman and want to give a feminine touch to the look with a band t-shirt, bet on skirts (short or midi), sandals (low or high heels), or a cross bag.
  • Children can wear band t-shirts, as long as the content of the print is appropriate.

Foto de uma gaveta aberta com várias camisetas coloridas e dobradas em seu interior.

Band t-shirts are cool, timeless and unisex. (Source: Francesco Paggiaro / Pexels)

Buying criteria: Factors to compare the models of band t-shirts

The details make all the difference when buying an outfit, so it is important that you look at every corner of your T-shirt. We have listed four factors that make all the difference when buying:

  • Composition
  • Finishing
  • Print
  • Base Colour

To leave you in no doubt, let's talk a little better about each of them:


Every piece has a label with the composition of the product, and it is interesting that you take a look at it before buying your band t-shirts.

On this label you will find the materials used in its manufacture, and you may know how much cotton, for example, it has. Usually, this type of t-shirt is usually made of knitwear with high percentages of cotton, which represents comfort and good fit.

Avoid those that have many synthetics, because besides not being so soft and smooth, they have reduced quality.


As in any clothing, good finishing is essential! Before buying your favourite band t-shirt, make sure the seams are tight and there are no loose threads.

It is also important that the seam is not rubbing and does not bother you when you move, ok?


The pattern is the main thing, right? Therefore, you should choose it well. Besides representing a band of your taste, the pattern should be of good quality.

Foto de três camisetas pretas do iron maiden penduradas no cabide uma ao lado da outra.

Choose the print according to your personality. (Source: sirylok / 123RF)

Be wary of options that seem too plasticized, because they tend to fade and even peel off in a few washes.

Opt for those that, when groping the print, there is no difference in texture, and is in fact as if it were part of the fabric. The stoned prints are also a great option, because besides being young and cool, they have good quality.

Base colour

The base colour of the T-shirt is also important. Most are white, black or gray, but there are also colored ones. In this case, it is a matter of taste.

And of course, you don't have to choose just one. It is possible to have different band T-shirts in different colours and prints in your wardrobe.

(Source of the image: Pixabay / Pexels)