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You are very welcome! To prepare a barbecue correctly, you need the right utensils and the barbecue grill is one of the most important.

On the barbecue grill you can accommodate pieces of meat, chicken, garlic bread and many other foods, so that they are cooked and roasted in the best way. Because of that, this is almost an indispensable item for a good barbecue. So, if you want to know everything about it, keep reading!


  • The barbecue grill is available in different models that adapt to various types of food.
  • It is produced in three main materials: stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron.
  • The barbecue grill is capable of roasting food evenly and preserves the meat's juices.

The Best Barbecue Grill: Our Picks

There are many different barbecue grill models available for purchase. It is common that they vary in shape, size and material, which makes it difficult to choose. However, we are here to help you, and below we have made a selection of the best options.

Buying guide: all you need to know about the barbecue grill

Every good barbecue chef knows that to have an excellent barbecue you need to have the right items on hand. Among them is the barbecue grill and below we will answer the main questions about this accessory.

Na foto um homem assando linguiça na churrasqueira.

The barbecue grill comes in several models and sizes. (Source: / Pexels)

What are the types of barbecue grill?

Just go to a shop that sells barbecue grills and you'll come across many different models of this product.

Among them there are traditional grills, Argentinean grills and much more. Therefore, below we show you all types of barbecue grills for you to know them thoroughly.

  • Traditional or Uruguayan Grill: This model of grill is currently the most common. It is composed of spaced straight rods, simple base and can be used for practically all types of meat, even for skewers.
  • Coin grill: For a long time the coin grill was the most used. Its structure is full of round holes, resembling coins, and it is indicated for the preparation of whole pieces of meat, garlic bread and vegetables.
  • Argentine Grill: Ideal for those who want to barbecue with little smoke, this grill option has channels that store fat and prevent it from coming into contact with the charcoal.
  • Double foil grill Suitable for fish, chicken and sausages, this model of barbecue grill has a structure composed of two grids that come together and hold the food.
  • Chicken heart grill: Very similar to the previous one, this option also has two grills that come together, with the difference that the spaces between their rods is smaller.
  • Grill for vegetables: With a rounded shape, this is one of the most different types of grill. It has an area that accommodates the vegetables and prevents them from burning.
  • Basket Grill: Also very different, this model can be used for chicken and vegetable hearts and has a cylindrical shape, which reminds a lot of a basket.

Barbecue grill or skewer: Which one to buy?

Just talk to some barbecue enthusiasts and you'll see that there are those who prefer to use a skewer and others who are fans of the grill. In fact, this is a fight that has gone on for years. But then, which product is better?

The truth is that it all depends on what will be prepared at the barbecue, because both items have their indications.

The barbecue grill is designed to roast whole, boneless foods, and it is even ideal for roasting strips. Its great advantage is that it can maintain the meat's juices, making it more succulent.

On the other hand, the skewer is a good option for meat that has a bone and is fattier, such as ribs and chicken roasts and thighs, leaving it crispy.

However, the downside is that it causes the meat to lose some of its juices and become drier.

Barbecue grill Skewer
Indication It is ideal for bone-in foods Indicated for bone-in meats
Ease of use High High
Advantage It keeps the meat juicy and leaves it juicy It is good for preparations that take hours
Disadvantages It is laborious to clean It leaves the food drier

What is the best material for a barbecue grill?

The material used in the production of barbecue grills varies, and this directly interferes with the strength and durability of this product.

Thus, the most common models are made of stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron.

The positive points of stainless steel grills are their high resistance and the fact that they do not rust. However, it is common for fat to stick with greater intensity in these options.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is a very light, highly resistant and durable raw material, which does not rust and is easy to clean.

The models made of cast iron, on the other hand, allow the heat to dissipate equally throughout the entire grill. Thus, the food is cooked more evenly. However, it is heavier.

Na foto quatro pedaços de carne na churrasqueira.

Cast iron barbecue grills are more robust and heavier. (Source: Gonzalo Guzman / Pexels)

What to use to clean your barbecue grill?

One of the downsides of the barbecue grill is that it is not the easiest to clean.

However, it is essential to perform a proper cleaning of this product to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and ensure its proper use whenever you want to barbecue.

So, know that there are some tricks that facilitate the process of cleaning the grill, they are:

  • Let the grill soak for a few hours in a container of water and white wine vinegar to loosen the fat more easily.
  • Immediately after use, cut a lemon in half and rub it over the still-warm surface of the gr ill.

After performing any of these pre-washing methods, simply clean the grill using a sponge and neutral detergent.

Purchase criteria: What to consider when comparing barbecue grill models

To choose the ideal barbecue grill, you need to pay attention to some details about this product, we show you what they are below.

Type of preparation

Above, we talked about the different types of barbecue grills and explained that many of them are suitable for specific foods.

Therefore, when choosing this product, it is necessary to analyze what you intend to prepare on it.

Thus, if the idea is to buy an option that serves for different preparations, preference should be given to the traditional, Argentine, and coin models. On the other hand, if you wish to have a more specific grill, look for the one that best adapts to what will be baked.


Barbecue grills are available in several sizes to fit different types of grills.

Therefore, keep in mind that the best option is to buy one that has the closest measurements to the dimensions of your barbecue grill.

This way, it will be possible to fit it correctly, without leaving a large space on the sides.

Na foto uma churrasqueira com hambúrgueres assando.

The grill must be of a size compatible with the grill. (Source: Dan Galvani Sommav / Pexels)


Another important point about the barbecue grill concerns the material used for its handle.

It is common to find models with handles made of the same raw material as the grill or in wood.

Those with the same material as the grill are made of metal, which is resistant, but heats up easily and may cause burns.

On the other hand, grills with wooden handles are an excellent option, since they do not get too hot, are resistant and last a long time.

Easy to clean

Some barbecue grills are easier to clean than others, and evaluating this can also help you make a good purchase.

In general, the models that have straight rods are simpler to clean than those with a closed structure and full of partitions.

Therefore, traditional grills are easier to clean than coin and double-leaf grills.

So think about it!


Barbecue lovers usually equip themselves with all the ideal items to prepare their roasted meats, such as barbecue kits and barbecue grills.

In this article we explain everything about the various barbecue grills and give you all the tips you need to make the best purchase.

We hope you enjoyed and thank you for visiting!

(Source of the highlighted image: Emerson Vieira / Unsplash)